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Masai Mara 2-Day Group Joining Camping Safari

Masai Mara 2 day group joining camping safari from Nairobi

Explore Masai Mara game reserve on a Maasai Mara 2-day group joining camping safari from the JKIA NBO airport. This is a great tour for visitors on a work travel and would like to sample the Masai Mara in an overnight tour. You will get to see the big five animals among many other attractions.

5 Tips on Masai Mara 2-Day Group Joining Camping Safari

Masai Mara-2 day group joining camping safari is a popular tour from Nairobi for people who have limited time. You can go on a join in 2 day Masai Mara safari joining camping safari from NBO Nairobi airport or hire a private vehicle for the trip from Nairobi.

Masai Mara 1 night overnight safari in a group is one of the cheapest ways to experience the Mara. This tour has 2 game drives only but with Masai Mara even 2 game drives are more than enough to see lots of wildlife. Invite a few friends to go to Mara and enjoy the 2 days group joining camping safari and do game driving, hiking, walking, balloon ride and bird watching.

1.      Stop At Great Rift Valley View Point

Enroute to the Masai Mara, you will stop at the view point to have a look into the Great Rift Valley and marvel at this scar of nature. The view from the eastern escarpment is just amazing as you watch the floor of the valley below with its brown landscape.

The rift valley is so great that it has lakes and mountains on its floor. You will be looking at Mt Longonot below and Mt Suswa. Further ahead are the vapor plumes of the hells gate geothermal wells also on the rift valley floor.

2.      Watch Evening Game Drive in Masai Mara for Big Five Animals

You will watch the big five animals on your first game drive on day 1 in Masai Mara. It’s only in the Mara that you can see all the big five animals in a single day. The big five animals include the leopards, lions, elephants, buffalos and rhino. You will also get a chance to see the much other wildlife which are said to be more than 2.5million in total.

3.      Find the Wildebeest Migration in the Mara Plains

If the wildebeest migration is in season between July and November, you will watch the largest wildlife exodus. The migration is 1.5million animals strong and moves between Kenya and Tanzania in search of pasture. You will be able to track and follow the wildebeest migration in Mara for the few days that you are here.

Make sure to go to the Mara River and watch the river crossing where the stampede is just too exciting. Over 10,000 wildebeests dies each year at the Mara River crossing from drowning, stampede and crocodiles.

4.      Soar Over Mara Hot Air Balloon Safari at Dawn from Your Budget Camp

Fly in a balloon safari in the Mara 2-days migration safari. You will be picked from your camp at 0500 for the ride. The hot air balloon ride lets for an hour and you will be able to see the sunrise and the animals below.

It’s an amazing feeling riding in a balloon in Masai Mara especially during the wildebeest migration. The balloon ride comes with a bush breakfast and you are also served with champagne.

5.      Visit a Masai Village enroute back to Nairobi

Go and visit a Masai village in Masai Mara before your departure. There are several Masai villages around the Masai game reserve which you can choose to visit. Your driver guide will make the arrangements to visit the Masai village. 

The Masai at the village will show you all about the intricate Masai life including how they live, their traditional rites and dances. You also get to enter one of their houses. This is a good way to end your Masai Mara 2-day group joining safari.

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3-Day Masai Mara Group Joining Safari

Explore 3-day Masai Mara group joining budget camping safari direct from NBO airport. You will join a travel group in Nairobi and make a group of 7 people sharing the same safari minivan in Nairobi office. The Masai Mara 2 night group joining budget camping safari is the best way to see the whole of Masai Mara animals and sites from Nairobi.

5 Tips to 3 Days Masai Mara Group Joining Budget Camping Safari from NBO Airport

3-Day Masai Mara group joining budget camping safari from Nairobi NBO airport has several key attractions. The highlights of this three-day Masai Mara group joining budget camping safari from NBO airport include the below:

There are many other activities to do in the Masai Mara 3 day’s group joining safari from Nairobi. You can invite friends in Nairobi to join you to go to Masai Mara for game driving, hiking, walking safari, bird watching and other activities.

