Mt Kenya day hike

1-Day Mount Kenya Climbing Trip from Nairobi

Go on a 1 day Mt Kenya climbing trip from Nairobi and climb this mountain in a day. Learn how you can go on a 1 day hike to Mt Kenya from Nairobi and enjoy the best views of peak Nelion, Lenana and Batian. This one day hiking tour needs average fitness and the actual ascent is 4hrs and a descent of 1 ½ hours to the gate.

Top 5 Things to See on a Mt Kenya 1 Day Climb from Nairobi

1 Day Mount Kenya climbing trip from Nairobi starts from Nairobi at 5:00am to allow enough time to hike to the observation point at 3800m asl. The main reason to do this tour is to go as close as possible to the peaks and see them up close. The actual hike up and down the mountain takes about 6hrs and you therefore need to get there early.

  • View Scenic Road Trip In Rural Kenya
  • Hike Through Scenic Mt Kenya Rain Forest
  • View Animals In The Mt Kenya Rain Forest Trail
  • Bird Watching In The Mt Kenya Forest
  • Close Up View Of 3 Peaks Of Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya 1 day trip is a great excursion from Nairobi especially for lovers of active sports. It is one of the most popular adventures from Nairobi which can be done in a full day trip. You however need an average level of fitness to climb the mountain in good time.

1. View Scenic Road Trip of Rural Kenya

1. View the Scenic Road Enroute to Mt Kenya

The drive to Mt Kenya is full of scenic rural central Kenya life with young kids running to school and people going about their business as early as 6:00am. You will be picked at 5:00am from your Nairobi hotel and start driving north towards central Kenya highlands. There is expansive coffee and tea plantations to view as you drive towards Mt Kenya. It makes for a very scenic view on your drive to Mt Kenya.

2. Hike through Scenic Rain Forest on Mount Kenya

2. Hike through Scenic Forest on Mt Kenya

On arrival at the Naro Moru gate, you will go through the park entry procedures, make payment and drive up the mountain up to the road head at meteorological station at 3300m. This is the point where the tarmac road comes up to. From here, you will start he trek through deep rain forest with some of the most scenic and quiet environments. The track winds through the indigenous forest of over 100 year old Podo, mahogany, and oak trees. It then meanders through bamboos before giving way to clear moorland grassland with groundsel, tussocks and other alpine vegetation like giant lobelia. The climb up Mount Kenya is a very scenic hike where you go through different habitats and various types of wildlife.

3. View Animals on the Mt Kenya Hiking Trail

3. View Wildlife on Mt Kenya Hiking Trail

If you are lucky, you will be able to see a few animals along the way as you climb to the open alpine moorland. In the rain forest, you are likely to encounter elephants, giant forest hogs, buffalo, leopards, waterbucks, white tailed mongoose, black fronted duiker, mole rat, bush bucks, elands, Sykes Monkey, suni, Colobus monkey, spotted hyena, Olive baboon, genet cat, bush pig, tree hyrax,bongo, along the hike. These animals mostly keep away from the hiking train and you will only get a glimpse of them from a distant. Your mountain guide is also highly trained on how to detect and evade wildlife that may be along your way as you hike Mt Kenya. It’s an amazing feeling to watch hundreds of elephant herds only 200 feet away from your trail or see the fresh spoor of a leopard.

4. Watch Birds in the Forest and Moorland

4. Watch Birds on the trail

Discover Mt Kenya national park rich bird life as you climb the mountain. Mt Kenya is home to more than 54 of the highland biome species of birds including Abbott’s Starling, Lesser Kestrel (a passage migrant on the moorland), Jackson’s widowbird (at up to 3,000 m), Sharpe’s Long claw, Olive Ibis, Lammergeyer, Ayres’s hawk-eagle, African Crowned Eagle, African Grass Owl, Cape Eagle-Owl, Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed Widowbird, Abyssinian Owl (very rare and poorly researched), Scarlet-tufted Sunbird, and Kenrick’s Starling which is confined to this area in Kenya. You will see the birds and your mountain guide will be able to point out some of the more common ones. For expert birders, we can arrange for you to be accompanied by a professional bird guide so that you can identify as many birds on Mt Kenya as possible. You may want to carry along some binoculars if you are interested in bird watching on Mt Kenya.

