Nairobi Fly Fishing Day Trips from Nairobi

Explore fishing spots from Nairobi in a day. Fishing day trips from Nairobi include 1 day fishing tours to Aberdare national park, Mt Kenya national park, Lake Naivasha fishing day trip among others. You can enjoy trout fishing on the moorlands of Aberdare national park in one of the most tranquil environments you can find yourself in. This Nairobi fishing day trip lasts for a full day with a return to Nairobi in the evening at 7:00pm.

Nairobi fishing 1 day Trips

Top 3 One-1 Day Nairobi Fly Fishing Trips

1. Aberdare Trout Fly Fishing Day Trips

Discover Aberdare national park trout fishing tours from Nairobi. Fishing for rainbow trout fish on the moorlands of Aberdare is a lot of fun as you get to escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city to be in peace with yourself. Aberdare 1 day fishing trips start from Nairobi at 5:00am in the morning and drive towards the Naivasha road. You will branch off to your right at the flyover bridge and enter Kinangop County up to Ndunyu Njeru town. Drive into the Aberdare Park through Mutubio gate at around 9:00am. Observe some of the most scenic park roads with huge moss draped indigenous trees whose stems and branches are glistering and dripping with the morning dew.  After the park gate formalities you will drive the 40 minutes’ drive to the guru, Chania river sources where trout is in plenty. You will need the help of a game ranger to show you the best and secluded trout fishing spots that have not been overfished. Enjoy a packed lunch as you swing away your line. You may decide to either fish and carry or do a catch and release. The tour will also take you to view the magnificent Karuru water falls as you try to catch some fish here as well.

Aberdare trout fishing day trip

1 Day Nairobi Fishing Trip in Aberdare National Park Trout Fishing Rivers

5:00am: Depart for Aberdare 1 day fishing trip and drive North West along Naivasha road

6:00am: Exit the high way and join the Njabini road. At Njabini take the Olkarao road in Kinangop

7:30am: Arrive at Ndunyu Njeru town near the park.

8:30am: Arrive through the Mutubio gate and pay the gate fees. Get a guide at gate

9:00am: Start your day long fishing at the various rivers of guru and Chania.

1:00am: Packed lunch by the edge of the river as you watch the intriguing water falls

1:30pm: Continue fishing in the rivers

3:00pm: start to drive back and exit the park at 4:00pm for Nairobi

6:30pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of Tour.

Aberdare national park 1 day fishing trip

2. Lake Naivasha Fly Fishing Day Trip

Explore Lake Naivasha fishing day trips from Nairobi. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake along the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Lake Naivasha has a maximum depth of 30m and an average depth of 6m and covers an area of 139sqkm. The lake is home to many fish including common carp, cat fish, largemouth bass, tilapia, straight fin barb, Crayfish. Lake Naivasha is a great place to do boat fishing day trip from Nairobi. Your tour operator will arrange a boat and fishing gear if you don’t have one. The boats are simple but very safe for fishing and you will be provided with a life jacket. These motor boats will move from one place to the next in search of good catch. You can book a full day or half day fishing trip from Nairobi. Packed lunch is taken while on the boat to maximize time for fishing in the lake. Be sure to come with a straw hat, some sun screen and insect repellant. I have had very good success in catching 2 feet long cat fish, a foot and a half carps and 1 foot long tilapia or bigger. The weather is subject to change on the lake in the afternoon and it becomes abit rough. So it’s advisable to arrive very early at the lake to start fishing when the lake is calm. Lake Naivasha 1 day fishing trip is an awesome escape for a day of quiet angling off a boat.

Nairobi 1 Day Fishing Trip in Lake Naivasha

5:00am: Depart for Lake Naivasha 1 day fishing trip and drive North West along Naivasha road

6:00am: Stop at the Great Rift Valley view point to watch the valley below

7:00am: Arrive at Lake Naivasha and prepare to get into the boat for a full day fishing trip.

9:00am: Start your day long fishing at the various fishing spots on Lake Naivasha.

1:00am: Packed lunch on the boat as you continue fishing on the lake

1:30pm: Continue fishing on the lake.

3:00pm: Start to drive back and exit the lake for Nairobi

6:30pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of Tour.

1 Day fishing trip in Lake Naivasha

3. Mt Kenya National Park 1 Day Fly Fishing

You can go on 4 or 5 day hiking and fishing safari on Mt Kenya. You will be able to catch rainbow and brown trout in the rivers within Mt Kenya national park. There is also rainbow trout on Lake Alice and Lake Rutundu. Due to the seclusion of these lakes from the main fishing traffic, the fish in these two lakes tend to be quite large. It’s also fun to drive to get to these out-of-the-way lakes /tarns on Mt Kenya slopes. Fishing on Mt Kenya however requires you to go for more than a day due to the distances and hiking involved to get to the best fishing spots on Mt Kenya. If you are very early for Nairobi departure, you can make a day trip and do trout fishing on Lake Rutundu and afew rivers on the slopes. Your itinerary would be similar to this one.