3-Day Masai Mara Group Joining Budget Camping Safari Itinerary from NBO Airport

Day 1: Nairobi – Maasai Mara

0745hrs: Pick up at airport for 3-Day Masai Mara group joining budget camping safari. Join the group in the CBD

0845hrs: Depart from Nairobi for Masai Mara group joining safari

0945hrs: Stop at the Great Rift Valley view point to see the magnificent valley below

1230hrs: Arrive at Narok and enjoy a lunch at the season’s hotel

1400hrs: Depart Narok for Masai Mara for the 3 days joining game drives

1600hrs: Check in to your Masai Mara budget tented camp

1630hrs: Go on a game drive in the evening until dusk. Look out for the big five animals of lions, buffalos, rhinos, elephants and leopards. There are thousands of the other grazers and predators.

1900hrs: Dinner and overnight at the tented budget camp.

Day 2: Maasai Mara

0600hrs: Wake up to a flask of warm coffee and some biscuits

0630hrs: Depart the Masai Mara budget tented camp for an early morning game drive for 2hours. Look out for the elusive wildlife. An alternative is to depart for a full day game drive to Mara River up north. This will allow you to watch the wildebeest migration across Mara River.

1000hrs: Full day game drives tracking the wildebeest migration across the plains of Masai Mara. Millions of wildebeest will be crossing river Mara. Watch as the wildebeests stampede into the river and some get taken by crocodiles while some drown.

1300hrs: Enjoy a picnic lunch by the river Mara as you watch the wildebeest migration crossing river Mara.

1400hrs: Afternoon option of visiting a Masai village to watch the customs of the Masai and learn how to survive in the bush with a pair of sticks and elephant dung only.

1900hrs: Evening dinner at Masai Mara budget camp and overnight.

Day 3: Masai Mara – Nairobi

0600hrs: Wake up to coffee and biscuits

0630hrs: Go on a morning game drive to see the animals that you may have missed.

0800hrs: Return to tented camp for your buffet breakfast

1000hrs: Depart from Masai Mara with an enroute game drive for Nairobi.

1330hrs: Lunch at Mai Mahiu on the rift valley floor.

1500hrs: Drop off at the airport or Nairobi hotel

End of 3-day Masai Mara group joining budget camping safari from Nairobi NBO airport.

Balloon Safaris in Masai Mara Camping Safari

While in Masai Mara, you may opt to do other popular activities like the balloon safaris. Hot air Balloon safaris are offered in the Mara very early before dawn. A vehicle will pick you up from your lodge at 5:00am and drive direct at the airstrip. The pilot welcomes you to your basket and starts pumping hot air into the balloon and it gradually rises.  Very soon you are up in the air before sunrise and you will be able to watch as the sun rises from the air. You will have a 1hr dawn game balloon flight followed by a champagne bush breakfast and 1 hr game drive.

Walking Bush Tours in Masai Mara Game Reserve

Walking safaris are also offered by conservancies outside of Masai Mara. You can go for a day visit and or stay in the conservancies to enjoy walking bush safaris and night game drives. These are some of the very unique and interactive ways to enjoy the Masai Mara 3-days safari. These activities are mostly offered by the high end tented camps and may be pricey, but they are some of the best things you can do in the Masai Mara.

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1-Day Masai Mara Layover Safari from NBO Airport

1-day masai mara layover safari from NBO Airport

Explore Masai Mara game reserve in a 1-day layover safari tour from NBO Nairobi airport. It’s possible to do a one day Maasai Mara trip from Nairobi if you can depart at 0500hrs and return to the city by 0830hrs. If you have a full day to spare and your last flight out is anywhere from 2300hrs, you can do this trip without a doubt. Masai Mara main highway has recently been tarmacked which has reduced the number of hours from Nairobi to 4hrs.

