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The Best Deep Sea Diving Sites on Kenyan Coast-Our Top 10 Picks

Deep sea diving is a popular activity along the coastal region of Kenya. The Kenyan Coast boasts remarkable deep-sea diving sites encompassed by spectacular yet unique underwater landscapes, rare marine life, and outstanding coral reefs. The deep-sea diving sites on the Kenyan Coast offers an exceptional experience. Below are our top 10 picks for the best deep sea diving sites on the Kenyan coast.



The Best Hotels in Kenya – Our Top 20 Picks


Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, has recently been voted as the best business travel destination in Africa.

The city under the sun gains its popularity because it offers a lot of social amenities like high-end

hotels. Below is a list of The Best Hotels in Nairobi, Kenya – Our Top 20 Picks.


1. Villa Rosa Kempinski

At the top of the list, we have Villa Rosa Kempinski. The hotel has been voted as the best hotel in

Kenya  for 5 years in a row. It epitomizes luxury with state-of-the-art amenities like exquisite rooms

and suites, well-equipped conference halls, and an infinity pool. Their staff is very professional.


2. Radisson Blu, Nairobi Upper Hill

Radisson Blu is located in the posh neighborhood called Upper Hill, which is less than 10 minutes from

Nairobi CBD, 20 minutes from the airport, and 15 minutes from Nairobi National Park. It boasts facilities

such as modern rooms, numerous restaurants and spa areas, and versatile and spacious meeting spaces.


3. The Sarova Stanley

Third on the list is Sarova Stanley Hotel. It is a 5-star rated hotel situated in the heart of Nairobi CBD.

It is a favorite because of its prime location. It is operated by a very professional yet friendly team and is

also affordable and equipped with all the necessary amenities.


4. Fairmont The Norfolk

Fairmont The Norfolk is one of the best business hotels within Nairobi. It is the perfect place to stay for

business trips or a Kenyan safari. It is characterized by old-world charm and contemporary aesthetics.

Its exquisite rooms and suites overlook a well-manicured tropical garden and it also has ultra-modern facilities.

The Norfolk hotel is one of the best hotels in Kenya located in Nairobi city.


5. Sankara

Sankara Hotel is an all-around hotel located in the opulent neighborhood of Westlands in Nairobi. It offers

top-tier accommodations, dining options, world-class services, and a rooftop infinity pool.


6. Hemingways Nairobi

Hemingways is popular because it is recognized as the best boutique hotel in Nairobi. It is highly rated for

offering comfort and exceptional services. It has 45 high-end suites with balconies facing the breathtaking view of Ngong Hills.


7. Nairobi Serena Hotel

Nairobi Serena Hotel is based on rich designs from East and West Africa. It is within walking distance from

Nairobi CBD and features a pool bar, a twenty-four-hour international restaurant, and an executive floor

with an executive lounge, 3 executive suites, and 4 club rooms.


8. The Tribe

The Tribe is one of the best boutique hotels in Nairobi. It is located in Gigiri, 10 minutes from the Nairobi

Central Business District. The neighborhood where it is situated is serene and quiet. It has several restaurants

for dining, like Jiko restaurant, which is among the best restaurants in the city. This hotel is one of the high end

hotels in Kenya and located in the leafy suburbs near United Nations and the American Embassy.


9. Emara Ole Sereni Hotel

Ole Sereni is known for its spectacular view as it faces Nairobi National Park. Zebras can be spotted from the

balconies and terraces. It is strategically positioned between Nairobi CBD, Nairobi National Park, and The

Airport. Sky Lounge situated on the rooftop of the hotel is rated as one of the best rooftop lounges in Nairobi.


10. The Boma Hotel Nairobi

Tenth on our list is The Boma Nairobi. This hotel is best fit for corporate and leisure travelers. It has good

accommodation packages to cater to its audience. It has 148 state-of-the-art rooms, an array of conference

rooms, and an open-air pool among other amenities. They also have Boma inn hotel in Nairobi just next door.


11. Mövenpick Hotel and Residences in Nairobi

This establishment boasts contemporary African design, creating a cool atmosphere with spectacular views

of Nairobi. Popular for its rotating restaurant located on its top floor, known as The View, Mövenpick Hotel

and Residences in Nairobi is considered one of the best places to stay when exploring the city due to its strategic location.


12. Four Points by Sheraton Nairobi Hurlingham

Situated strategically in the center of all business and trade activities in Kilimani, this four-star hotel offers

extraordinary African hospitality and comfort. With avant-garde amenities including 96 hotel rooms, conference

facilities, spas, and an outdoor pool, Four Points by Sheraton Nairobi Hurlingham provides a comfortable stay for its guests.


13. Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Nestled in the Ridgeways area, this Victorian-themed hotel is home to an internationally recognized 18-hole golf

course, a tropical forest, tennis and squash courts, a clubhouse, a botanical garden, 130 well-equipped rooms,

and four restaurants. Just a fifteen-minute drive from Nairobi Central Business District, it offers a tranquil retreat amidst lush greenery.


14. Crowne Plaza Nairobi

Serving as the first International Airport Hotel located within Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Crowne

Plaza Hotel is a mere five-minute drive from the airport, providing seamless transfers for travelers.

Crowne Plaza hotel is among the top 10 best hotels in Kenya capital city, Nairobi.

With 140 soundproof rooms, futuristic meeting facilities, and a wide variety of dining options, it is an ideal choice for

transit passengers or those between long flights.


15. The Concord Hotel and Suites

Offering a blend of entertainment, luxury, and convenience, The Concord Hotel and Suites is approximately

ten minutes from Nairobi Central District. With over 86 lavish rooms, an aquamarine pool, and one of the

finest spas in the city, it provides guests with an unforgettable experience.


16. Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel

Located approximately 1200 feet from the Russian Federation Embassy, Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel

offers a prime location for accessing Nairobi CBD, JKIA, and Nairobi National Park. Featuring a

spectacular outdoor pool, well-equipped fitness center, and lavish rooms, it ensures a comfortable stay for guests.


17. Eka Hotel Nairobi

Despite its high caliber, Eka Hotel stands out as one of the most affordable high-end hotels in Nairobi.

Situated along Mombasa Road, just minutes away from the airport and Nairobi CBD, it offers 167 rooms

with classic finishing, five conference rooms, a gym, and a bar, providing guests with a convenient and comfortable stay.

Eka hotel is one of the best accommodations in Kenya.


18. Nairobi Safari Club

This 16-story hotel, located in the heart of Nairobi CBD, offers great convenience when accessing the CBD

and JKIA, approximately 25 minutes away. With 146 rooms distributed among its 16 floors, a sauna, a

wellness center, and an intercontinental bar and restaurant, it promises a memorable stay for its guests.


19. Golden Tulip Westlands Hotel

Positioned in the opulent neighborhood of Westlands, this 4-star premium-rated hotel offers proximity

to amenities such as Sarit Center and Westgate Mall. With 94 stylishly designed rooms and easy access

to JKIA via the expressway in under ten minutes, it ensures convenience and comfort for its guests.


20. Nairobi Marriott Hotel

To conclude the list of the Best Hotels in NairobiOur Top 20 Picks is Nairobi Marriott Hotel. Offering

world-class amenities tailored to fit one’s business and travel needs, it is strategically located along Chiromo Lane.

