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Christmas Day Trips from Nairobi

Explore Nairobi: Christmas day trips from Nairobi to spots on Christmas weekend with 1 day trips from Nairobi to Nairobi national park, Aberdare national park, Masai Mara, Amboseli national park, Mt Kenya day hike, Mt Longonot, Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria. You can choose to go to any of these parks for a 1,2 or 3 day safari.

Here are 5 top Christmas day trips from Nairobi

Christmas day trips from Nairobi can be taken to parks near the city and returning to Nairobi by evening. You don’t have to get bored in the city on Christmas day. You can arrange with friends to go on a game drive or hiking 1 day safari.

1. Explore Nairobi National Park Half Day Tour

1. Explore Nairobi national park

This xmass weekend you can explore Nairobi national park half day game drive to see lots of animals. Nairobi national park is just 7 minutes from the cbd. The park is the only national park located inside a capital Centre. Nairobi national park game drive tours are offered as half day tours since its takes only 4hrs to cover the whole park. Nairobi Park is just 117 sq km in size. Most game drive tours in Nairobi national park are offered in the morning at 6:00am and again from 3:00pm until dusk. Animals to see in the Nairobi Park include the lions, buffalos, hippos, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, wildebeests, hartebeests, jackals, zebras, crocodiles and many more.

2. Discover Aberdare National Park

2. Discover Aberdare National Park

Explore Aberdare national park in a day or 2 and watch the most awesome highland parks. Aberdare resembles the Scottish highlands with its moss draped trees that glitter in the morning dew drops along the stems. Aberdare is known for its wide variety of animals including elephants, giant forest hogs, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, bongo, waterbucks, and duikers among others. The Aberdare moorlands are just so beautiful to watch with expansive alpine grasslands and crystal clear cool waters. You can visit aberdares and watch the highest waterfall in Kenya called the Karuru water falls and the many other falls like gura and chania river water falls. If you stay in some of the lodges in Aberdare, you will be able to watch wildlife in watering holes even at night through underground observation blinds. Aberdare also offers great trout fishing grounds for brown and rainbow trout on the more land rivers. You can actually do an Aberdare national park fishing day trip from Nairobi.

3. Explore Masai Mara Game Reserve

3. Explore Masai Mara Game Reserve

Travel Masai Mara game reserve and watch the big five animals in this most popular park in Kenya. The Mara is 1500 sq km in size and located some 280km north west of Nairobi and near the border with Tanzania. The park is home to more than 3 million animals and among the highest concentration of big cat predators are found here. Maasai Mara game drive safaris from Nairobi can be done for 1, 2, 3, 4 days or combined for more days with other parks like Lake Nakuru national park. Visit the Masai Mara game reserve and watch the millions of animals in the park. You may also decide to do a balloon safari or a visit to one of the many Masai villages in the park. It is only in Masai Mara that you are guaranteed to see the big five animals in a single day. Other activities in Masai Mara safari include birdwatching and walking safari.

4. Discover Amboseli National Park

Go on a 1 or 2 day safari in Amboseli national park to see the wild African elephants and the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Amboseli is possibly the most popular 1 day excursion from Nairobi. Amboseli is located some 232km south west of Nairobi. The size of Amboseli is 392sqkm and has more than 1500 elephants and many other animals including lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffalos, elephants, hyenas, wildebeests, hartebeests, impala, gazelles, jackals, giraffes and many others. You can do a Nairobi to Amboseli day trip on any day of the Christmas weekend. Amboseli elephants are so accustomed to the tour vans that they come closer to your vehicle such that you can see their eyelashes. You will also have a chance to climb the observation hill to watch the whole of the park at a vantage position. The view of the peak Kibo on Kilimanjaro is the climax of this trip since it’s the roof of Africa at 5895m above sea level.

5. Climb Mt Kenya 1 Day Hike on Christmas

5. Climb Mount Kenya 1 Day Hike on xmass

Hiking up Mt Kenya is a fun thing to do this Christmas to get to the observation point. You can hike Mt Kenya in a 1 day hiking safari from met station. Your climb starts from Nairobi at 5:00am and gets to the Naro Moru gate at 9:00am. After finalizing the gate formalities, you will be driven to Meteorological station trail head at 3300m above sea level. This is where you will start your climb up the mountain up to 3800m and 4000 if you a fast climber. Climb through the rain forest with chances to see waterbucks, elephants, leopards and giant forest hogs including hundreds of birds. You will get to the observation point in 4hrs where you can view the peak Lenana, Batian and Nelion from up close. Take the most captivating pictures of the peaks and enjoy your packed lunch here. Later start the descent back and get to the met station in 1 ½ hours. Later drive back to Nairobi at 3:00pm arriving back at 6:00pm. It’s an amazing way to spend your weekend by going on a mt Kenya Christmas day hike

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