Mt Kenya Trout fishing Safari on Lake Rutundu

Nairobi 1 Day Fishing Trip in Mt Kenya

4:00am: Depart for Mt Kenya 1 day fishing trip and drive North A2 Isiolo road

6:00am: Pass through Nyeri town and drive towards Nanyuki

7:30am: Pass through Rutundu gate and start driving up the mountain.

9:30am: Arrive at the car park at Rutundu.

10:00am: Hike to lake Rutundu and arrive there at 10:00am to start your fishing.

1:00am: Packed lunch by the edge of Lake Rutundu

1:30pm: Continue fishing in the lake

3:00pm: start to drive back and exit the park at 5:00pm for Nairobi

7:30pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of Tour.

Rainbow trout fishing on Mt Kenya

An alternative is to spend the night at Nanyuki town and start early for the fishing trip on Mt Kenya the following morning early.

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How to Book a Masai Mara Camping Safari in Kenya

Masai mara camping safari

Explore Masai Mara game reserve in a camping safari from Nairobi. Exploring Masai Mara will see you view the big five animals and the wildebeest migration in July to October. Immerse yourself in this amazing wilderness staying in some of the most comfortable lodges or tented camps. The tented camps of Masai Mara can be either luxury camps or budget tented camps.

8 Steps to Booking a Masai Mara Safari in Kenya

For some people, booking an Masai mara safari is as easy as walking into a travel agency and picking a holiday off the rack. While this is the easy way to buy a package, it is also the most expensive. You can use this article to do your own research and find a local operator to book with hence saving hundreds of dollars.

For example, if you want to book a Masai Mara safari, you generally should;

  • Do your research
  • Use a local tour operator company
  • Check their tripadvisor reviews
  • Request for tailor made Itinerary
  • Bargain on the prices
  • Pay a down payment of not more than 40%
  • Request for proof of payments
  • Pay the Balance on tour cost

While this may look hard, its pretty easy to follow these steps and get a fairly priced local tour operator in Nairobi Kenya. Follow this step by step article and you may save some good money in booking your next tour to Masai Mara.

1.     Do your research

You will need to do some research for find a good local agent to book a Masai Mara camping safari with. A quick search online will give you a sample of good tour companies in Nairobi Kenya. Based on the prices, you can tell which company is making an effort to give you discounted rates. You can look for group joining safari packages so as to save money by sharing the vehicle.  You will find that many Nairobi tour companies offer daily departures from Nairobi. Depending on the number of days you want to go on safari, you will get a very good idea on what is the range between budget and pricy packages.

2.     Use a Local Tour Operator Company

Local tour operator prices generally tend to be cheaper than prices from foreign travel agents. The reason is simply the fact that, by the time packages get to the international agents, the prices will have been marked up at least twice. So you are likely to get better Masai Mara safari deals from local operators if you deal directly with them. You can get many of the local tour operators listed on Online Travel Agents (OTAs) websites like Safari bookings, Viator, Expedia among others. It’s also possible to simply Google the package you want like 5 days Masai Mara safari in Kenya, and check the prices and deals being offered by the various local tour companies.

Local Tour Operator company

3.     Check the Operator Tripadvisor Reviews

Trip advisor is a destination and tour company review platform where travellers can look up what past customers are commenting about a company. Trip advisor also provides a forum where travellers can ask questions to past visitors about a certain destination they want to visit. It’s a highly respected website in the travel industry. A good local tour operator will have some good reviews posted by their past clients. You can easily tell a not-so-good company by the frequency and number of negative reviews they have received as compared to the positive ones. Make sure to check out your selected companies before you can engage them.

Check operator on tripadvisor

4.     Request for a Tailor-Made Itinerary

Once you have selected the local tour company you want to work with, you can now request them for an itinerary based on your number of days available. Make sure to ask them to make a tailor made itinerary and not necessarily buy off the shelf from their website. Try and explain in great detail, what you are interested in terms of number of days of safari, places you are interested to visit or animals you would like to see. The tour operator will go to great lengths to try and make a perfect-fit itinerary for you. This tailor-made maasai mara itinerary will also depend on your group dynamics including age, family, lifestyle and interests. You will have a back and forth with the tour operator until you have an itinerary that suits your needs in price and places included.