Nairobi boasts some of the world’s best hotels, as illustrated in the list of Best Hotels in Nairobi – Our Top 20 picks,

spoiling visitors with options based on their preferences.

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The Best 10 Attractions In Tsavo

East And West National Parks, Kenya



Tsavo National Park is the oldest and most famous park in Kenya. It covers an

area of more than 21,000 square kilometers and is located between Mombasa

and Nairobi in the southernmost part of the country. The park consists of two

separate wildlife regions, namely Tsavo West and Tsavo East. It is the largest

park in Kenya and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Tsavo East and Tsavo

West National Parks are iconic destinations in Kenya, which are also known for

their eye-catching landscapes. Below are the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo East

and West National Parks, Kenya.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Tsavo West National Park

At the pinnacle of the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo East and West National Parks,

Kenya, lies the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary nestled within Tsavo West National

Park. The sanctuary derives its name from the encompassing clusters of hills and

is an integral component of the Eastern Arc forests, recognized as a biodiversity

hotspot. Encompassing 28,000 acres of diverse habitat, including riverine forest,

savanna wood, and grassland, the conservancy boasts a rich plant physiognomy.

Characterized by dense and stratified vegetation dominated by Acacia/Commiphora

trees, the sanctuary exhibits an evergreen appearance in wet areas, particularly in

the central lowlands. Positioned between Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West

National Park, the sanctuary serves as a vital dispersal area and migratory corridor

for wildlife, enhancing its value as a tourism destination and ecological asset.

Its mountainous terrain affords breathtaking views of Kilimanjaro, Pare, and

Uluguru mountains, adding to its allure. All these attributes make it the best

attraction between the two parks.

Lake Jipe, Tsavo West National Park

Following closely behind is Lake Jipe, situated within Tsavo West National Park.

This inter-territorial lake straddles the border of Tanzania and Kenya. It lies in

Mwanga District, within the Kilimanjaro region on the Tanzanian side of the

mountain, while on the Kenyan side, it is located south of Nghoji village.

Positioned on the leeward side, the lake primarily receives its water from the

Lumi River, originating from Mount Kilimanjaro, and streams from the north

Pare Mountains. A section of the lake’s northern shore is protected by Kenya’s

Tsavo West National Park, which remains unfenced. Lake Jipe is renowned for

being home to endemic fish species. Various activities can be enjoyed on and

around the lake, including fishing, picnicking, nature walks, sunrise and sunset

watching, boat safaris, and birdwatching. However, swimming in the lake is strictly

prohibited due to the presence of crocodiles and hippos.


Shetani Lava Flow, Tsavo West National Park

Following on the list is the Shetani Lava Flow, an ancient expanse of lava fields

distinguished by its unique geological formations and which also offers opportunities

for wildlife sightings. Local superstition surrounds this lava flow, stemming from

accounts of molten flow witnessed by members of the local community, hence

earning it the name “Shetani,” meaning devil in Swahili. The stark contrast between

the black lava flow and the surrounding vegetation adds to its allure, drawing

tourists to the site for both educational and recreational purposes, making it one

of the key attractions within the two parks.

Yatta Plateau, Tsavo East National Park

Ranked as the fourth attraction is Yatta Plateau in Tsavo East National Park. The

plateau holds the distinction of being the world’s longest lava flow, stretching

approximately 300 kilometers. Formed from volcanic activity, it is primarily

composed of black lava rock. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding plains,

the plateau is also home to diverse wildlife. Among the activities to indulge in on

the plateau are hiking the rocky terrain of Table Mountain, stargazing at night,

nature walks, picnicking, and exploring the geological features of the plateau.

Yatta Plateau is a must-visit site for tourists exploring Tsavo National Park

Mzima Springs, Tsavo West National Park

Mzima Springs occupies the fifth position. It stands as one of the most captivating

attractions within Tsavo National Park. These springs form a series of natural

wonders, originating from underground aquifers sourced from the nearby Chyulu

Hills. Visitors to Mzima Springs are treated to a diverse array of wildlife sightings,

including hippos, crocodiles, and various fish species. These springs owe their

existence to rainfall on the Chyulu Hills, a volcanic mountain range. Rainwater

seeps into the ground, filtering through volcanic rocks and crevices, ultimately

emerging as crystal-clear springs. The underwater viewing chamber offers a

unique perspective, allowing visitors to observe hippos and fish gracefully

navigating the pristine waters. Mzima Springs also boasts several scenic walking

trails, providing opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the

surrounding wilderness and encounter additional wildlife such as baboons and birds.

Chaimu Crater, Tsavo West National Park

Following closely behind in the sixth position of the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo

East and West National Park is Chaimu Crater. It is one of Tsavo West National

Park’s most beloved volcanoes, surrounded by native grassland and wildlife.

This volcanic mountain is a must-see for adventurers and nature lovers alike,

offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape from its extinct volcanic


Lugard Falls, Tsavo East National Park

Lugard Falls, located on the Galana River in Tsavo East, is next in line. It is one of

the most picturesque sites in the area. These breathtaking waterfalls can be found

near the well-established Rhino Sanctuary and are worthy of a visit. The falls are

characterized by white water cascading over rocks. The captivating natural beauty

and outstanding geological features of Lugard Falls attract travelers, making it a key

attraction of Tsavo East National Park.

Athi River, Tsavo East National Park

The Athi River courses through Tsavo East National Park, enriching its diverse

ecosystem. Serving as a crucial water source, it attracts a wide range of wildlife,

notably large herds of elephants. The presence of the Athi River further enhances

the park’s natural beauty, adding to the overall allure of Tsavo East.

Galana River, Tsavo East National Park

In the penultimate position lies the Galana River in Tsavo East National Park.

It plays a crucial role in supporting the diverse wildlife in the area. Renowned

for its picturesque landscapes and serving as a habitat for hippos and crocodiles,

the river acts as a lifeline for wildlife. Here, visitors can spot elephants, crocodiles,

and hippos thriving in their natural habitat.

Mudanda Rock, Tsavo East National Park

Mudanda Rock, located in Tsavo East, occupies the final position on the list.

This remarkable rock formation provides sweeping views of the park and serves

as a watering hole, attracting various animals. It stands out as a prominent

landmark within Tsavo East National Park, renowned for its distinctive shape

amidst the expansive landscape. Acting as a natural barrier along the seasonal

Voi River, the rock forms a reservoir, serving as a vital water source

In conclusion, Tsavo East and West National Parks offer a wealth of diverse

attractions that showcase the stunning natural beauty and rich wildlife of this

region. From the iconic red elephants to the breathtaking landscapes and unique

geological formations. Our list of the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo East and West

National Park, Kenya gives us a clear picture of the two stunning worlds.

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The Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities in Kenya



The history of mission churches in Kenya dates back to the period before Kenya gained independence.

Mission churches in Kenya were primarily introduced by Europeans from Britain. Rabai Mission was

the first mission church in Kenya, established in 1846. Mission churches have played a great role in

Kenya’s rich history. Today, mission churches are pivotal in Kenyan societies. Kenya is a land filled

with mission churches and the churches have run numerous different programmes in an attempt to

make the society better. Below is a comprehensive list of the Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities

in Kenya that travelers can indulge in.

