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Nairobi National Park Day

The Nairobi half day trip is a ½ day excursion to the Nairobi national park to wildlife just afew minutes from any one of Nairobi hotels. Nairobi park day tour includes a 4 hour game drive, transport in a safari minivan, pick up and drop off at the JKIA NBO airport and drinking water.

Here are the 6 Nairobi national park half day trip prices as per category of group sizes.

Group Size Nairobi Half Day Trip Cost Of Day Trip Per Person
1 Person private ½ day trip $ 90
2-3 persons private ½ day trip $ 70
4-6 persons private ½ day trip $ 60
Above 6 persons private ½day trip $ 70
Children below 18 yrs 75% of Adult rate
Infants below 3 yrs Free of charge

** Prices excludes park entrance fees of usd 43pp

Nairobi National Park Half Day Trip Itinerary

0600hrs: Your Nairobi national park half day trip departs with a pick up from your hotel. You can opt for an earlier pick up if you want to see the sunrise at the park at dawn.

0630hrs: Finalize with the gate formalities and enter the park. This is the best time to see the Nairobi park animals as they rise up for feed. Make a dash to the Impala view point to see the sunrise at 0630hrs. It’s amazing to watch the sun rise in the background with the savannah in your foreground.

Down below, you will see tens of grazers including zebras, buffalos, wildebeests, impalas and gazelles. The Nairobi skyline with its tall skyscrapers forms your horizon to the north. It’s just surreal to be in Nairobi national park for your half day game drive this early.

0645hrs: Drive to the Ivory burning monument. Here you will marvel at the ash from the previous ivory burning events that have happened over the years. There are some informative boards explaining why the ivory is burned and the goal. Sometimes, you will find a few buffalos and even lions around this site. Caution is advised when approaching this area as it’s a visited by all kinds of animals.

0800hrs: Your driver will drive you to the hyena dam as you watch wildlife. View the hundreds of birds in the dam as they florick including the giant heron, grey heron, spoon bills, Hadada ibis, sacred ibis, spurwings, African fish eagle, kingfishers, and Marabou storks among others.

You will also see hippos inside the water while others may be basking on the banks. They will be making their loud noises and yawning while they bop their heads in and out of the water. You may also see an occasional crocodile in this waters.

You will also get a chance to see a lazy lion pride resting under a tree or a lone female stalking impalas along the road. Sometimes they will use the cover of your game drive vehicle to approach their prey before pouncing.

If luck is on your side, you may stumble on a lone cheetah male on a fresh kill and take some amazing close up photos. Around the bend, you will come face to face with a herd of 50 buffalos and they all stop to feed and stare you down. All 100 sets of eyes on you without twitching a muscle. The calves are put inside the circular formation, followed by the females and at the perimeter, the large bulls look outwards for trouble.

A lone old giraffe male straddles the road and won’t give an inch. The stubborn giraffe will force you to drive around him as he stands smack in the middle of the game drive track. But atleast you get to take some of the closest-up pictures with the giraffe standing 4 feet away from your vehicle pop up roof hatch.

0900hrs: At nine, go for a visit to the Mbagathi River for a small walking safari. The Nairobi walking trip along the river winds around the river bank in thick brush and acacia forest. Here, you have to get an armed escort or 2 to make sure you are safe. This is an area frequented by lions, giraffes and buffalos.

At the Nairobi river hiking trail, you will see many terrapins in the water and also crocodiles and sometimes hippos in the water. There is a small Masai market for the local people across the footbridge where you can buy some artifacts.

1030hrs: Start your departure from Nairobi Park with an enroute game drive. Drive to the kingfisher picnic site and the Mokoyiet picnic site for some of the most scenic views and for a bathroom break.

Watch the other grazers and baboons on the plains as they go about their business. There are over 500 species of birds here and your guide will point them out for you.

Exit the gate and visit the Sheldrick elephant orphanage of its part of your morning tour.

End of services


  • Transport in a safari minivan with pop up roof top
  • Pick up and drop off at the JKIA airport
  • Services of an English speaking driver guide
  • Drinking water
  • Comprehensive 4hr game drive


  • Park entrance fees
  • Tips

You can book your Nairobi half day trip now from Robert on whatsapp or call +254 722 661 827 or email Directly. We take on last minute bookings as well and will pick you from your hotel, home, school or hostel.