5. Close Up View of Mt Kenya 2 Peaks

5. View of Nelion and Batian Peaks

Explore Mt Kenya national park peaks in a day trip. The ultimate prize for climbing Mt Kenya in a day hike is to get close enough to view the majestic snow covered peaks Nelion and Batian. You will be able to see these 2 peaks clearly on Naro Moru route at the observation point. You will hike from 3300m at the trail head through the marsh and bog towards the observation point. This is the furthest you can go in a 1-day Mt Kenya hike since you have to take into account the time needed for your descent to the gate. You will have your packed lunch at the observation point and take a few pictures with the peaks in your back ground before heading back down. Your hike up 800m from met station takes you 4 hours and a further one and half hours for your descent back down to the gate. Your will be back at the gate by 3:00pm and drive back to Nairobi with a 6:30pm drop off. Earlier drop off can be arranged in case you have an early evening flight from NBO International airport.

Book your Mt Kenya 1 day hiking trip by contacting Robert for more information, whatsapp us on +254722661827

1-Day Amboseli National Park Game Drive Trips

Watch game as you explore 1 day Amboseli national park game drive trips to see the roof of Africa. The Amboseli 1 day trip from Nairobi is an amazing way to spend your day. One day Amboseli safari from Nairobi includes a 5 hour game drive and an optional 3 course buffet lunch at any of the many restaurants in the park. You will be amazed at the many elephants you can see in Amboseli in a single day.

Top 5 Spots in Amboseli Day Trip from Nairobi

1 day Amboseli national park game drive trips are offered from Nairobi as a private or join in group tours. You can take this tour as a family and find out why Amboseli Park is one of the most popular parks in Kenya. Amboseli Park is located some 232km south west of Nairobi. The park is 392 sq km and is generally dry with a central part of the park with permanent ever green swamps.

  • View Amboseli park African Wild elephants
  • View the roof of Africa from Amboseli national park
  • Watch 4 of the big five animals in Amboseli
  • Climb the Amboseli park observation hill
  • Eat a buffet lunch at any Amboseli lodge (optional)

These are some of the most outstanding things to do and see in Amboseli. There are however many more things to do in Amboseli national park. You will be lucky to see the leopard as it’s a very shy animal but the many elephants in the park compensate for that eventuality.

1. View Amboseli African Wild Elephants

1. View Amboseli Wild African Elephants

Amboseli 1 day trip brings you in contact with hundreds of wild African elephants. There are more than 1,500 elephants in Amboseli national park. Most of these elephants have been studied for 4 decades and are identified by names or markings. The elephants are also very accustomed to vehicles and they don’t shy away from coming so close to your car you can see the hairs on their skin. Elephants of Amboseli have a daily migration pattern as they move to feed on the slopes of the Mt Kilimanjaro and only come to Amboseli for drinking water. They also feed on the ever green water grass in the swamps. You will see them immersed halfway in the swamp waters as they feed on the grass all day. The water in the swamp helps them keep cool as well. Amboseli national park game drive is the only one that you can see wild elephants close to Nairobi.

2. View the Roof of Africa On Kilimanjaro From Amboseli

2. View the roof of Africa- Mt Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa with its snow covered peak kibo standing at 5895m above sea level. The view of the mountain peak is clearest from Amboseli side as opposed to the Tanzanian side from Moshi town. Best views of Mt Kilimanjaro peak are early at dawn and then later in the evening after 5pm. This suggests that the best way you can guarantee yourself a sighting of the peak is to spend a night in the park. This way you will see the mountain early at dawn the following day. It’s advisable to do at least 2 days to Amboseli if you can spare the time from Nairobi. But I have also had very good sightings of the peak even during the day in some months. Make sure to leave Nairobi as early as 5:00am to make it in good time to see the mountain peak before it disappears behind the clouds.

3. Watch 4 of the Big Five Animals in Amboseli

3. Watch 4 of the big 5 animals

A one day Amboseli day tour also gives you a great chance to see some of the big five animals in a single day. The park does not have rhinos but that is the only animal missing from the big 5 line up. You can see elephants, lions, buffalos, and leopards in the park. To see a leopard is however a big challenge and never guaranteed.  Your game drive will take you to the grassland areas where lions like to hide among the tall grass or water pools. If you are lucky you will find tens of lions around a hippo carcass or a buffalo kill. Sometimes a mating pair will keep you entertained for a long time. Buffalos are many and easy to see in the plains and at the swamps. You will also see other animals including the cheetahs, hyenas, wildebeests, zebras, hippos, gazelles, giraffes, elands, jackals, baboons and many others.