1. Conserving the Environment 

At the forefront of our list of the Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities in Kenya, we have conserving

the environment. Churches in Kenya play a big role in conserving the environment. They organise

specific days to give back to the community in efforts to conserve the environment through activities

like planting trees, organising cleaning-up campaigns, water conservation, advocacy, creating

awareness about the importance of conserving the environment and educating the community on

renewable energy, waste management and sustainable farming. This is an activity that is common

among travellers who visit Kenya.

2. Creating Awareness on Social Issues

Secondly, mission churches organise rallies, workshops, open-air meetings and seminars to create

awareness about some of the emerging issues in the communities. They create awareness about

mental health and offer support in terms of guidance and counselling. Further, they foster awareness

about child abuse and gender-based violence and they go ahead and offer hospitality and counselling

to the victims. Lastly, they raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS and go the extra mile by providing

treatment, counselling and testing. This is an activity that a traveler can easily indulge in.

3. Outreach Programmes  

Third on the list, we have outreach programmes. Outreach programmes are acts of sharing love, hope

and compassion as one serves the community. Mission churches in Kenya spearhead outreach programs.

Through participation, one can be part of this programme by offering medical aid to underserved

communities, visiting the local children’s home and helping the staff in the day-to-day running of the

facility, disaster relief, emergency assistance and providing humanitarian aid such as food, shelter

and clothing donations.

4. Community Development Projects

Community development projects are key in mission churches in Kenya. They spearhead development

projects such as general infrastructure development like building and renovating hospitals, community

centres, orphanages and schools, roads and bridges. Apart from infrastructure development, they also

provide clean water, microfinance initiatives, housing projects and improving the local livestock

through establishing a breeding farm. The mission churches are open to volunteers from travelers to

help them with their cause.

5. Educational Initiatives  

Coming in fifth is educational initiatives. Mission churches double as education centres. One can

volunteer in the local churches to teach basic skills such as pottery, computer, reading, writing, problem

solving, mathematics and interpersonal skills to the children in the communities. Mission churches

also have libraries with resources such as videos, books and other educational materials.

6. Engaging in interfaith dialogue

 Communities comprises of people from different religions. The diversity has led to the need of interfaith

dialogue which is championed for by mission churches. This is an activity that has recently gained

popularity. It involves cooperative, constructive and positive interactions between individuals from

different religions. It exists in two levels; institutional and individual level. It aids in fostering understanding,

tolerance and acceptance between the involved religions. One can take part by attending organized interfaith

dialogue and airing their views.

7. Legal Aid

Mission churches offer legal aid to immigrants, victims of land disputes, child abuse and gender-based

violence and individuals in the community who cannot afford to hire legal representation. Legal expert

travelers can offer their expertise in pursuit of justice to members of the affected members of the community

through the legal aid program. Legal aid exists in many forms such as legal clinics, advocacy, legal education

and partnerships with legal societies. Also, non-expert travelers can aid the legal cause through referrals.

8. Cultural Events and Cultural Exchange

Cultural events and exchange programs are organized by mission churches so as to provide an individual

with an opportunity to learn about the way of life of the local community and Kenya at large. As a result, it

leads to respect and appreciation for one another. This is a fun activity for travelers as they learn and

appreciate the different cultures. Our list of Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities in Kenya would not be

complete without this activity. 

9. Mentorship Programmes 

Mission churches provide mentorship and support to the people in the local community. This includes

offering teachings and guidance on how to be disciple-like by following in the footsteps of Christ. The

mentorship programmes also involve teachings on enhancing skills, self-development, career development,

leadership skills, mentoring households on money management and motivating mentees on how to improve

their social networks as well as encouraging them to reach and surpass their set goals. One can participate

in this program by volunteering in any way.

10. Evangelism

Evangelism is the act of spreading the Word of God through preaching, serving, testimonials, Bible studies,

open-air gatherings and praise and worship. This is a top activity for travelers, as they are able to spread

the Lord’s word as they render their service to the church and community at large.

11. Fundraisers

To be able to facilitate most of the activities run by the church, mission churches require funds. One of the

many ways they seek funding is through fundraisers. One can volunteer in this activity through direct

funding or indirect which is through spreading the word to family, peers and colleagues.

12. Conflict Resolution

To close our list of Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities we have conflict resolution. This is an underrated

activity, but worth mentioning. Mission churches play a significant role in conflict resolution in the Kenyan

society. They offer mediation and arbitration through the leaders in the church so as to maintain order in

the community. Expert and non-expert travelers can take part in this fulfilling activity.

This list of the Top 12 Church Mission Tours Activities in Kenya comprises activities that offer meaningful

experiences to travelers who are interested in rendering service to the community, community outreach

and cultural immersion as they learn about the Kenyan culture.

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The Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara & Serengeti


Maasai Mara and Serengeti are highly rated National Parks that are situated in Kenya and

Tanzania respectively, East of Africa. They are consistently in the top 10 must-visit National

Parks in Africa. They gain their remarkable reputation because they give tourists an alluring

safari experience. Let’s dive in and see what the fuss is about. Below is a well thought out list of

Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park.


1. Wildebeest Migration

The wildebeest migration is recognised as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. The

members of the antelope family traverse between the savannah and woodland vegetation of

Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks in search of greener pastures. This phenomenal

event often happens between July and November. It is estimated that slightly over 2 million of

these herbivores make the trek.

Their journey is of course filled with a lot of obstacles, particularly as they cross the various

rivers that are infested by crocodiles. They are also preyed upon in the savannah and open

woodlands by members of the cat family. This action-packed journey is interesting to watch.

This wonder of the natural world attracts a lot of tourists, local and foreign; thus, it has

gained recognition at the helm of the Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai  Mara and Serengeti National Park.


2. Big Five

Coming in second in the list of Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National

Park is the Big Five. If you want a good chance of spotting the infamous Big Five, look no

further than Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park. The two parks are known to be the home

of the Big Five. Chances are, nine of out of ten you will spot all of them. The big 5 comprising of

the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant are a great attraction as they lure tourists from all

over the world thus being featured among the list of the Top 10 Safari Attractions in Maasai

Mara and Serengeti National Parks.


3. Luxury Travel

Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Parks offer epitomes of Luxury travel. From the

transportation which is either by well kitted land cruisers/vans or even planes as the parks are

equipped with runways, to state-of-the-art camps, cottages and hotels. There are also

numerous travel agencies which offer great deals on safari and stay in the parks at exceptional

prices. This gives convenience to tourists thus makes planning for a safari much easier.


4. Hot Air Balloon Safari 

Watch the sunrise at 1000ft above sea level over a hot air ballon ride as you tour the park and

watch the animals from a bird-eyes view. Be sure to get good pictures from an aerial point of

view. This activity is more interesting during the great wildebeest migration. The activity is

concluded with breakfast or lunch in the wild!


5. Maasai Community

The Maasai community resides within the two national parks. The semi-nomadic patriotists

community is known for their rich culture, i.e., high jump dances, unique dressing in bright red

robes and are known for being fearless warriors. They live in huts made from cow dung, sticks

and grass roofing called manyattas. They are amiable and will teach you many skills, like how to

hunt, milk domestic animals, prepare traditional meals, and much more. Their way of life is

tourists’ major attraction. A trip to either Maasai Mara or Serengeti National Parks is not

complete without taking a detour to one of the villages of the Maasai community. The Maasai

community is a major attraction thus being recognized as one of the Top 10 Safari Attractions in

Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park.