Nairobi Day Trip – Nairobi National Park Half Day Trip Layover | 6 Things to do in Nairobi Park – Sojourn Safaris Ltd

Nairobi National Park Half Day Trip

The Nairobi national park half day trip: A half-day trip in Nairobi national park is a great way to spend your morning or afternoon watching wildlife. If you fancy nature, it’s only 10 minutes away from your hotel in Nairobi CBD. You can take the Nairobi park half day tour as private, shared, student group tour, bird watching tour, walking safari, photo tour etc. So convenient is Nairobi national park that you can have a morning game drive and get back to your hotel for an afternoon meeting. Do you have to go to the Nairobi national park gate for a game drive vehicle? No. You can get a pick up from hotel, home, university, hospital or hostel within Nairobi.

Here are the 6 Nairobi national park half day trip prices as per category of group sizes.

Group Size Nairobi Half Day Trip Cost Of Day Trip Per Person
1 Person private ½ day trip $ 90
2-3 persons private ½ day trip $ 70
4-6 persons private ½ day trip $ 60
Above 6 persons private ½day trip $ 70
Children below 18 yrs 75% of Adult rate
Infants below 3 yrs Free of charge

** Prices excludes park entrance fees of usd 43pp

To go for a Nairobi national park half-day trip, you will enjoy the various attractions including:

  1. Enjoy the sunrise from Nairobi national park view point
  2. Visit the ivory burning monument on you Nairobi park day trip
  3. Watch the Wildlife of Nairobi park in a morning or evening trip
  4. See the hippos at the river and the Nairobi park dams
  5. Go on a walking trail near the Mbagathi river in the park
  6. Visit the Mokoyiet view point ending your Nairobi national park trip

It’s the only park that gives you a chance to watch and take shots of the game with the city skyline forming your background. The park is only 7km from the center of Nairobi capital and it’s the only park to be located inside a capital city in the entire world.  You can request for a budget, cheap, guided or private Nairobi national park half day tour in the morning or evenings. You can also do the Nairobi half day park safari in a safari minivan or a 4×4 Landcruiser.

1.  Enjoy the Sunrise from Nairobi National Park View Point

Impala hill observation point is one of the first place to visit on your morning game drive. If you want to see the best sunrise in Africa, you will need to go to the impala hill right near the gate. This observation point is one of the best places to see the sunrays as it rises from the eastern plains of the park.

The sunrise is between 6:10am to 6:30am and you can actually see it rise up within 2 minutes. It’s an amazing way to start your day here as you gaze at the sun in the chilly morning air. Crispy freshness and calm surrounds you on this hill as you look down to the sun and the animals below.

Morning Nairobi national park half day trip is usually the best way to start your day in the wilderness if you have 1- day to spare in between your meetings in the city.

2.  Visit the Ivory Burning Monument on You Nairobi Park Day Trip

Kenya has always stood stoically against the trade in ivory. To show our commitment to the ban in elephant tusks, our governments have occasionally burnt stock piles of ivory recovered from poachers and traffickers. So far 3 such events have taken place and the place that hosts the burning of the ivory is called the ivory burning monument. Here you can see the ash remains of the past burns with some info graphics posted on sign posts.

You are allowed to walk around the monument and enjoy the views from here as you learn about Kenyans struggle to fight poaching and the illegal trade in ivory. It’s not surprising that Kenya is a big proponent of the ban on ivory trade during each of the (Conference of Parties) COP global meetings by IUCN to discuss indexing of endangered species.

Don’t take the ivory ash away as its illegal to carry any part of the parks ecosystem. Take a few pictures and especially the information posters for later reference when writing your travelogues.

3.  Watch the Wildlife of Nairobi Park in a Morning or Evening Trip

Drive along the savannah grasslands and soon enough you will start to see lots of animals especially the grazers. What animals can you see in Nairobi national park half day trip? The park is full of grazers including zebras, buffalos, giraffes, rhinos, impalas, gazelles, elands, hartebeests, wildebeests and many more. These are plentiful especially around the Athi Basin where the grass is plentiful and there is a large dam for the animals.

A stubborn male giraffe will stand right in the middle of the game track allowing you little space for your game drive vehicle to pass. A great chance to take close up photos of this gentle giant. A pair of white rhinos lazily grazing 3 feet away with no care in the world.

You might be in luck and see a lion pride with a kill. Usually, the circling vultures up in the air are a good indicator of a kill. You can sit for an hour just watching the lions feed or socialize with each other just afew feet from your vehicle. There are about 35 lions in 5 prides in this park.