6 Spots a One-Day Masai Mara Layover Safari from NBO Nairobi Airport

You can go on a 1 day masai Mara layover trip from JKIA NBO airport and see the big five animals and the wildebeest migration. You can go with friends or your cabin crew workmates from the NBO to see Masai Mara wildlife in a day. Here are highlights of a 1-day masai mara layover safari from JKIA NBO airport below:-

  • View road trip scenery on 1 day Masai Mara layover trip
  • Cross the Great Rift Valley enroute to Masai Mara stopover safari
  • Find Big 5 animals on a Maasai Mara airport layover
  • Track wildebeest migration in Mara in a layover day trip
  • Watch Birds in Masai Mara 1 day layover tour
  • Do a Game drive with Millions of grazers

1-day Masai Mara layover tour from Nairobi Airport. You need to start early to go to Masai Mara on a day trip directly from NBO airport. The tour starts before dawn to make it in good time to Mara. Plan with your friends or workmates to rush to masai Mara for a game drive in a day from the NBO airport for game drive, bird watching, wildebeest tracking, big five animals viewing.

1.      View Road Trip Scenery on 1 Day Masai Mara Layover Trip

After pick up from NBO airport for Masai Mara 1 day tour, you will go through green kikuyu highlands and start your descent into the Great Rift Valley. Driving to the Mara is a mix of green hills and valleys giving way to expansive grassland savannahs. The scenic value of the valley is just out of this world. The rift valley is a wide expanse of hazy air below which continues as far as the eye can see.

2.      Cross the Great Rift Valley Enroute to Mara Stop over Safari

On the floor of the rift valley are Mt Suswa and Mt Longonot, two volcanic mountains which make for a great hike. Mt Longonot is high and very imposing. Further you can see the vapor plumes of hells gate national park hot springs and geysers in the distant.

You will also see the lush green western escarpment highlands with wide areas of wheat fields. You will also marvel at the wide open savannah grassland in the Masai Mara. Crossing the Great Rift Valley is one of the best moments in your 1 or 2 day Masai Mara safari.

3.      Find Big 5 Animals on a Maasai Mara Airport Layover

View the big five animals on a Masai Mara layover safari in a single day. Masai Mara has so many big five predators and may other animals that you are guaranteed to see the big five in a single day. Even though sometimes you may miss the leopards and rhinos in most cases you will see them.

The big five animals are the lions, elephants, buffalos, leopard and rhinos. These are like the holy grail of wildlife watching in Kenya and only one park guarantees you to see them in a single a day. And that park is the Masai Mara game reserve.

4.      Track Wildebeest Migration in Mara in a Layover Day Trip

You can track the wildebeest migration animals in the Mara in a single day trip from Airport in the months of July to November. The wildebeest migration is the single largest event that happens in the Mara when 1.5 million wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles cross more than 3,000 miles to get into masai Mara and run back again into Serengeti. The migration is so vast that when they go through the Masai Mara, the grass will look like it has been mowed by a lawn mower.

5.      Watch Birds In Masai Mara 1 Day Layover Tour

If you an ardent birdwatcher, you can depart the airport for a bird watching day trip to Masai Mara. The Mara is home to over 300 bird species. There are large grassland savannah birds like the kori buzzard, secretary bird, ostrich and others. There are also birds of prey. You can get a professional bird guide to help you identify over 100 bird species in a single day.

6.      Do a Game Drive with Millions of Grazers

Masai Mara is known for the greatest abundance of grazers like zebras, wildebeests, gazelles, impala, topi, elands and many others. Masai Mara has more than 2 million animals to watch spread across very plain and flat grasslands.

In Mara you can see wildlife spread across hundreds of acres of clear grasslands. This makes for a uniquely good game driving opportunity due to ease of viewing wildlife. Masai Mara 1 day layover trip is worth the long 4 hour drive. The pictures you will take here will be proof that the Masai Mara day trip is worth the time and money.

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