6. Breathtaking Landscapes

The two national parks are blessed with breathtaking landscapes such as the savannah plains,

open woodlands, escarpments, rivers that are filled with crocodiles and the rugged terrain which

is always exciting to offroad on.


7. Diverse Wildlife 

Other than the big 5, the two National parks are blessed with a wide variety of wild animals. It is

estimated that over 90 species of mammals 470 species birds reside in the parks.  The parks

which mainly comprises of savannah vegetation create the perfect habitat for the animals.


8. Guided Nature Walks 

Who said you have to be in a Landcruiser or tour van to enjoy a safari? One can explore the

parks on foot while being guided by guides who are often skilled Maasai warriors in their ever-

vibrant look of red robes, a spear and a club. During the walk, one will a get a good chance of

spotting wide variety birds, animals and indigenous plants.


9. Camping and Meals in the Bush

Talk about thinking out of the box! Hotels in Serengeti and Maasai Mara National Park offer

packages of camping and meals in the bush in various designated areas in the park. This is a

fun activity for tourists who come in groups. You will be in the company of bird chirps and

groans from hungry carnivores.  It has gained popularity over the years hence making an

appearance in the list of Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks.


10. Night Game Drives

To close the list of The Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks is

night game drives. The wilderness doesn’t sleep. It is argued that the wilderness comes to life

as the night creeps in. Go out of the norm by exploring the national parks at night creeps in.

This is an exciting activity, particularly for adrenaline junkies, as the wild is unpredictable. Masai

Mara and Serengeti National Parks have an array of nocturnal animals like bush babies, civets

and nightjars. At night, it is the best time to spot them. It is also the perfect time to catch the

carnivores engaging their prey, as they are more active at night.

Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks are two safari destinations blessed with an array of

attractions as summarized in the above list of Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and

Serengeti National Parks.

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paradise lost-caving-day-trip-cave-viewing-tours-from-nairobi


The Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya



Caving is an activity that has recently gained popularity in Kenya. Kenya is a land blessed with numerous caves.

The caves are rich in history, as most were used by local communities as religious centres, mineral mines,

cemeteries and places to seek refuge. This has attracted a lot of caving enthusiasts, both local and foreign,

for recreational and educational purposes. Below is a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya.



1. Hell’s Gate National Park

At the top of our list of the Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya is Hell’s Gate National Park. The infamous National

Park is located 101 kilometres from Nairobi, south-east of Lake Naivasha in Nakuru County.

It lies on the floor of The Great Rift Valley.

Hell’s Gate National Park is popular because it is home to a wide variety of wildlife and ultimately,

it is known for its breathtaking scenery, which consists of caves, star-rock towers, tower cliffs, water-gouged gorges,

scrub-clad volcanoes and belching plumes of geothermal steam.

Along the buffalo circuit, on the eastern side of Hell’s Gate National Park, lies a string of Obsidian Caves

characterised by their glassy black look, which is a result of lava cooling as it comes into contact

with the lake’s water. These caves are intriguing to explore!



2. Mau Mau Caves, Aberdare Ranges

Located 200 kilometres east of Nairobi City in Nyanyuki County, we have Mau Mau Caves. As history

has it, Mau Mau Caves, found in the Aberdare Ranges, were used as hide-out spots by the Kenyan

Freedom Fighters as they fought with the British Colonial Army between 1952 and 1960.

Mau Mau is a Kiswahili phrase that says, ‘Mzungu Arudi Ulaya, Mwafrika Apate Uhuru.’ Translated to English,

it means that the colonisers ought to go back to Europe so that Africans can get freedom. 

Mau Mau Caves hold true historical significance.



3. Paradise Lost Cave, Kiambu

In 1966, a group of coffee farmers in Kiambu County discovered Paradise Lost Cave.

The cave is famous because it hosts the largest underground lake ever discovered.

It is a cave system made up of numerous chambers. To add to its attributes, it holds

historic value as it has stone-age artifacts made from obsidian rocks found in the cave.

The walls of the cave are composed of fish fossils, stalactites, crystals and stalagmites.

Other activities within Paradise Lost include camping, horse riding, fishing and coffee farm visits.

Paradise Lost Cave is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Kenya and it is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.



4. Shimoni Caves, Diani

Shimoni Caves comes in fourth on the list of the Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya.

This hidden gem is located on the south coast of Kenya, 50 kilometres from Diani. Shimoni is a Kiswahili

word meaning inside the hole or the location of the hole. The caves range about 5 kilometers.

Shimoni Caves have a great historical value as they were used as docking bays for boats and to

hold and load captured slaves to be shipped to Zanzibar.

There are iron rings on the rocks, which are evidence of slaves being held here. The caves were also

used for rituals by the locals long before the slave trade.

The historical nature of Shimoni Caves makes it a top caving destination.



5. Kitum Cave, Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is an extinct volcano mountain located west of Kenya in the border of Kenya and

The Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Kitum Cave lies within the borders of Mount Elgon National Park.

The cave extends approximately 600 meters into the mountain; the walls are rich in salt, which

attracts animals like the elephant. The cave gained popularity in the 1980s when two visitors

contracted a deadly virus called the Marburg virus after a trip to the cave. The bats in the cave

are believed to be the carriers of the virus.

Kitum Caves is equally rich in history and it is also among the most important bat hibernation

sites in Africa. It is also home to a wide variety of animals.



6. Suswa Caves, Mount Suswa

Sixth on the list of the Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya is Suswa Caves on Mount Suswa,

which lies on the floor of the Great Valley. Mount Suswa is popular as a result of the lava

caves that are situated on the outer crater. One outstanding attraction in the caves is a section

called the ‘Baboons Parliament’, which is inhabited by baboons, as the name suggests.

They seek refuge in the cave at night to hide from potential predators. Also inhabiting the caves

are the nocturnal mammals, bats. Be sure to see them hanging on the cave’s roof. Suswa Caves

are also used by the Maasai community as a place to perform rituals. This is evident because

of the writing on the wall.



7. Chyulu Hills Caves, Makueni

Located in the southeastern part of Kenya, in Makueni County, is a mountain range

called the Chyulu Hills.

The mountain is famous because it has lava tube caves, which are arguably the deepest

in the world. The caves are frequently visited by volcanologists and geologists for educational purposes.



8. Oloolua Caves, Nairobi

Next on the list of the Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya is Oloolua Caves. It is located within the

city under the sun, in Oloolua Forest Reserve. The cave spans about 37 meters. It is accessible through

a nature trail.

Like the Mau Mau Caves, Oloolua Caves were also used by Mau Mau Fighters as hiding spots.

Various species of birds inhabit the caves, as do mammals like bats.



9. Njoro River Cave, Nakuru

This archaeological site is situated on the Mau Escarpment. The cave was the first place radiocarbon

dating was put to use in East Africa. The cave was excavated in 1938 which unearthed ancient

artifacts like beads, pottery and tools.

The excavation also revealed a mass cremation site that is believed to have been used by the

Elementeitan pastoralists during the Pastoral Neolithic.

Njoro River Cave has significant historical value, which attracts both local and foreign caving

enthusiasts, thus making it worthy of a mention on our list of the top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya.



10. Three Sister Caves of Fikirini

To close the list of the Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya, is Three Sister Caves located in Fikirini

village in Tswaka, Kwale County. The caves in the system include Pangani Cave, Mdenyenye Cave and

Kisimani Cave, thus being referred to as ‘Three Sister Caves’. It is arguably the most beautiful

cave system in Kenya and the second-largest cave system in all of East Africa.