A lioness on the prowl for prey walks along the game drive track alongside your vehicle for 30 meters, while a satiated cheetah lies next to her kill. Obviously too full to continue eating it all by herself. Over at the dam, you see a juvenile crocodile stalking some Egyptian geese while a pair of lazy hippos lie on a small island on the lake. It’s all happening in Nairobi national park. If you are unlucky enough a naughty baboon will make off with your bagels or the coffee cup at the Mokoyiet picnic site. It’s all happening in your Nairobi national park half day game drive, you blink your eye and miss a moment.

4.  See the Hippos at the River and the Nairobi Park Dams

As you drive on the savannah plains of Nairobi national park, there are loads of hippos in the water. Some of these man made dams have tens of hippos which can easily be seen as they stand on the water. The hippos come out to feed on grass at night and can travel many kilometers from the dam. They will yawn at you and stare with menacing eyes.

In Africa, hippos remain the number 1 animal that causes the most fatalities among people. This is mostly due to the fact that humans use the same rivers and dams to watch clothes and fetch water for their uses. It’s therefore very common to run into aggressive bulls or mother hippos with their calves, who are exceedingly dangerous to humans.

In some evening game drives, you will actually see the hippos coming out of the water and start to graze around the dam or just block your path as you are trying to exit. Hippos can also be found on river Mbagathi which forms the southern boundary of the park.

4.  Go on a Walking Trail near The Mbagathi River in the Park

Nothing beats a walk along the Mbagathi River as you end your group game drive in a Nairobi national park half day safari. There is a short walking trail along this river inside Nairobi national park. Here you can see wildebeests, giraffes, lions, and buffalos among the brush.

In the Mbagathi River, there are crocodiles and hippos and some terrapins. The river is full of fish and the crocodiles here live on them. It is such a refreshing walk but you have to have some armed guides to show you around and provide security in case of dangerous animals.

The river hiking trail in Nairobi Park is made even better as you will be walking below the canopy of the acacia trees lining the sides of the Mbagathi River. This makes great shade and escape from the now scorching sun. There is a community bridge at some point where you can cross and buy some souvenirs from local Masai women staying across the park.

5.  Visit the Mokoyiet View Point Ending Your Nairobi National Park Trip

Viewpoints are the highlights of your Nairobi national park ½ day trip. One of the most dramatic view point is the Mokoyiet picnic site view point. You will drive on a graded section of the road leading to the Mokoyiet picnic site. Look over the metal fence into the ravine below to see the river Mbagathi lined with evergreen acacia trees. It is one of the most scenic site that you yearn to go down there by the trees shade.

Just a few feet below your legs are families of rock hyraxes. A small rodent like animal that lives on rocks and is never shy to approach you for food. It’s amazing to watch them dash in and out of the rock crevices which they call home. Occasionally, you will see them make a hazard call and in a second they are all out of sight. It is then that you see the wide wings of a martial eagle above your heads as it sweeps around for prey. The rock hyrax is one of their delicacies and they make hundreds of runs near these cliff to try their luck for a piece of tender meat. On this occasion, the security sentry man of the hyraxes was all eyes and ears and say the eagle from miles away.

Watch out for the crazy baboons here too which are fond of snatching food and sometimes mugging you of your snacks if you resist. Naughty baboons can even tell the difference between a male from a female human. They are more aggressive towards the women as they demand food. But the driver guides are always armed with a red shawl and a whip which they have a mortal fear for. The whips are mostly used to scare them off and never will they be used to hurt the animals.

You can book your Nairobi national park half day trip now from Robert on whatsapp or call +254 722 661 827 or email Directly. We take on last minute bookings as well and will pick you from your hotel, home, school or hostel.

Three Day Safaris- Masai Mara 3 Day Safari | Top 8 Things to Do In a Three Days Budget Safari in Masai Mara Game Reserve –Sojourn Safaris Ltd

Masai Mara 3 Day Safari

The Mara 3 day Safari to Maasai game reserve is a Three-day game drive safari to see big five animals.

The Masai Mara 3 days budget trip includes a full day game drive on day 2, 2 nights’ accommodation, park entry fees, transport in shared van, services of a driver guide, optional Masai village visit and all meals as per itinerary.

The Masai Mara 3 day’s budget safari includes some 3 main attractions among others. Below are things to do in your three day safari to Masai Mara game reserve.