4. Climb the Amboseli Observation Hill

4. Climb the Observation hill

This is a small hill which you can climb to have a better view of the park from atop. They have provided nice easy to climb stairs up to the top. Most people prefer to take their packed lunch from the sitting area sheds provided at the top of the hill. Down below are hundreds of hippos swimming in the pool below. It’s an amazing view of the expansive lake Amboseli from the observation hill.

5. Eat a Buffet Lunch at One of the Amboseli Lodges

5. Eat a Buffet Lunch at Ol Tukai Lodge

If you make good time for the game drives, you can go of an optional buffet lunch at Serena hotel. The buffet lunch has the widest selection including meats and vegetarian food items .It’s a great thing to eat a 3 course meal in the lodge after a hectic drive and game drive in Amboseli national park. If you have time you can pay for a swim in the lodge swimming pool before you embark on your journey back to Nairobi.

Book 1 day Amboseli national park game drive safari from Robert by sending him a whatsapp message on +254722661827

1 day birdwatching in nairobi national park

1 Day Nairobi Private Bird Watching Trip | Birding Packages in Kenya

1 Day Nairobi Private Bird Watching Trip | Birding Packages in Kenya

An exciting 1 day private bird watching trip to Kenya’s Nairobi National Park. This 1-day safari includes bird guide, over 6 hours birding, park fees, water,

Explore Nairobi birds on a 1 day bird watching trip in Nairobi national park. Birding around Nairobi is a fun leisure and outdoor activity that most people looking for quiet observation of nature take. Birds of Nairobi national include some more than 400 species and 22 migrant species that come from Europe. These birds can be seen in the different park ecosystems including rivers, dams, savannah grasslands and the forest.

1 Day Birdwatching Trip in Nairobi National Park

Top 4 Bird Watching Locations in Nairobi National Park

1-Day Birdwatching Trip in Nairobi National Park. Birds of Nairobi national park are mostly located in 4 different habitats in the park. This means differently located birds have mostly a different diet. While the larger bird occupy the savannah grasslands, the smaller species occupy the forest areas. Each bird species have their own morphological adaptation depending on which habitat they occupy. Here are the 4 main areas of Nairobi park for a 1-day birdwatching trip in Nairobi national park where you will find these birds.

  • Nairobi park Highland dry forest
  • Savannah grassland in Nairobi National Park
  • Riverine forest on the southern Nairobi park border
  • Birds of Prey of Nairobi National Park

1. View the Highland Forest Birds

1. View Highland forest birds in Nairobi park

1 day bird watching trip in Nairobi national park is a half or full day trip. Explore the highland Dry Forest to the West of the park around the Langata main gate area. This is the highest point in Nairobi national park and the forest is a dry highland forest. 

2. Watch Grassland Birds in Nairobi Park

2. Watch Grassland Bird Species in the park

The grassland area of Nairobi national park is home to many birds such as the ostrich, Kori bustard, and secretary bird. The secluded grasslands are also important breeding sites for the restricted-range  Jackson’s widow bird which breeds here after the April rains. The black smith lapwing is also common in the grasslands as well as the long tailed fiscal. Other birds in the grassland areas include the Fischer’s lovebird, corncrake, lesser kestrel, lappet-faced vulture, pallid Harrier and Sharpe’s long claw. Others are helmeted guinea fowl, francolins, little grebe, pigeons and doves, yellow throated sand grouse,

3. Go to see Riverine Forest Birds of Nairobi National Park

3. See the Riverine and wetland birds in Nairobi national park

There is a riverine forest you can visit to watch the birds on the southern edge of the park. The birds that you will find here including the near the manmade dams of Nairobi include the below. There are birds like gray heron, Hadada ibis, sacred ibis, migratory Egyptian geese, common moorhen, spur winged goose, red billed duck, saddle billed stork, yellow billed stork, great cormorant, Hamerkorp, Eurasian spoonbill, African spoonbill, Kingfischer and many more.

4. Marvel at the Birds of Prey

4. Marvel at Birds of Prey at Nairobi Park

Nairobi national park also has many birds of prey especially in the grassland areas which include the Ruppell’s vulture, tawny eagle, martial eagle, fish eagle, black kite, Bateleur, Common buzzard. The martial eagle is especially interesting to watch as it’s a huge bird which preys on fawn and other smaller rodents.