The caves were used by the local community as a hideout spot during the peak of the slave trade.

Several animals inhabit the cave system, including seven species of bats. It is every caving

enthusiast’s dream destination.

Kenya has a wide variety of caves, each unique in its own way, as illustrated in the above

list of the Top 10 Caving Destinations in Kenya.

Each cave comes with its own exhilarating experience!

Find out how you can plan a caving safari or day trip from Nairobi from Robert on

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Best 10 safari packages in africa


The Top 10 Safari Tour Packages in Africa – Our Best Picks

10 Top safari tours in Africa

Africa is regarded as one of the best travel destinations in the world. It offers an array of

spectacular Experiences, from eventful safaris, sightseeing, breathtaking landscapes,

and diverse cultures. It is not a walk in the park picking a safari destination because there is

no wrong pick. To make your work easier, below is an astute list of the

Top 10 Safari Tour Packages in Africa—our best pick.

1. Maasai Mara and Serengeti Migration Safari Package (Kenya and Tanzania)

On top of the list, we have the Masai Mara and Serengeti Migration National Park Safari

Package. The Migration safari majorly features the movement of the wildebeest from Serengeti

National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Park in Kenya through the savannah and

woodland vegetation. This migration is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural

World. This phenomenal event often happens between the months of July and November.

It is estimated that slightly over 2 million of these herbivores make the trek. Their journey is

filled with a lot of obstacles, particularly as they cross the various rivers that are infested by

crocodiles and as they traverse the plains where they are preyed upon.

This action-packed journey is interesting to watch. The two parks also offer a wide variety

of accommodation and transportation packages tailored to one’s personal preference,

desired experience and budget. This package clearly predominates the other packages,

thus being featured as our very best pick of the Top 10 Safari Tour Packages in Africa.


2.  Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Safari Package (South Africa)

Second on our list of the Top 10 Safari Tour Packages in Africa-our best pick is the Kruger

National Park and Sabi Sands Safari in South Africa Safari Package. Kruger National Park

is the largest known national Park in Africa. It has a magnificent road network, making it

among the few game parks in Africa that can easily be accessed by personal cars. It is known

to be home to over 500 species of birds. Half the world’s population of black and white

rhino, which is an endangered species, inhabits Kruger National Park. Sabi Sand Game

Reserve is a private reserve just adjacent to Kruger National Park. It’s been recognised as

the best place for intimate game reserve as it offers state-of-the-art suites, close-up game

sightings, professional guides and impeccable hospitality. Most tours and travel companies

in South Africa offer visits to both parks in one package for an ultimate safari experience.


3.  Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve Safari Package

Coming in third is Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve Safari Package. The duo is

situated in the heart of Botswana. The Okavango Delta is one of the Wonders of Africa

because it is among the largest inland deltas in the world and because of the unique feature

of River Okavango emptying into open land, contrary to the natural nature of rivers

emptying into water bodies. Located within the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve is

one place where you can be sure to get an exhilarating safari adventure all year round. It

hosts 130 species of mammals, over 500 species of birds, numerous species of fish, reptiles

and thousands of species of plants. This package should be every tourist’s dream safari package.


4.  Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls Safari (Botswana, Zimbabwe,

Zambia and Namibia)

Chobe National Park is strategically situated in the northern part of Botswana as it borders

Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Enjoy a boat safari and game drive as you sight wildlife along

the Chobe River that flows through the park. Animals often come to quench their thirst in the river,

particularly during the dry seasons. Chobe National Parks offers various packages, including

houseboat stays. Complete your safari by taking an hour-long trip to the world’s largest waterfall.

Victoria Falls is on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The fall possesses an outstanding beauty

characterized by breathtaking landscapes, rainbows and mist. This package allows you to enjoy

safari experiences in four African countries, each with its own unique experience. This attribute

earns it the fourth position on our well-thought-out list of the Top 10 Safari Tour Packages in Africa.


5.  Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park Safari Package (Tanzania)

Ngorongoro Crater, known for its breathtaking landscapes, is one of the world’s most famous

wonders of the natural world as it is the largest known intact volcanic caldera. That aside, it is

also home to a lot of animals, including the famous ‘Big Five’. To spice up the package, a safari

in Tarangire National Park is recommended. Tarangire National Park is the best destination for

bird watching, game sighting, particularly large elephant herds that inhabit the park and mini-wild

animals’ migration during the dry seasons. This is the perfect package, particularly if you are

looking for a safari experience in Tanzania, thus placing it fifth in our list of the Top 10 Safari Tour

Packages in Africa.


6.  Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei Desert Safari (Namibia)

Estosha is situated in the middle of a desert north of Namibia. Despite Namibia being largely

composed of desserts, Estosha is located in an area that is moist, which attracts wildlife. It is home

to a variety of Wild animals, including the renowned Big Five, except the buffalo. To add to the fun

of exploring Africa, this package comes with a desert safari in the Sossulvei Desert with the option

to spend a night in a Luxury camp with a rare 360-degree view that overlooks the landscape of the

desert, like red dunes and Mountains. This package is worthy of a mention in our list of the Top 10

Safari Tour Packages.


7.  Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park Safari Package (Kenya)

Who said your safari in Kenya has to end after experiencing the wildebeest migration in Masai Mara?

Seek yet another safari adventure by heading south of Kenya to Amboseli National Park. The two

parks offer different yet exciting safari experiences. This package is customised to make sure you get

the best safari adventure while in Kenya, based on the two worlds.


8.  South Luangwa National Park and Lower Zambezi Safari Package (Zambia)

South Luangwa National Park lies on the floor of the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. The park is popular

because it offers a cocktail of breathtaking woodlands, spectacular green plains, the Luangwa River,

rare Wildlife and it is also the home of walking safari. End your adventure with a more intimate safari

by heading to Lower Zambezi National Park. Enjoy an adrenaline-packed adventure by taking a safari

on a Canoe and game viewing in the unfenced camps.


9.  Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls and Mana Pools Safari Package

(Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana)

Hwange National Park, in Zimbabwe, is the country’s oldest national park. The park lies on the border

of Zimbabwe and Botswana. Hwange is famous because it is home to the largest elephant population.

Just an hour from the park, you can visit the prominent Victoria Falls. To wrap up this safari, head to

Mana Pools National Park. It is the home of canoeing and walking safaris. Be sure to spot hippos,

crocodiles, elephants among other wildlife animals and thousands of plant species.


10.  Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park Safari Package (Tanzania)

Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park Safari Package closes the list of Top 10 Safari Tour

Packages-our best pick. Both parks are located in Tanzania. Selous National Park possesses one of the

greatest wildlife volumes in East Africa. The black rhinos, an endangered species, also inhabit the park.

Perk up your safari by heading to Ruaha National Park, which is more intimate because it gets fewer

visitors and offers impeccable game drives and high wildlife spotting chances.

This list of Top 10 Safari Tour Packages-our best pick, offers packages that are

unique yet exciting, with

priority given to coming up with a combination that gives you a mind-blowing experience.

Get more details on how to book a Top 10 safari tour package in africa from Robert on

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10 Best Family Safari Lodges in Kenya & Tanzania East Africa


The 10 Best Family Safari Lodges in Kenya & Tanzania East Africa

Top 10 Family Safari Lodges in Kenya & Tanzania East Africa

Planning a luxury family safari is a once-in-a life-time experience for many families.