  • Big five Game Drives in Masai Mara Game Reserve on day 1, 2 and 3
  • Stay in a tented camp for 3 days in Mara budget safari
  • Visit a Maasai village next to the Masai Mara Game Reserve on day 2
  • See the Masai Mara wildebeest Migration in a 3-day tracking safari
  • Fly over the Maasai Mara reserve in a hot air balloon safari on day 2 morning
  • Enjoy a 1-day Walking safari in private conservancies around the Mara
  • Go on bird watching game drives in Masai Mara plains
  • Witness the Mara River crossing by the wildebeest in a 3 day trip

1.  Big Five Game Drives in Masai Mara Game Reserve On Day 1, 2 And 3

Driving to the Masai Mara is exciting as you get to drive through the Great Rift Valley floor. The Mara is like no other place in the world with its flat plains stretching for miles on either side. In some areas, there is only a solitary tree in a sea of grasslands that are teaming with plains game. The Sekenani gate ushers you into unending expanses of green or gold grass fields depending on the seasons.

Right at the gate, you will start to see tens of herbivores including zebras, gazelles, topis, hartebeests, wildebeests, impalas and many others. A little further on, the predators begin to reveal themselves hidden under shrubs or just frolicking under the tall grass. A bold cheetah mother and her adolescent cubs will climb on your vehicles bonnet or roof to get a better view of the prey further afield. To them, you are just a convenience and nothing more.

Mara is known for its abundance of the big five animals including lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards and elephants. These are the big five animals that the Mara guarantees you will see before your 3 days are over. Watch the lion pride of 25 members sprawled on a rocky patch or on the grass in between prey kills. Occasionally, one or two of them will stand up and try to launch a hunt but give it up as soon as they start. In between the false starts is a real lion hunt. Lions are very organized hunters and they do this by encircling their prey from all fronts. A lone lioness then proceeds to openly chase the prey towards the waiting ambush until they get a kill.

Leopards in the Masai Mara 3 day safari are relatively easier to see as compared to other places. This is not to mean you won’t put in much effort to find it. As the driver navigates closer to the riverine bushes, a monkey cries out or the go-away bird chatters incessantly. That is your cue that a leopard might be on the move close by. A few meters further on will expose a leopard on the prowl along the river bank or just lazily snuggled on an acacia tree branch after a busy night hunting.

Elephants are everywhere and make their presence known with large herds moving across the plains of Mara. Masai Mara game drives are much fun since it’s easy to see most animals from far distances and drive up to them. The Mara game reserve is a 1500 sqkm area of unending plains, teaming with millions of wildlife. The flat plains for miles and the fact that there are fewer trees to obstruct your view makes the Maasai Mara national park an amazing natural theatre for wildlife viewing.

You move to the next ridge and meet with a thousand eyeballs from a herd of buffalos grazing 5 feet from the game drive track. They all stop their feeding and raise their heads to stare at you for a full 5 minutes, unsure if you are friend or foe. It’s unnerving to have all those eyes on you, even from the safety of your game drive vehicle. That’s a group stare from 50 to 100 individuals made of a tonne of brawn and horns each. You decide it’s safer to move on to the next less intimidating animals down the plains.

You are lucky if you see the flirting image of a black rhino. These creatures are so shy that you play a game of hide and seek with them all day in the Masai Mara. It doesn’t help that they also love to stay in the more wooded edges of the park. The white rhino however is more comfortable around vehicles and you can see a family grazing 3 feet from the road without a care in the world. At this point make sure your driver guide tells you the difference between a white and black rhino. It’s not their colours as it suggests!

It is only in the Masai Mara 3 day safari that you are guaranteed to see all the big five animals in a single day. Three days is actually an overkill and just to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the animals. Day 2 is actually your full-day game drive in Mara game reserve. But if you think the Masai Mara attractions are done with you, you got another thing coming!

2.     Stay in A Budget Tented Camp for 3 Days in Mara Trip

If you are like most people that want to enjoy the Masai Mara three day joining safari without breaking the bank, then you need to stay in budget or mid-range tented camp. The Mara has tens of budget tented camps mostly located just next to the park boundary. There is no fence around the Mara and the animals are able to move in and out of the park. Don’t be surprised to see an elephant herd strolling inside your camp in broad day light or hear a hippo mowing the lawn at night.

Budget tours usually use the budget tented camps for accommodation. These, no frills basic but comfortable tents come with a comfy bed, a private bathroom, a hot water shower and some safari furniture. They are very clean and well-kept with mosquito nets around your bed. You can occupy the tent as a single, double or twin room depending on how many are in your group.

The experience in a budget tented camp is sublime with evening bonfire stories and buffet meals. You are able to relax by the tent verandah in between your game drives and engage with the local Masai people employed at the camp. Since most Mara budget tours are shared, you will have a chance to meet people from all over the world here and share stories and exploits.