It is possible to identify over 100 species of birds in a single day with our experienced bird watcher guides in Nairobi national park. We arrange for half day and full day birding tours to Nairobi Park using a safari minivan or a 4×4 jeep. In most cases these are private 1 day Nairobi bird watching trips since birders cannot share a vehicle with wildlife viewing enthusiast. We as such recommend you to book a private full day birding safari to Nairobi Park to have the best experience.

Contact Robert for more information on 1 day birding tours in Nairobi national park, send us a whatsapp message on +254722661827 or email us at

xmass day trips from nairobi

Top 5 Christmas Day Trips from Nairobi | Sojourn Safaris

Christmas Day Trips from Nairobi

Explore Nairobi: Christmas day trips from Nairobi to spots on Christmas weekend with 1 day trips from Nairobi to Nairobi national park, Aberdare national park, Masai Mara, Amboseli national park, Mt Kenya day hike, Mt Longonot, Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria. You can choose to go to any of these parks for a 1,2 or 3 day safari.

Here are 5 top Christmas day trips from Nairobi

Christmas day trips from Nairobi can be taken to parks near the city and returning to Nairobi by evening. You don’t have to get bored in the city on Christmas day. You can arrange with friends to go on a game drive or hiking 1 day safari.

1. Explore Nairobi National Park Half Day Tour

1. Explore Nairobi national park

This xmass weekend you can explore Nairobi national park half day game drive to see lots of animals. Nairobi national park is just 7 minutes from the cbd. The park is the only national park located inside a capital Centre. Nairobi national park game drive tours are offered as half day tours since its takes only 4hrs to cover the whole park. Nairobi Park is just 117 sq km in size. Most game drive tours in Nairobi national park are offered in the morning at 6:00am and again from 3:00pm until dusk. Animals to see in the Nairobi Park include the lions, buffalos, hippos, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, wildebeests, hartebeests, jackals, zebras, crocodiles and many more.

2. Discover Aberdare National Park

2. Discover Aberdare National Park

Explore Aberdare national park in a day or 2 and watch the most awesome highland parks. Aberdare resembles the Scottish highlands with its moss draped trees that glitter in the morning dew drops along the stems. Aberdare is known for its wide variety of animals including elephants, giant forest hogs, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, bongo, waterbucks, and duikers among others. The Aberdare moorlands are just so beautiful to watch with expansive alpine grasslands and crystal clear cool waters. You can visit aberdares and watch the highest waterfall in Kenya called the Karuru water falls and the many other falls like gura and chania river water falls. If you stay in some of the lodges in Aberdare, you will be able to watch wildlife in watering holes even at night through underground observation blinds. Aberdare also offers great trout fishing grounds for brown and rainbow trout on the more land rivers. You can actually do an Aberdare national park fishing day trip from Nairobi.

3. Explore Masai Mara Game Reserve

3. Explore Masai Mara Game Reserve

Travel Masai Mara game reserve and watch the big five animals in this most popular park in Kenya. The Mara is 1500 sq km in size and located some 280km north west of Nairobi and near the border with Tanzania. The park is home to more than 3 million animals and among the highest concentration of big cat predators are found here. Maasai Mara game drive safaris from Nairobi can be done for 1, 2, 3, 4 days or combined for more days with other parks like Lake Nakuru national park. Visit the Masai Mara game reserve and watch the millions of animals in the park. You may also decide to do a balloon safari or a visit to one of the many Masai villages in the park. It is only in Masai Mara that you are guaranteed to see the big five animals in a single day. Other activities in Masai Mara safari include birdwatching and walking safari.

4. Discover Amboseli National Park

Go on a 1 or 2 day safari in Amboseli national park to see the wild African elephants and the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Amboseli is possibly the most popular 1 day excursion from Nairobi. Amboseli is located some 232km south west of Nairobi. The size of Amboseli is 392sqkm and has more than 1500 elephants and many other animals including lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffalos, elephants, hyenas, wildebeests, hartebeests, impala, gazelles, jackals, giraffes and many others. You can do a Nairobi to Amboseli day trip on any day of the Christmas weekend. Amboseli elephants are so accustomed to the tour vans that they come closer to your vehicle such that you can see their eyelashes. You will also have a chance to climb the observation hill to watch the whole of the park at a vantage position. The view of the peak Kibo on Kilimanjaro is the climax of this trip since it’s the roof of Africa at 5895m above sea level.