There are many stunning and breathtaking natural landscapes to explore and a vast

array of rare and elusive wildlife to catch sight of. Safari is truly an unforgettable adventure.

To make the safari experience even better for you and your family, a good family safari

lodge is key.


Kenya and Tanzania have numerous family safari lodges to choose from.

They offer outstanding services, top-of-the range African hospitality, well-manicured

facilities, and different family packages to choose from and surrounded by breathtaking natural

landscapes and wildlife. Below are the 10 Best Family Safari Lodges in Kenya and Tanzania.


1. Angama Mara, Kenya

Angama Mara is a safari lodge in Masai Mara, Kenya. It is strategically positioned on an

escarpment overlooking the Mara triangle. Angama Mara derives its name from the

Swahili phrase ‘Anga’ meaning the sky. It truly describes the lodge, given its superlative position.


Angama Mara comprises two separate camps of 15 tents each, a restaurant and a common

family lounge area. Each camp has its own guest area, kitchen and staff. The suites in the

south camp have better panoramic views, although a steeper drop-off in the north camp

can make this feel quite dramatic.


The three walls on the roof of the suite are canvas;

they feel more like modern open-plan apartments than safari tents. The most striking

feature of Angama Mara is the splendid terrace and baraza, meaning meeting place.

There is also a telescope at Angama Mara so that guests can sight wildlife in the Mara

triangle. All these attributes make it the best family safari lodge in Kenya and Tanzania.


2. Sasaab Samburu, Kenya

Second on the list of the 10 Best Family Safari Lodges in Kenya and Tanzania is a

stunning luxury tented camp in the heart of Samburu, Kenya. Sasaab is in the wilderness,

perched on the edge of a river valley. The aesthetics of the family lodge are inspired

by Moroccan design.


Each of the nine-sided rooms is over 100 square meters, with

private plunge pools and breathtaking views across the Laikipia plateau towards

the jagged peaks of Mount Kenya. Its position above the river naturally facilitates

watching the herds of elephants and other wildlife who come to quench their thirst

as well as take a bath.


3. andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Coming in third is a luxury boutique safari lodge located on the western rim of the

spectacular Ngongoro Crater. andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is an opulent

property designed for travelers, particularly families seeking five-star accommodation

and world-class service.


No family safari lodge in Tanzania stands a chance to compete with the comfort

levels and sophisticated service offered by this family safari lodge. andBeyond

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is split into three sections: North 12 Suites, South 12 Suites

and Tree Camp 6 Suites, each of which has its own lounge, dining room, kitchen, bar

and Terrace. The main purpose of staying in andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

is to explore the Crater itself, which is usually on shared four-wheel-drive vehicles.


This is a great family activity. andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge reputation speaks

for itself. It is the best family lodge in Tanzania, thus being featured on our list of the

10 Best Family Safari Lodges in Kenya and Tanzania.


4. Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Tanzania

Singita Sasakwa Lodge in Tanzania oozes an elegant century-style house manner steeped

in the grandeur of bygone age located on the unlined slopes of Sasakwa Hill Reserve.

It enjoys sweeping views over the endless plains of the Serengeti to the Blue Hills on

the distant horizon.


The Serengeti is the scene of nature’s greatest spectacles and is home

to in excess of a million wildebeests. There are 10 private cottages at the Singita Sasakwa

lodge in 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, each with its own infinity plunge pool overlooking the

plain, which are perfect for small and large families.


5. andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp, Kenya

Well, not as spectacular as its sister lodge in Tanzania, andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented

Camp in Kenya takes fifth place on the 10 Best Family Safari Lodges in Kenya and Tanzania.


The tented camp has 40 luxury tents, 12 of which are classic tents, 20 superior tents and 8

superior view tents. andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp, a small private concession

that borders the Masai Mara triangle.


6. Azura Selous, Tanzania

The Selous Wildlife Reserve is Africa’s oldest and largest game reserve, as well as one of the

continent’s last significant wilderness areas. This is well known for having more wild dogs,

elephants, lions, hippopotamus and buffalos than any other wildlife reserve in the world.


Azura Selous is situated on the banks of the Great Raha River, allowing you to see wildlife

from your bed, terrace, and private outdoor shower. The resorts possess 12 enormously

vented villas with private plunge pools, which are ideal for large families.


7. Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

Located between Tsavo East and Amboseli National Park, Ol donyo Lodge is owned by a

community of 4000 Maasai. With a wide variety of luxury accommodations options and

activities, including twice-daily game drives, horseback safaris, star bed experiences,

conservation and community outreach programmes, Ol donyo Lodge provides an

immersive experience on luxury Kenya safari for families.


8. Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Tanzania

In eight position, we have Singita Sabora Tented Camp in Tanzania. It was established

on a 350,000-acre Grumeti Reserve wilderness area just adjacent to Serengeti National

Park. It is authentic and luxurious without being excessive; thanks to its new look which

was unveiled in 2021.


This gives the tented camps a modern fee. On it are nine ensuite-tented

camps designed for families. Each tent is currently styled in an earthly palette that

complements its bushland setting with a touch of classic finishing’s and furniture.

It is an epitome of beauty and biodiversity at their best.


9. Sanctuary Olanana, Kenya

Second last, we have Sanctuary Olanana, which borders the world-renowned Masai Mara

National Park in Kenya. Sanctuary Olanana offers spectacular waterfall views of the Mara

River and Masai Mara at large.


Its strategic position makes it easy to spot wildlife from

the comfort of the lodge. It is indeed a top family safari lodge.


10. Mahali Mazuri, Kenya

Last but not least, we have Mahali Mazuri in Kenya. Mahali Mazuri is a Kiswahili phrase

meaning ‘a good place’, which perfectly describes this family lodge. Mahali Mzuri, Kenya,

lies on a 33,000-acre land of Olare Motorogi Conservancy.


Mahali Mzuri is a hidden gem

that was in 2021 awarded as the world’s best hotel for leisure and travel. The bush camp

provides a front-row seat to the great migration, in which approximately 2 million animals,

including wilder beasts, zebras and gazelles, migrate annually between Masai Mara and Tanzania Serengeti.


 Find out more or Book a safari with Robert via whatsapp on +254 722 661 827 or email us at 


The 10 Best National Parks in Kenya that are a must See

The 10 Best National Parks in Kenya that are A must see

The very best of Kenya national parks and game parks are spread Kenya is blessed with some of the best national parks ideal for 1 or 2- week family safari. If you love watching wildlife in the wilderness and love to see scenic areas with majestic plains, mountains, rivers and lake, then these 10 parks in Kenya are your best for a family holiday safari.

1. Masai Mara

One of the greatest places to watch amazing numbers of wildlife in Africa is undoubtedly the Masai mara national reserve. This park boasts the widest open grasslands with the highest abundance of game. The mara is estimated to be home to over 5 million animals.

In what looks like unending undulating plains filled with thousands of animals, the Masai mara hosts the highest numbers of big cat predators. This 1510 square kilometers national park is located south west of Nairobi city along the border with Tanzania.

Masai mara is also home to more than 500 species of birds. The annual wildebeest migration that happens every July to November brings along 1.5 million wildebeests, zebras and antelopes. This great wildebeest migration climaxes at the mara river crossing when thousand cross the swollen river full of crocodiles.