3.     Visit a Maasai village next to the Masai Mara Game Reserve on day 2

The Masai people are located right next to the Masai Mara game reserve. These people have learned to live with the wildlife in their small mud walled homesteads. The Masai people still practice their age old traditions and are known as the warrior tribe of east Africa. Masai culture is very rich and guests are awed at their way of life.

Masai people are happy to share with you their lifestyle including a visit to their homes. You will also be invited to participate in their dances like the levitation Ajuma dance where men jump to unimaginable heights. Learn how to make fire from 2 sticks without matches and how to throw a spear or shoot an arrow.

Visiting a Masai village is a great value ad on to the wildlife viewing package in Mara. The Masai people are very welcoming and you will learn a lot on how indigenous African cultures operate. Most importantly is their love for colours ranging from their red ochre hair, to the red sheets on their bodies and the varied beadwork jewelry that they adorn. Your driver guide will be happy to arrange a visit to the nearest Masai village on your day 2 in a 3-day Mara shared safari.

4.     See the Masai Mara Wildebeest Migration in a 3-Day Tracking Safari

July to October of every year brings along the largest animal migration into the Mara. The great wildebeest migration is an exodus of 1.5 million wildebeests in a 3,000km journey in search of pasture. The wildebeest move in a cyclic clockwise pattern crossing 2 countries of Tanzania and Kenya as they follow the fresh grass from recent rains. This phenomenon is so great it can be seen from space as a dark moving mass across the Mara plains.

You will drive among the thousands of wildebeest strewn across the plains with their young calves. Your driver will drive you to the migration hotspots where you will be immersed into the huge herds of the animals in the Mara plains. The predators including lions, cheetahs and leopards see this season as a time of plenty. They will gorge themselves to sleep with heaps of carcass. So much so that the predators usually escort the herds for miles away from their territories. On your day 2 of the 3 days Masai Mara budget tour, you will go for the Mara river crossing.

5.     Fly Over the Maasai Mara Reserve in A Hot Air Balloon Safari on Day 2 Morning

If you fancy an air game ride, then the balloon safaris of the Mara are up your alley. Some of the best panoramic scenes of the great wildebeest migration are captured from a hot air balloon. The fact that these Masai Mara hot air balloon safaris are done at dawn ads a magic of calmness to the ride. The drifting shadow of the balloon startles the wildebeests below into a run as the giraffes bend their necks to see what’s aloft. A hot air balloon ride allows you to see the real extent of the wildebeest migration as you can see the herds stretching for miles on either side.

You will be picked at 5:00am from your lodge by the balloon company 4×4 Landcruiser to assemble at runway. It’s still dark and most of the operations of setting up the balloon are done under vehicle headlights. It’s still dark and things move fast to be able to catch the sunrise from the air. The chilliness of the morning air still infiltrating your nostrils as you struggle with the last remnants of your sleep. Soon you are bundled into the balloon basket which can take 12 pax per flight. The pilot increases the throttle, the burner roars into life and soon your balloon starts to gain height.

A full hour of exceptional views gets you to appreciate the actual size of the Masai Mara and the hundreds of wildlife in the park. Its mind boggling. On landing, which is not always a gracious affair, you will be welcomed to a bush breakfast with a glass of champagne. Your table is set on the grass and the servers will make sure you are served with fresh food. After this, you will go on a 1hr game drive in the 4×4 as you return back to your lodge. Usually taken on day-2 of your three days tour, the balloon ride in the Mara is the icing of the cake in a Masai Mara 3-day luxury safari. Hot air Balloon ride is the most popular activity in a three-day Masai Mara wildebeest migration safari.

6.  Enjoy a 1-Day Walking Safari in Private Conservancies around the Mara

Nothing compares to the experience of walking on the savannah as you watch the hundreds of plains game and the predators as a distance. The thrill of being on the ground with the animals is so exciting. To get this experience once needs to visit the conservancies outside of the Masai Mara Park itself. They will offer you an armed guide or local Masai guides who are adept at seeing wildlife from miles away.

The guides will be able to point out the trees with medicinal value. They will show you how to track animals and how to tell which foot print is from which animal. You will even learn to tell how long an animal passed a certain place from the nature of the footprint or the warmth and state of their dung. You will be able to approach elephant herds safely by telling the wind direction using your own spit or a piece of grass. You then move downwind and approach to a safe distance where you can see them close by and yet they can’t notice you.

Going on a Masai Mara walking safari is usually done on day-2 in your 3 days budget safari from Nairobi. You will also learn a lot about the different animal behaviors and how the Masai have managed to live with them peacefully. It’s always an exciting experience to be out there in the savannah with the local guides watching wildlife in the sun.