5. Climb Mt Kenya 1 Day Hike on Christmas

5. Climb Mount Kenya 1 Day Hike on xmass

Hiking up Mt Kenya is a fun thing to do this Christmas to get to the observation point. You can hike Mt Kenya in a 1 day hiking safari from met station. Your climb starts from Nairobi at 5:00am and gets to the Naro Moru gate at 9:00am. After finalizing the gate formalities, you will be driven to Meteorological station trail head at 3300m above sea level. This is where you will start your climb up the mountain up to 3800m and 4000 if you a fast climber. Climb through the rain forest with chances to see waterbucks, elephants, leopards and giant forest hogs including hundreds of birds. You will get to the observation point in 4hrs where you can view the peak Lenana, Batian and Nelion from up close. Take the most captivating pictures of the peaks and enjoy your packed lunch here. Later start the descent back and get to the met station in 1 ½ hours. Later drive back to Nairobi at 3:00pm arriving back at 6:00pm. It’s an amazing way to spend your weekend by going on a mt Kenya Christmas day hike

Find out more details of xmass one day trips from Nairobi from Robert, send us a whatsapp message +254722661827

Nairobi Game Drive Tours in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi Game Drive Tours

Explore Nairobi National Park in a game drive safari tour and drive to see hundreds of animals. Visiting Nairobi Park is easy as its only 7minutes from your hotel in the city cbd. Nairobi national park is the only park within the limits of a capital city in the world.

Top 5 Animals to See In Nairobi National Park

Nairobi game drive tours in Nairobi national park. Discover Nairobi national park animals in the forest and the savannah plains. Nairobi is home to hundreds of animals including 4 of the big 5 animals. There are no elephants in the park however but one can visit the elephant orphanage to see the baby elephants nearby.

  • View Lions in Nairobi national park game drive
  • Watch White and black rhinos in Nairobi park
  • Track leopards in the gorge and forest in NNP
  • Visit the Hyena and Athi Dam to see Hippos and crocodiles
  • Watch the Majestic Giraffes in the plains

These are not the only animals in Nairobi national park. There are hundreds of other animals including baboons, buffalos, elands, impalas, gazelles, hippos and crocodiles among many others.

1. View Lions in a Game Drive

1. View Lions in a game drive

Nairobi has a healthy number of lions that you will be able to view sometimes just right next to the road. Lions in Nairobi national park are easy to see since the park is only 117sqkm and their numbers keep on increasing. The Nairobi park lions can be seen mating or in groups of large prides in the plains. There are some lions pride that prefer certain areas and can almost without fail be seen there on a daily basis.

2. Watch White and Black Rhinos

2. Watch black and white rhino

You will be amazed at how many rhinos you are able to see in Nairobi national park 4 hr game drive. Though the game drive is 4 hours, the rhinos in this park are such that they are a guarantee to see. The white rhino is the more docile of the two species and can therefore be easily seen near park roads. The black rhino however is very elusive and shy and you will at best be able to see a fleeting view of its disappearing rear end. Fortunately, the white rhino ifs the bigger of the two and that helps when you see it close.

3. Track Leopards in Gorges and Forest

3. Track Leopards in Nairobi National Park

Seeing a leopard is one of the most difficult things to do in your safari anywhere in Kenya. These animals are masters of camouflage and you will only see it when it wants you to see it. There is a healthy population of leopards in Nairobi national park with some individuals known to frequent certain areas always. However, seeing these animals is a huge luck but you have a best gamble early in the mornings but even better later in the evenings. Leopards are mostly nocturnal animals and they start getting restless after 6:00pm in the evening. The rest of the day is too hot for these sneaky creatures for them to venture out enough to see them.

4. See Hippos and Crocodiles in Athi and Hyena Dams

4. See Hippos and Crocodiles in Nairobi Park

You will be able to see the man-made dams of hyena and Athi dams which are the largest during your game drive in the Nairobi Park. These dams have resident crocodiles and hippo families which can be seen during the day. Hippos are especially shy during the day and will not venture out of the water while the crocodiles are always on the banks basking in the sun. If you are lucky you will see a few hippos out of the water from 6:00pm as they go to graze in the grass.