This park remains to be the most visited national park in Kenya due to its large numbers of animals, scenic sites and the Masai people.

Best Time to Go: July – October

Top Attractions: Mara River crossing, The undulating Pains, The big Five, The ugly Five, Wildebeest Migration

Best Experiences: Hot air Balloon ride, game driving, migration tracking, Luxury Camping, Relaxing Sunsets

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Governors camp, mara Serena lodge, Sarova mara, mara Sopa lodge,

How to Get There: You can take scheduled flight from Wilson airport Nairobi and land at airstrip near your lodge. A 4×4 jeep drive from Nairobi takes 5-6 hours.

2. Amboseli National Park

Known for its largest herds of wild African elephants, the Amboseli national park is located some 238km south east of Nairobi city. This park is one of the top national parks in Kenya for a family vacation. With an area of only 392 sq km, Amboseli national park is among the smaller parks in the country.

Its location below Africa’s highest mountain, the Mt Kilimanjaro, Amboseli also benefits from some of the most iconic backgrounds from wildlife photography. There are also more than 1700 elephants which can be seen all over the park.

Amboseli national park is one of the best game parks in Kenya due to its best views of Mt Kilimanjaro and the wildlife that include hippos, elephants, lions, buffalos, giraffes, gazelles, wildebeest, hyenas, impalas, cheetahs, leopards and many more.

For visitors in Nairobi who have a day to spare or a long layover at Nairobi international JKIA airport, Amboseli is a great choice for a day trip from Nairobi. The park also has some of the most scenic swamps that are fed from millions of gallons of meted ice waters from the Kilimanjaro.

Best Time to Go: July to October and December to March

Top Attractions: View of Mt Kilimanjaro, 1700 Herds of elephants, Big Four, Hippos, Masai Villages,

Best Experiences: Game drives, Dawn and sunset views of Kilimanjaro peak, Camping, Masai Dances

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Amboseli Serena lodge, Amboseli Sopa, Ol Tukai Lodge

How to Get There: Take a 45 minute flight from Wilson airport to the amboseli airstrip, A drive in a 4×4 jeep takes 3 and a half hours via Mombasa road.

3. Tsavo National Park


Due to its proximity to the Kenyan coast, Tsavo receives the highest number of tourists per year. Most of Kenya’s tourism happens at the coast and these volumes trickle down into Tsavo east national parks. Visitors at the coast will usually do a day trip, 2 days or a 3-day safari to the Tsavo. This park is divided into Tsavo west and Tsavo east national parks for administrative purposes.

Tsavo east national park is 13,747 sq km in size and is the largest park. The biggest attractions in Tsavo east are the Mudanda rock, the Galana river and the red-coloured elephants. Their colour comes from the red soil of this park with which they cover themselves

Tsavo West has a land area of 9,065 sq km is most popular for the crystal-clear water ponds that are home to crocodiles and hippos. The park also has a lava flow and caves and some of the most scenic forested areas. In terms of vegetation, tsavo west is denser than Tsavo east which is abit drier in vegetation.

Best Time to Go: June to October and January to March

Top Attractions: Mudanda rock, Galana River, Red elephants, Aruba waterhole, Big Five, Mzima Springs, Shetani lava Flows, Ngulia mountains, Ngulia rhino sanctuary, 

Best Experiences: Long game drives, Luxury camping, underwater glass observation chamber

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Kilaguni Serena lodge, voi wildlife lodge, voi safari lodge, Ashnil Aruba

How to Get There: Take a chartered 1 hr flight from Wilson airport Nairobi and land on tsavo east or tsavo west airstrips. A 4×4 landcruiser tour van takes you 5 hours to get there.

4. Mt Kenya National Park


Host to Africa’s second highest mountain, Mt Kenya national park is among the top 10 national parks in Kenya. This park is located some 175km North of Nairobi city in the lush green kikuyu people highlands. It is centrally located in the middle of Kenya and is frequented by visitors visiting the Kenyan North from Masai mara or Nakuru.

The mountain stands at 5199meteres above sea level and is only second from Kilimanjaro at 5895m asl. Mount Kenya national park is the most visited park for mountain climbing in Kenya since it’s the highest in the country. It offers technical and leisure climbing routes with each of varying difficulty levels.

The hike to the Batian summit can be done from Sirimon, Chogoria and Naro Moru hiking routes. Naro Moru is the most challenging and Chogoria route is the most scenic. A full hiking trip to mt Kenya takes 6-7 days inclusive of an acclimatization day before the hike.

The park is also a popular day trip destination for hiking excursions from Nairobi city.

Best Time to Go: January to March and June to October

Top Attractions: Views of Peak Nelion, Lenana and Batian, Rain forest, Elephants, leopards, hogs, waterbucks, rhinos, alpine savannah, rock and ice.

Best Experiences: Hiking to peak Batian, fresh mountain air, majestic views, camping on the mountain, game viewing and bird watching.

Accommodations to Stay at & Eat: Fairmont Mt Kenya safari club, Meru Bandas, Mt Kenya Lodge, Serena Mountain Lodge, Old Moses mountain hut, Met Station Cabins, 

How to Get There: You can connect by flight from Wilson airport to Nanyuki airstrip and then drive to the park. A 3hour drive from Nairobi is also more scenic.

5. Samburu National Reserve


An absolute marvel of a park with its contrasting landscapes and unique species of wildlife from those found in the south. Samburu national reserve holds the mantle for the most dramatic park in terms of variety of landscapes. The park has blue mountain ranges and yellow and white dry sandy ground with scattered acacia shrubs.

The river Ewaso Ngiro provides a welcome relief of the dry vegetation with its green riverine trees and bushes that snakes around the middle of the dry valleys. This river cuts deep and artistic rock formations as it flows south east into Shaba national park.

Wildlife here can be found at midday as they come to take their daily drink of the water. Crocodiles are always hiding in crevices on the river bank ready to pound on inattentive antelopes.

Samburu is however known for its unique wildlife referred to as the unique five. These include the Bigger and round eared Grevy zebra, the Blue necked Somali ostrich, the beautifully coated reticulated giraffe, the long-necked gerenuk antelope, the Beisa Oryx with its long horns.

Samburu has some of the absolutely beautiful luxury tented camps along the Ewaso Ngiro river where elephants occasionally come to say hi.

Best Time to Go: July – October

Top Attractions: Special five wildlife (Beisa oryx, Somali Ostrich, Gerenuk, Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy Zebra), Scenic contrasting landscapes, ewaso ngiro river, Samburu culture, river game drives,

Best Experiences: Game drives by river ewaso, Camping and lodge relaxation, walking safaris, birding tour, river beach breakfasts and dinners, Samburu village visits.

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Serena Samburu, Sarova Shaba, Samburu lodge, Samburu Sopa, Ashnil samburu, 

How to Get There: Fly into samburu  airstrip from Nairobi Wilson airport, a flight of 1hr 8 minutes. You can also drive the 221km from Nairobi to samburu by 4×4 jeep for 6 hours.

6. Lake Nakuru National Park


Located on the floor of the great rift valley, lake Nakuru national park is among the 10 best game parks in Kenya. This 177 sq km wildlife park is located on the floor of the great rift valley and is home to a large lake that takes two thirds of the area.