7.  Go On Bird Watching Game Drives in Masai Mara Plains

Ardent birders will be spoilt for choice in the Masai Mara game reserve. You can go on a 3-day Masai Mara bird watching safari from Nairobi and identify over 200 birds. The Mara has more than 400 species of birds to see. Your birding game drive will take you to see birds in the riverine forests and the savannah grasslands.

The birds to see in Masai Mara include the egrets, African fish eagle, African jacana (Jesus bird), martial eagle, go away bird, hammerkorps, pelicans, hadada ibis, sacred ibis, kingfishers, black smith plovers, wagtails, marabou storks, wood peckers, ostriches, kori bustards, secretary birds among others.

The best way for a birder to experience and identify most of these birds is to get a specialized bird guide. Although this may come at an extra cost than a normal wildlife viewing safari, the experience for the birder is priceless. You will get to learn a lot, even how to identify some of these birds by their calls.


8.     Witness the Mara River Crossing By the Wildebeest in a 3 Day Trip

From July to October every year, the Masai Mara teams with millions of wildebeest herds streaming from Tanzania’s Serengeti national park. These wildebeests have to cross the Mara river at multiple locations in pursuit of the greener pastures on opposite banks of the river.

Mara river wildebeest crossing is singularly the most captivating event to watch of the migration. Here, thousands of the animals congregate along the Mara river bank. For hours, none is brave enough to enter the flooded river which is also full of 18 feet long Nile crocodiles. So the animals bleat in trepidation for hours. In the meantime the rear flanks are filling up with new arrivals at the river bank. The pressure on the front runners keeps building up until the tipping point when one brave wildebeest makes the jumps. As if on cue, the rest of the animals stampede and jump into the water in fits of madness. The higher they jump, the bigger the splash, and in their minds, the scarier they look to the crocodiles below. Sure enough the crocodiles are wise to keep to the flanks of the animals.

One by one, the crocodiles start to grab the wildebeests on the sides of the file. At the opposite bank, there is a welcoming committee of leopards and lions, who, so far have not had a taste of the wildebeest fiesta. As soon as the first wildebeests make it across and up the river bank, the lions and leopards will grab them. The scene is chaotic as they run in the midst of safari vehicles trying to escape the predators.

Many wildebeests lose their lives here as they stampede on to each other braking bones while others drown from raging floods, the crocodiles will eat their fill. At times, the opposite bank gets so trampled that a thick layer of mud traps the weaker individuals to their death. It’s a carnage. But it’s important to keep their population in check.

Request for more details from Robert or book a 3 days or 1 day trip to Masai Mara on whatsapp +254 722 661 827 or email

3-Day Safari in Kenya – Top 5 Three Days Tours in Lodges, Camps and Parks in Kenya

Explore 3-Day Safari in Kenyan Parks. Kenya offers you exciting 3-day safaris in big five wildlife national parks and game reserves around the country. Some three-day joining safari in Kenya packages that you can  including Masai Mara 3 day group joining safari, 3 days Amboseli lodge and camping safari, Samburu 3 days camping safari, Tsavo national park 3 day tour and Aberdare and Mt Kenya three day hiking safaris.

Going for a 3-day safari in Kenya, you need to consider these budget safari options:

  1. 3 Day Masai mara game reserve safari
  2. 3-Days Amboseli national park safari
  3. 3 Days Samburu Game reserve safari
  4. 3 Days Tsavo East and west national park safari
  5. 3 Days Mt Kenya hiking safari

Here are the most popular 3-day joining budget safaris you can take in Kenya at a budget or in luxury game lodges in some of the most visited national parks for big five wildlife viewing.

1.   Visit 3 Days Masai Mara Safari for the Big Five and Migration

If you are looking for the most popular wildlife park in Kenya, then Masai mara is at the very top of game areas. The best time or duration to go to Masai mara is 3 days, you will have at least 1 full day game drive on the second day there. The Masai Mara is the top 3 day safari in Kenya. A short 3-day Masai mara itinerary for you to consider is as below:

Day 1: Nairobi – Masai Mara

Your driver will pick you up from your Nairobi hotel for the 3-day safari to mara. We will drive north westwards through kikuyu highlands, drop into the great rift valley with a 30 minute stop over for the views into the valley.

We arrive in Masai mara in time for check in at our lodge or camp and lunch. After some relaxation in the lodge, we will go on a 2hr game drive in the park at 1600hrs until dusk. This is the best time to see the big five as they step out in the cooler evening weather.