5. Watch Giraffes and other Animals

5. Watch giraffes in Nairobi National Park

You will also be able to watch giraffes feeding just next to the game drive tracks. The giraffes in Nairobi national park are accustomed to vehicles and they rarely move a muscle even when they are feeding just a few feet from the road. Nairobi national park is home to some beautiful Masai giraffes and also many other animals including baboons, buffalos, impalas, wildebeests, zebras, gazelles, hartebeests, elands and many others.

Nairobi national park half day tours are offered either early at 6:30am up to 11:00am and again at 3:00pm up to 6:30pm. The reason of a late start for the afternoon game drive is due to the hot sun when animals are all hiding away. From 3:00pm, the animals start to venture out again and this is the best time for a game drive until dusk.

Contact Robert for more information on half day Nairobi national park game drive tour on whatsapp at +254722661827

Half-Day Safari Nairobi National Park Game drive Tour

Explore half day safari in Nairobi national park for Tour to see the big five animals including lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards. Other animals to see in a ½ day Nairobi national park tour include cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, gazelles, impalas, elands, baboons, crocodiles, hippos and many others.

Top 6 Spots in a Half-day Nairobi National Park Game Drive Tour

Discover the Best 6 Spots in half day Nairobi national park game drive tour. The Nairobi half day game drives in Nairobi national park can be done in the morning or afternoon and includes:

  • Nairobi park Ivory burning Monument
  • Nairobi park 4 of the big 5 animals
  • Easy to see Lions in Nairobi national park
  • Hippos in hyena dam inside the Nairobi national park
  • Crocodiles in the Mbagathi river and dams
  • Nairobi national park picnic sites and viewpoints

These attractions may seem few but the sheer size of Nairobi national park at 117 sqkm is large enough to take you 4 hours to cover in a single game drive in the morning or afternoon.

1.     Visit Nairobi Park Ivory Burning Monument

Every decade since the 1980s, the consecutive presidents of Kenya have each burned ivory stocks accumulated in the Kenya wildlife service’s stores or that confiscated from poachers. This is as a sign of Kenya’s commitment to eradication of all trade in ivory. There is a monument a few kilometers from the main gate where this ivory burning exercises have been done over the years. This is the first stop when you enter into Nairobi national park for a half day trip from the Langata main gate.

2.     View 4 of the Big 5 Animals

View part of big five at Nairobi park half day tour

View 4 of the big five wildlife including the lions, rhinos, buffalos, and leopards in Nairobi national park. There are however no elephants in Nairobi national park. The lions are pretty easy to see and almost guaranteed to see a few. Rhinos are also many here and are pretty common sight in the park. The buffalos are also all over the plains but leopards can be very difficult to see in Nairobi national park.

3.     See Lions in the Park

See lion prides in Nairobi half day trip

There are many lions in Nairobi for a park of its size and this makes them easy to see. It’s mostly possible to see lions lingering around the park gate immediately you get into the park. In some cases you will be able to see a mating pair or a family of more than 6 lions. For you to be able to see all these lions only 7 minutes from your hotel room is very rich.

4.     See Hippos in Hyena and Athi Dams

There are many hippos to see at the man-made dams in the park and these have a knack of coming out of the water at 6:00pm. It’s not unusual to get a traffic jam in the park caused by a slow walking hippo. These hippos are a great sight to see especially when they are out of the water in the evenings.

5.     View Crocodiles in Mbagathi River and Dams


In the same dams you will see crocodiles basking in the sun and also in the river Mbagathi which is the south western boundary of the park. These crocodiles are said to migrate from the dry river beds in the dry season to the permanent man-made dams in the park.

6.     Relax at the Nairobi national park Campsites and viewpoints

Visit the Mokoiyet and kingfisher picnic sites to have wonderful views of the park as you have your lunch or nyama choma barbeque. Nairobi park view point is placed at a vantage point where you can see the whole of the parks expansive plains. These picnic sites and viewpoints are provided with bathrooms for you to take a break.

Nairobi national park half day tours are offered either early at 6:30am up to 11:00am and again at 3:00pm up to 6:30pm. The reason of a late start for the afternoon game drive is due to the hot sun when animals are all hiding away. From 3:00pm, the animals start to venture out again and this is the best time for a game drive until dusk.

Contact Robert for more information on half day Nairobi national park game drive tour on whatsapp at +254722661827

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