This park is home to over 400 species of birds among them the flagship flamingo which number in excess of 2 million individuals. The flamingos are so many that they form a wide pink ribbon around the shores of the lake where they feed on algae.

This park’s close proximity to Nairobi city at only 160km (2.5hrs) makes it very attractive and one of the most visited national parks in Kenya. The lake forms a great game drive circuit where you will see the hippos, rhinos, giraffes, leopards, lions, buffalos, stripped hyenas, klipspringers (type of rock dwelling antelope) and many more.

Nakuru has the best sightings for the white and black rhinos and leopards that love to walk along the game drive tracks. You may drive side by side with the leopards or find it perched in an acacia tree just next to the game drive track.

Lions of lake Nakuru are known for climbing trees for God knows what reason.

Best Time to Go: June to March

Top Attractions: Lake Nakuru, Big four animals, Baboon cliff, Makalia falls, Millions of flamingos, over 500 species of birds, great lodges and camps,

Best Experiences: Game drives, exciting views of the lake and bird life, panoramic views from baboon cliff, 

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Sarova lion hill, nakuru Sopa lodge, lake nakuru lodge, The cliff

How to Get There: You can take a flight from Wilson airport to the parks airstrip. Alternatively drive the 2 and a half hours by road.

7. Nairobi National Park


One of the most convenient parks in Kenya is the Nairobi national park. Located only 7km from the Nairobi city CBD, the park is only 10 minutes away from most hotels in the city. This 117sqkm park is the only national park located inside the boundaries of a capital city in the world.

Nairobi Park makes Nairobi to be known as the wildlife capital of the world. This park shares space with the city’s buildings that occasionally you have lions roaming the major outbound highways. A local university next to the park is famous for its nightly alarms of a prowling lion or leopard at night.

Besides the elephants, Nairobi national park has most of the big five animals. The elephants are however such destructive feeders that they cannot be sustained in this park. However, the park is home to lions, rhinos, buffalos, giraffes, hippos, crocodiles, impalas, elands, wildebeests, hartebeests, leopards, cheetahs, gazelles, jackals, zebras, hyenas, baboons and many others.

One of the greatest shots is a giraffe or a rhino in the foreground and the city’s skyscrapers forming your background. It’s the only park in the world that you can strike a shot that is a mix of nature in its rawest form and modernity.

The biggest advantage of Nairobi national park however is its ability to provide you with an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the silence and peace of nature only 10 minutes away.

Best Time to Go: July to October

Top Attractions: Ivory burning monument, hyena dam, view point, Mokoiyet valley, Mbagathi river trail, Athi dam, big four animals, 

Best Experiences: 4 hour game drive in the morning or evening, Bird watching, walking trail by the river

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Most hotels in Nairobi city, Ololo, masai lodge, Nairobi tented camp

How to Get There: Drive for 10 minutes from most of the hotels in Nairobi city. Park is only 7km from Nairobi CBD.

8. Aberdare National Park


For the nature walk lovers, this park is your best bet for hiking and camping. The Aberdare national park is the space around a range of mountains that stretch through 4 counties. The Aberdare range park is famous for its scenic alcoves, alpine streams and deep rain forest with cool breeze and wet weather.

Measuring 767sqkm in area, the Aberdare is composed of dense rain forest from the gates up to the bamboo forest level. This gives way to the alpine moorland or alpine savannah. This is where most of the streams emanate from before joining up to become larger rivers by the time they exit the park.

The most common activity in Aberdare include hiking, camping, trout fishing and game viewing. Due to the forested nature of the park viewing of wildlife is best done from lodge terraces. Most lodges here have water holes where animals come to drink water and guests can watch them from observation decks and terraces.

The ark lodge for example has an underground tunnel that goes closer to the watering hole where you can watch the animals from close up and at the ground level as they drink water. The lodge also offers a night wakeup call and alert service that wakes you whenever rare animals comes to drink water for example a leopard or rhino.

So if you are in the mood for a weekend getaway for hiking and nature sightseeing, Aberdare is only two and a half hours away.

Best Time to Go: June to September

Top Attractions: Karuru water falls, moorland rivers, Chania waterfall, Gura waterfall, rain forest, wildlife including leopards, rhinos, buffalos, giant hogs, Ol donyo Le Satima peak,

Best Experiences: Hiking the rain forest or the moorlands, bird watching, fly fishing rainbow trout, Game watching at water holes,

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: The ark, aberdare fishing lodge, treetops lodge (now closed), Aberdare country club.

How to Get There: Take a 1 hour flight from Wilson airport to the airstrip and then transfer to lodge. You can also drive from Nairobi in a 4×4 Landcruiser safari van for 3hours.

9. Hells Gate National Park


Renowned for its great hiking trails and biking among wildlife, Hellsgate is one of the favorite destinations for a weekend getaway. This 68sqkm park is only 101km from Nairobi city and sits right at the base of the Great Rift Valley.

The biggest attraction in Hells gate national park are the volcanic activities including hot geysers, hot springs and deep gorges. Although the gorges have been closed for a while now, they were the most scenic and awe-inspiring gulley’s that you could walk through. The devils kitchen was the highlight of these hikes deep into the bowels of the earth.

Angelina Jolie shot the tomb raiders- cradle of man-kind at these gorges while the lion king movie got its landscape inspiration from the cliffs and savannahs of the park.

Recently they have built the biggest spa pool in Africa in this park. The spa pool is fed with warm water from underground springs, which is therapeutic to swim in.

Best Time to Go: June to March

Top Attractions: Deep gorges, devils bedroom, red cliffs, hot springs, wildlife, bird watching, Mvuke geothermal spa pool,

Best Experiences: Hiking and wildlife, biking, swimming in therapeutic waters, 

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Naivasha Sopa lodge, Naivasha country club, Sawela lodge, Enashipai lodge, kongoni lodge, crayfish camp, Fisherman’s camp,

How to Get There: 20 minutes Flight from Nairobi r drive the 2 hours on naivasha road.

10. Mt Longonot National Park


If you are into hiking steep slopes, then Mt Longonot is along your alley. Longonot National Park is located only 74km from Nairobi city. The park is famous for its challenging but short hiking trails and the most scenic crater views from the rim.

The full hike up to the rim, around the crater rim and back to gate is 9 km and takes 4-6 hours. Maximum elevation is 2780m above sea level and maximum elevation gain is 996m.

The view into Mt Longonot is so spectacular its worth all the effort to climb on all your fours to get there. The climb is steep in places but it’s generally a very doable hike. Most primary school kids have climbed the Mt Longonot so it’s of minimal difficulty.

Best Time to Go: July to February

Top Attractions: Mt longonot crater, hiking trail, buffalos and zebras on the trail, majestic views of the surrounding from the rim of the crater

Best Experiences: Hiking the 2776m mountain, Viewing the crater from the rim

Accommodations to Stay & Eat: Accommodations lodges in Naivasha or Nairobi city.

How to Get There: Drive the 1hr 30 minutes to the great rift valley floor where the mountain is located.

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Top 10 Game Parks in Africa that are a Must Go To

These are the Top 10 game parks in Africa to visit in your next safari. Some of the best in scenic appeal, big five animals and majestic views with hundreds of bird species. Engage in walking safaris, birding tours, Hiking, gorilla tracking, mobile camping and sight seeing in some of Africa’s top national parks

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