Your driver will drive you back to your lodge or camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Masai Mara Full Day

This is our day to explore all of Masai mara game reserve to see all the animals here. Your second day is a full day game drive with packed lunch. We will drive around the park after a buffet breakfast. We have a target of tracking the great wildebeest migration across the plains and at least see a mara river crossing stampede.

After that we will cross the plains looking for the big five animals including lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalos. After a picnic lunch, we have an option of going to visit a Masai village outside the park or to continue with our game drive inside Masai mara game reserve.

In the evening, our game drive driver will driver us back to our lodge or camp for dinner and overnight. You can always spend some time at the campfire sharing stories with new friends.

Day 3: Masai Mara – Nairobi

This is our last day in the Masai mara and we will start early with some bitings and a hot cup of coffee at 0600hrs. We will drive out into the park for a last minute game drive in this morning. We will be looking out for the rare animals we may not have seen earlier. Look out for the leopards, rhinos and wild dogs.

We will drive back to lodge at 0800hrs for a full breakfast and later check out of the lodge or camp by 1000hrs. Our driver will drive us back to Nairobi with an en route lunch at Mai Mahiu or Narok town.

Our 3-day Masai mara safari ends with a drop off in Nairobi at 1600hrs or earlier if you have early flights out of Nairobi.

End of 3 Day Masai mara game reserve safari. You can combine this 3 day camping safari in Kenya with other destinations if you have more days in the country.

2.   Explore Amboseli National Park 3 Days Safari in Kenya South

2. 3- Days Amboseli National Park Safari

Your second most popular national park for a 3- day safari in Kenya is the Amboseli 2 – night safari. Amboseli is the 3rd most popular national park in Kenya in terms of visitation numbers per year. The biggest attractions that will see you going to Amboseli include the Mt Kilimanjaro and the over 1500 wild African elephants found here. 3 Days amboseli national park safari is a great way to also see the masai tribe.

Day 1: Nairobi – Amboseli

Your driver will pick you up from your hotel in Nairobi at 0800hrs for the drive south westwards to Amboseli national park. We will drive along the Mombasa highway A109 up to Emali with some nice views of wildlife along the way. We turn right at Emali town into oloitoktok road and drive to Erimito gate arriving at your Amboseli lodge by 1200hrs.

After some buffet lunch in our lodge or camp, we will have a siesta until 1600hrs. This is when we will go for our first game drive to see the Mt Kilimanjaro and the hundreds of elephants. There are hundreds of other animals that we will see in our game drive including buffalos, lions, hippos, giraffes, hyenas, baboons, zebras, cheetahs, leopards, gazelles, wildebeests, impalas among others.

We will drive back to our Amboseli lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Amboseli

This is our full day game drive in Amboseli national park. We will start at 0800hrs after a full buffet breakfast at our lodge. Drive into the park for your full day game drive seeing the elephants, lions, and buffalos in the park. Make sure to take a lot of pictures of animals with the Mt Kilimanjaro as your background.

We will go for a picnic lunch at the observation hill and have an elevated view of the whole park from this small hill. You still have an option of going back to your lodge for a buffet lunch which splits your game drive into two instead of the full day option.

You will drive back to your lodge for dinner and overnight with some of the best vies of the Kilimanjaro right in the evening from 5.00pm to dusk.

Day 3: Amboseli – Nairobi

The third day is our last day in Amboseli national park safari. We will go for an early game drive in the park on this day before breakfast to try and see the rare animals including leopards and wild dogs. You will be sure to take some of the best pictures this morning.

After the morning game drive, we will drive back to the Amboseli lodge for full breakfast and depart at 1000hrs for Nairobi.

Exit the park with an en route game drive and drive to Nairobi arriving at 1330hrs.

Go for a lunch at the carnivore restaurant before you are dropped off at your Nairobi hotel.

The Amboseli three day tour is probably the second most popular 3 day safari in kenya.

End of 3-day Amboseli national park safari.

3.   Discover 3 Days Samburu National Reserve Safari in Northern Kenya

3. 3-Day Samburu National Reserve Safari

Discover the drier wilderness of the Samburu in this 3-day Samburu national reserve safari in some of the most picturesque rangelands in Kenya. Samburu is known as the land of contrasts from the blue mountain ranges to the semiarid grassland and from the yellow dry grass to the ever green riverine forest along river Ewaso Ngiro.

See the wildlife in Samburu which is different from their cousins in the south of the equator. Watch the elephants come to drink water besides your vehicle as you park along the beaches of river Ewaso Ngiro. Don’t forget to take in the picture perfect natural rock sculpturing on the banks of this river as you sip in some wine on one of the river beach sundowner dinners.