5.     Bargain on the Prices

Local tour operators are usually fairly priced and you should be able to get a good deals when booking directly. However, you can always try to bargain for discounts on the quoted price especially if you feel your tour group is large enough to justify it. Most of the local Kenyan tour operators will be able to offer you a small discount especially for the lodge based safari packages to Masai Mara. However, masai mara budget tour packages are mostly fixed in price due to their already reduced pricing points. So unless you feel that a tour package is overpriced, the budget Masai Mara safari packages are usually take-as-is.

6.     Pay a Down Payment to the Safari

Once you have agreed on the safari itinerary content and prices with your tour outfitter, you can proceed to pay a down payment on the safari. In most cases, the safari operators in Nairobi will request you to pay 40% deposit on the tour and the balance at least 45 days to arrival date. This is more so important if you are booking within the peak season between July and October. During this peak season, rooms are scarce due to demand and you should make an effort to book your safari as early as possible. This will help the tour operator to secure your rooms in lodges well in advance.

7.     Request for Proof of Payments

Your local tour operator in Nairobi will furnish you with proof that your lodge has been booked. This will help you to know that some part of your safari has already been confirmed. Kindly note that any cancellation from this point onwards will come with cancellation fees. The hotels usually charge between 25% to 100% of any payments if your booking is cancelled anywhere between 45 days and a no show.

8.     Pay the Balance of Tour Cost

For bookings during peak season, make sure you have paid the balance of 60% of the tour cost at least 45-30 days before your arrival date. Most hotels insist that full payment of the booking should be done 45 days before arrival especially in the peak season. In case you are paying at last minute, 100% payment for the tour may be requested of you as a 1 off payment. Rooms are seriously scarce during the months of July to October and any chance you get to secure your masai mara accommodation should be taken as quickly as possible.

Make your booking today for a Masai Mara 3, 4, 5 or 8 day safari in Kenya; send us a whatsapp message here: +254722661827

Top 11 Nairobi Day Tours from the JKIA NBO Airport, Wilson Airport or your Hotel Room

Visit Top Nairobi spots such as Nairobi national park, Nairobi museum and city tour. Nairobi Day tours are short or full day trips in Nairobi. Touring Nairobi attractions in a one day tour is fun since most of the places are close to town while the most exciting places are a full day drive out of the Nairobi city Centre.

Go to Nairobi sites like Nairobi national park, Nairobi railway museum, the national museum and a city tour. Here are some of the most popular day tours in Nairobi that you can go to:

  1. Nairobi National Park
  2. Giraffe Centre
  3. Nairobi Elephant Orphanage
  4. Hells Gate National Park
  5. Mt Kenya National Park
  6. Amboseli National Park
  7. Masai Mara Game Reserve
  8. Nakuru National Park
  9. Mt Longonot National Park Day Hike
  10. Sweetwaters And Ol Pejeta Conservancy Day Trip
  11. Aberdare National Park



1. Nairobi National Park Half Day Trip

Go and see 4 of the big five animals only 10 minutes from your hotel room. Nairobi national park is the only park located within a capital Centre in the world. This makes Nairobi the wildlife capital of the world. Nairobi national park half day trip is a very popular day tour from most of the Nairobi hotels. Located only 7km from the CBD and only 3km from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the Nairobi national park offers a chance to do a 4hr game drive if you have a free morning or afternoon in town. Nairobi national park is a 117 sq. km area to the south of the city. The park is electric fenced on the Eastern side and open on the western boundaries. This park is home to thousands of animals including lions, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, cheetahs, elands, wildebeests, hartebeests, Thompson gazelles, impalas, baboons, ostriches, snakes, hippos, crocodiles and many more animals. The Nairobi national park is extremely popular due to its proximity to the city and the fact that you can see some of the big five animals so close to your hotel. A game drive in Nairobi national park lasts for 4 hours and you can choose to do an afternoon or morning game drive in the park.

1. Nairobi National Park Half Day Trip



2. Giraffe Centre

Visit the giraffe centre and pet, hug and kiss these gentle giants as you feed them with pellets by hand. Located only 10km from the Nairobi city Centre, the giraffe Centre is home to a family of endangered Rothschild giraffes. The facility is owned and managed by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife AFEW whose main mandate is to provide education on wildlife and conservation. Giraffe Centre provides you an opportunity to interact with these humble giants and feed them with pellets by hand from a raised platform. The giraffe Centre is also connected to the giraffe manor and one can book a lunch or tea reservation and enjoy a meal in the company of the giraffes. You will be able to take selfies while hugging a giraffe at the giraffe Centre. There is also a siting of the odd warthog which looks misplaced but very much at home among the giraffes.

