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4 Days Mt Kenya Climb Naro Moru – Sirimon Route

4 Days Mt Kenya Climb Naro Moru Sirimon Route. Mt Kenya 4 – 5 day climbing on Naro Moru Sirimon trail route is the most popular shorter days route to climb Mt Kenya among other 6-7 days alternative routes in Mt Kenya National Park.

Top 6 Highlights of 4 Days Mt Kenya Climb on Naro Moru – Sirimon route

For example, climbing the 4 days mt Kenya climb on naro moru – Sirimon route, your highlights will be:-

  1. Day 1: Great views of the rain forest on lower section of the mt Kenya climbing route
  2. Day 1: Quiet comfortable accommodation at met station hut to acclimatize for the climb
  3. Day 2: Views of the Teleki Valley and climbing through the vertical bog
  4. Day 2: Stay in a comfortable dormitory type on bunker beds in mac-kinder camp
  5. Day 3: Climbing to Point Lenena from Austrian hut, viewing Lewis glacier and descend Mt Kenya
  6. Comfortable accommodation all through the Mt Kenya climbing camps in bunker beds

This is accessed through the Western gate of Mt Kenya National Park at Naro Moru gate. The 4 days 3 nights climb on mt Kenya is steep and has a vertical bog. The road head is 8 km to the Met station where you can drive your car. The 4 days climb on Mt Kenya is the shortest but the most challenging.

4 Days Mt Kenya Climb Naro Moru –Sirimon Route

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Here are 4 Tips on 4 Days Mt Kenya Climb Naro Moru -Sirimon Route

Day 1. Mt Kenya Climb from Naro Moru Road Head

Starting in Naro Moru town, the first part of the route takes you along a gravel road through farmlands for some 13km (all the junctions are signposted) to the start of the forest. Another 5km brings you to the park entry gate (2400m), from where it’s 8km to the roadhead and the Met Station Hut (3000m), where you stay for the night and acclimatise.

Day 2. Mt Kenya Climbing the Vertical Bog

On the second day, set off through the forest (at about 3200m) and Teleki Valley to the moorland around so-called Vertical Bog; expect the going here to be, well, boggy. At a ridge the route divides into two. You can either take the higher path, which gives better views but is often wet, or the lower, which crosses the Naro Moru River and continues gently up to Mackinder’s Camp (4200m). This part of the trek should take about 4½ hours. Here you can stay in the dormitories or camp.

Day 3. Mt Kenya Summit on Point Lenana 

On the third day you can either rest at Mackinder’s Camp to acclimatise or aim for Point Lenana (4985m). This stretch takes three to six hours, so it is common to leave around 2.00 am to reach the summit in time for sunrise. From the bunk-house, continue past the ranger station to a fork. Keep right and go across a swampy area, followed by a moraine, and then up a long scree slope – this is a long, hard slog. The KWS Austrian Hut (4790m) is three to four hours from Mackinder’s and about one hour below the summit of Lenana, so it’s a good place to rest before the final push.

Day 4. Climbing the Lewis Glacier on Mt Kenya Climb

The section of the trek from Austrian Hut up to Point Lenana takes you up a narrow rocky path that traverses the southwest ridge parallel to the Lewis Glacier, which has shrunk more than 100m since the 1960s. Be careful, as the shrinkage has created serious danger of slippage along the path. A final climb or scramble brings you up onto the peak. In good weather it’s fairly straightforward, but in bad weather you shouldn’t attempt the summit unless you’re experienced in mountain conditions or have a guide.

Mt Kenya Climb Accommodations on Naro Moru – Sirimon Route

There are three good bunk-houses along this route: Met Station Hut is at 3000m, Mackinder’s Camp is at 4200m and Austrian Hut is at 4790m. Beds in Met Station and Mackinder’s are harder to find, as they’re booked through Naro Moru River Lodge. If you’re denied beds, you can still climb this route if you camp and carry all the appropriate equipment.

Those needing more luxury can doss in the lovely, KWS-run Batian Guest House, which sleeps eight and is 1km from the Naro Moru gate.

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Day 1: Nairobi -Met Station (3,050 M ) 3 -4 Hrs, 10km, 400m Ascent.

After pick up in Nairobi drive to the Naro Moru park gate. From the gate, we trek up through magnificent Montane forest, bamboo and giant heather zone before reaching the high altitude moorland and our first cabins (Met Station) for dinner and overnight. This is a gentle trek that takes 3 – 4 hrs gaining an elevation of 600m.

Day 2: Met Station – Mackinders Camp (4,300m). 5-6 Hrs, 11km, 1,200m Ascent.

A short walk to the end of the forest line from where you hike across the marshy vertical bog of the lower moorlands. Picnic lunch at the Picnic Rocks before continuing further to Mackinders camp, gaining 1300m in altitude in about 5 hours. Dinner and overnight – Mackinders camp (4300m) Dinner and overnight at the camp.

Day 3: Mackinders – Pt Lenana (4,985m) – Old Moses Camp. 11 Hrs, 685m Ascent, 1,685 Descent.

Leave at 0300 hrs for predawn summit attempt, trekking for 3-4 hours across bare rock and scree slopes characteristic of the alpine region up to Pt. Lenana (4985m), the hikers summit, arriving in time to catch the African sunrise.

Later descend to Shiptons camp (Sirimon route) for breakfast. After breakfast, begin a 5 hour descent via Mackinder’s valley to the Old Moses camp (3,300m). The descent is gentle and it offers ample time to enjoy fascinating scenery which includes the moorlands before reaching the camp. Dinner and overnight at Old Moses camp.

Day 4: Old Moses (3,300m) – Nairobi. 2 Hrs.

After early morning breakfast, descend for 3 hours through the rain forest to the Sirimon Park gate to catch a vehicle for the return journey to Nairobi arriving early evening. Prices are per person and based on group size.


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