Mt Kenya day hike

Visit Mt Kenya national park for Mt Kenya day trip and enjoy a hike to the moorland and back. Hiking Mt Kenya on a 1 day trip from Nairobi is fun as you get as close as possible to the peaks. Mt Kenya National Park is only 175km from Nairobi and the best 1 day MT Kenya climbing route is Naro Moru route.

Mt Kenya Day trip

Here are the best 6 things to do and see on your Mt Kenya day trip from Nairobi.

  • View the rural Kenya life as you drive to MT Kenya
  • Enjoy one of the most scenic road trips
  • Hike through deep rain forest of Mt Kenya National Park
  • View wildlife like elephants, bucks, leopards, buffalos on your trek
  • Watch thousands of birds in the Mt Kenya forest trees
  • View Mt Kenya peaks of Batian, Nelion and Lenana up close

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1. View the Rural Kenyan Life on your Drive to Mt Kenya

View the lifestyle of rural Kenya people. Enjoy one of the most inspiring views of the Kenyan rural lifestyle as you drive to MT Kenya.

You will see young kids running to school in school uniform at 6.00am. You will also see village folk going to the market, others walking the cows to the market while others briskly walk to their places of work. It’s a very exciting drive for your mt Kenya national park day hike.

1. Rural Kenyan Life

2. Enjoy The Most Scenic Road Trips To MT Kenya

Enjoy a scenic drive north to MT Kenya. The climb from Nairobi northwards to MT Kenya is one of the most scenic drives. You will see huge coffee plantations and as you climb higher you will see large tea farms enroute. All manner of traffic from donkey carts, motorbikes, Lorries and buses wiz past you as people go about their business. These lush green landscapes of the kikuyu highlands is very exciting and the air is fresh as you drive to MT Kenya one day climb.

3. Hike through Deep Mt Kenya Rain Forest

Hike some up to 3800m from the trail head starting from Met station after driving through the gate. You will arrive at MT Kenya Naro Moru gate at around 9:00am and start your hike from the Meteorological station at 3300m. Climb up through the deep rain forest with big oak, mahogany and camphor trees. The weather is wet and cool in the morning and ideal for the MT Kenya day hike. The scenery is just amazing to watch the forest interspersed with some grass openings and very cool and clear watered rivers.

2. Hike Mt Kenya Rain Forest

4. View Mt Kenya Wildlife near The Trail

View a few animals as you hike including the elephants, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, waterbucks and many more animals. If you are lucky you will see a lot of wildlife but in most cases you will not see much due to the heavy thick forest cover. But even if you don’t see the animals, you always feel that something is watching you at any one point. Its quiet an expedition to see some elephants from a distant, the occasional leopard or giant forest hog.

3. View Mt Kenya Wildlife

5. Watch Thousands of Alpine Birds in the Forest

Watch many birds with the help of your guide who will be able to point out the birds from their sound or from sight. There are thousands of birds to view on your hike and some are very colorful. Watching birds is an exciting activity if you are an ardent bird watcher. There are many MT Kenya hiking bird watching trips arranged from Nairobi. Birding is one of the many popular activities on your MT Kenya 1 day trip from Nairobi.

4. Watch Alpine Birds in Mt Kenya

6. View the Mt Kenya Peaks Nelion, Lenana and Batian

After climbing to 3800m you will reach the observation point where the three peaks are so clear and close you can take all the pictures you can. It is an exciting and breath taking view of these peaks with their snow covered tops against the blue clear skies in the morning. This view at 3800m is the climax of the 1 day MT Kenya hike and you will have your packed lunch here and start the descent back to the gate. The hike up to observation point takes you 3 and a half hours and the hike down is 1 and half hours. Seeing the peaks this close is worth all the hustle of driving there and hiking through grass, bogs and rocks to get there. You will return back to the gate by 3:00pm for your drive back home.

Mt Kenya day hike
5. Mt Kenya 1 day trip climb

You will return back to Nairobi by 6:00pm and dropped off into your hotel room after a great day hike to Mt Kenya national park.

Book a Mt Kenya 1 Day Trip Hike immediately, contact Robert on whatsapp: +254 722 661 827

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