2. Giraffe Centre



3. Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

Go and interact with orphaned baby elephants in sheldrick elephant orphanage located very close to your hotel and adopt one. Located within the Nairobi national park, the Nairobi elephant orphanage is managed by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Otherwise known as the Sheldrick elephant orphanage, the place home to orphaned baby elephants who have lost their mothers to poachers, separation or from natural causes. The Sheldrick elephant orphanage takes them in and hand rears them until they are seven years old and ready to be returned to the wild. Sheldrick elephant orphanage is home to more than 17 baby orphans at any given time. The handlers feed them with a special milk formula from plastic bottles and are quite a sight to watch as they rush for the milk bottles. The orphanage has a public viewing and lecture from 11am to 12noon. People that have adopted a baby elephant can book private time to visit their adoptee from 5:00pm every day. The chief handler gives a lecture on each of the elephants past history during the public viewing.

3. Nairobi Elephant Orphanage



4. Hells Gate National Park Day Trip

Visit hells gate national park and go on to the bowels of the earth in the deep gorges trickling with steaming hot water geysers and springs. Hells gate national park is known for it hot geysers and springs and the intricately curved deep gulleys that seem to swallow you. The park is a very popular walking safari day trip destination from Nairobi. Hells gate is located some 68km north west of Nairobi and sits along the floor of the Great Rift Valley. It is among the few parks in Kenya where walking is allowed and you can view hundreds of animals on foot including zebras, buffalos, giraffes, hyenas, antelopes, impalas, vultures, and many more. The park is popular for the shooting of the movies Lion King and the Tomb Raiders –Cradle of mankind. A day trip to this park includes a hike in the gulley, walking safari in the plains and optional swim in the largest outdoor spa pool or rock climbing.

4. Hells Gate National Park Day Trip – Hiking and Biking



5. Mt Kenya National Park Day Hike / Climb

Climb and hike on Mt Kenya in a single day and get the most stunning views of the peaks only 3 hours from nairobi. Located some 175km north of the capital city, Mt Kenya national park is a very popular attraction to hikers and nature lovers. Mt Kenya is Africa’s second highest mountain standing at 5199m above sea level after the Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895m asl. 1 Day tours to Mt Kenya are available with an early departure for a day hike to 3800m above sea level. This 1 day Mt Kenya hike from Nairobi allows you to get close to the peaks enough to have the most amazing views of peaks Batian, Lenana and Nelion. You will find yourself walking through deep rain forests with chances to see elephants, waterbucks, leopards and many birds’ species. The Mt Kenya 1 day climb provides you an opportunity to be one with nature in the most exciting hiking trail close to Nairobi. Departure from Nairobi is at 5:00am and returns to the city by 6:30pm after a 4-5 hour hike up the mountain. To achieve higher altitude in a day climb, the best 1 day mt Kenya climbing route is the Naro Moru as it takes shorter time to reach it from Nairobi.

5. Mt Kenya National Park Day Hike / Climb



6. Amboseli National Park Day Trip

Mingle with the wild elephants of amboseli and take pictures of the highest peak in Africa. Among one of the premier national parks in Kenya, Amboseli National park is located some 215km south west of Nairobi city. The Amboseli 1 day trip from Nairobi is exciting and takes about 12hours. Amboseli is a 392 sq km park located at the border with Tanzania and at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Amboseli national park day trip departs Nairobi at 5:00am and returns by 7:00pm. This park is famous for its amazing views of Mt Kilimanjaro. But the most popular attraction in Amboseli national park are the over 1,500 African wild elephants found in the park. Amboseli has the highest density of wild elephants in Kenya and it is the closest place you can view elephants in the wild from Nairobi. Amboseli national park is also home to lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffalos, hippos, impalas, jackals, giraffes, gerenuks, elands, wildebeests, zebras and many others. Amboseli has recently become popular with sightings of thousands of flamingos among the more than 400 species of birds in the park. The drive is mostly paved park from an 18km stretch from the Oloitoktok highway to the Irimito gate which is corrugation. The Amboseli day trip from Nairobi is very popular with day trippers who have a day to spare from Nairobi.

6. Amboseli National Park Day Trip



7. Masai Mara Day Trip

Drive to Masai Mara in a day and get lost in the abundance of Mara wildlife all in a day. Located some 280km North West of Nairobi city, the Masai Mara is by far the most popular park in Kenya. Masai Mara day trip from Nairobi is a very exciting adventure although you will spend more than 6 hours on the road. The 5hr Masai Mara game drive is a welcome reward for the long hours on the road to and flo. The Masai Mara 1 day trip starts from Nairobi at 4:30am and arrives in Mara at 8:30am. The Mara 1 day game drive trip returns back to Nairobi by 7:00pm when you are dropped off at your hotel. The Masai Mara game reserve is a 1500 sq km park located next to Serengeti of Tanzania. This park is the most visited park in Kenya. The Mara is home to more than 3 million animals including the big five lions, elephants, rhino, buffalo and leopards, other animals include giraffes, gazelles, impalas, hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, topis, and many more.

7. Masai Mara Day Trip



8. Nakuru National Park Day Tour

Lose yourself among the millions of flamingos of lake nakuru and marvel at tree climbing lions and lazy rhinos. Nakuru National Park is located on the rift valley floor some 160km north west of Nairobi. Nakuru Park is very popular with day trippers and has a lot of visitors year round. Nakuru national park day trip includes a 5 hour game drive and a package lunch in the park. The departure for 1 day Nakuru trip starts at 6:00am and drives the 2hrs distance from Nairobi. The Nakuru day trip game drive takes you around this scenic lake and the acacia forest to see the many animals like lions, leopards, buffalos, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, gazelles, baboons, zebras, cheetahs and many more. Nakuru National Park is known for its huge bird population of more than 450 species of birds including the pink flamingoes. Recently, the park has become flooded beyond the park gate house rendering the eastern side in accessible. The Nakuru one day trip is a fun way to spend a day outside of Nairobi doing game drives near Nairobi.

8. Lake Nakuru National Park Day Trip



9. Mt Longonot National Park Day Hike / Climb

Climb and scramble up this tough 1 day mountain hike destination from Nairobi to get the best views of ever green crater. Mt Longonot is a Strato-volcanic mountain located some 68km from Nairobi city on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Mt Longonot is one of the several volcanic mountains strewn across the Great Rift Valley and is by far the highest. Mt Longonot 1 day hike is a very popular hiking destination from Nairobi if you want to spend the day on all your fours, puffing and huffing to the crater rim for that wonderful view from atop. The Longonot day trip is a favorite with adventure loving day trippers from Nairobi and it takes almost a whole day. If you depart Nairobi early enough at dawn, you are likely to do it in half a day, returning to Nairobi by 3.00pm. You can opt for the longer trek around the crater rim and back to gate or the shorter up to rim and back to gate climb. Mt Longonot day climb is one of the closest climbing 1 day tours from Nairobi.

9. Mt Longonot National Park Day Hike



10. Sweet Waters Chimpanzee Orphanage n Ol Pejeta Conservancy Day Trip

Drive to Sweet waters and meet our cousins, the chimps, at this amazingly beautiful orphanage and conservancy while watching the big five. Sweet waters one day trip includes a game drive in the majestic Ol Pejeta conservancy with the Mt Kenya peaks in the back ground. Sweetwaters chimp orphanage is a very popular day trip destination from Nairobi for day tripping clients. The sweet waters orphanage and conservancy is located some 194km from Nairobi. Sweet waters Chimpanzee orphanage hosts a group of chimpanzees and it’s the only place in Kenya that you can see chimps. This is also where the last two of the northern white rhinos are found in the whole world. The ol Pejeta big five conservancy is the second park after Masai Mara that you are guaranteed to see all the big five in a single day game drive. It’s makes for a very scenic drive driving half way around mt Kenya and across the equator only to arrive and take pictures of the big five animals with the mountain in the background.  Mt Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa at 5199m asl and has the most beautiful peaks with snow atop. A full day trip to sweetwaters conservancy starts at 5:00am and arrives at 8:00am 5 to 6 hr game drive and returning to Nairobi by 6:00pm.

10. Sweet waters Chimpanzee Orphanage



11. Aberdare National Park Day Trip

Get drenched under the tens of waterfalls mist in this picturesque park with hundreds of sites and animals to see in a day. This mountain park is one of the most popular for 1 or 2 day tours from Nairobi. Aberdare 1 day tours can be for simple touring and game driving in the park or a trout fishing expedition. Either way, you will be flustered by the absolutely amazing views of the moorland and moss draped trees dripping with morning dew and the many animals here. Located only 161km from Nairobi city, this mountain range traverses 4 counties. The park is home to elephants, rhinos, leopards, giant forest hogs, buffalos, waterbucks and many more animals. Aberdare national park day trip starts at 5:00am and returns to Nairobi at 6:00pm. Important sites to visit in Aberdare one day tour include peak Satima, Karuru falls, Chania waterfall, salient and elephant buff.

11. Aberdare National Park Day Trip


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