Day 1: Nairobi – Samburu

Our drive starts from Nairobi at 0800hrs driving northwards through central Kenya highlands and past Karatina town. You will see Mt Kenya on the right side as you drive towards to Nanyuki. We will have a short stop over at the equator to experience the collioris force demonstration on either side of the northern and southern hemisphere.

We will drop down into the semi-arid northern Kenya arriving at Samburu, Ashnil, Sopa or Serena lodge. Check into your lodge, shower and enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch with majestic views from the restaurant. The sun is hot but an afternoon breeze sooths your senses as you watch the vast landscape from your restaurant wide open windows.

A 1600hrs game drive around the now cooler park will reveal hundreds of animals including lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards, hyenas, gerenuks, Oryx, gravy zebra and the blue necked Somali ostrich. Most of the animals here will amaze you with their different morphologies to their cousins in the south of the equator.

Our driver will drive us back to our lodge for a hot dinner and overnight accommodation at any of the Samburu lodges.

Day 2: Samburu

We will spend the whole day exploring the Samburu game reserve and have some interesting game viewing at the Ewaso Ngiro River. There are hundreds of interesting places and animals to see in Samburu and the river is one of the greatest attractions here. Buffalo springs game reserve next door is full of natural springs that emanate from the white limestone ground.

You can have the option for a picnic lunch or return to the lodge for lunch and siesta depending on how zealous you are to watch the game. We return back to the lodge for our dinner and overnight accommodation after a rewarding game drive in Samburu game reserve.

Day 3: Samburu – Nairobi

We start with an early wake up at 0600hrs followed by some hot coffee and biscuits. Thereafter our driver will drive us to an early game drive to try and catch the elusive animals that we may have missed. Look out for the hyenas, the crocodiles and the wild dogs. A sighting of a leopard in the early morning sun is always a welcome surprise.

You will return to the lodge at 0800hrs for a proper breakfast and thereafter departure at 1000hrs for Nairobi.

We will arrive in Nairobi at 1300hrs for a lunch at the Blue Springs hotel in Thika. Our drop off in Nairobi hotel after the Samburu national reserve 3-day safari is at 1500hrs.

3 day Samburu private safari is the most unique short 2 night safari from Nairobi.

End of 3 days Samburu game reserve safari.

4.   Travel to a 3 Day Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park Safari

4. 3- Days Tsavo East West National Park Safari

Tsavo east and west national park are the largest wildlife areas in Kenya. The parks are located mid-way between Nairobi and Mombasa and you can therefore start this 3-day safari from either of these towns. Known for their notoriously aggressive and testosterone pumped lions, Tsavo is also a gem in contrasting landscape and mighty rivers. The Tsavo as they are endearingly referred to, are rich in wildlife and different landscapes to view including mountain ranges, natural springs, volcanic lava flows, plateaus, huge rivers and dams. This is the most popular 3 day safari from Mombasa to Tsavo East and West national park.

Day 1: Mombasa/ Nairobi – Tsavo East

Your driver will pick you from your Nairobi or Mombasa hotel for the drive to the Tsavo east national park. Arrive in time for a sumptuous buffet lunch and great views of the wildlife at the Voi safari lodge. There are hundreds of elephants to see at the watering hole right outside your lodge. The park has red soil and the elephants have a red tinge as well.

Relax for the afternoon with a siesta until 1600 hours in time for an evening game drive. Drive to Aruba dam to see the hundreds of animals here. There are lots of animals you will see here like the lions, elephants, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, buffalos, giraffes, zebras and many others to see here. Your driver will drive you back to the lodge for dinner and overnight after the tour.

Day 2: Tsavo East – Tsavo West National Park

Wake up to the singing of birds and watch have some bitings and hot coffee. We will drive for our last game drive here to try and look out for the animals we may have missed so far. Look out for the elusive leopards, wild dogs and the rhinos.

You will drive back to your lodge for a proper breakfast and check out at 10:00am. Drive out of the park and into Tsavo west national park. Check into Ngulia lodge or Serena Kilaguni lodge for lunch. You are free to take a swim in the pool or have a siesta in the afternoon.

We will go for an evening game drive in Tsavo west national park to see the rhino sanctuary, shetani lava flows and the mzima springs. This park is full of exciting landscape views including mountains and rivers.

Return to the lodge by disk for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Tsavo West Nairobi / Mombasa

On this day we will wake up to a sumptuous breakfast followed by a game drive in the park enroute to the gate for exit. You will see the mane less lions of Tsavo and the large herds of red coloured elephants.

Arrive in Mombasa or Nairobi in time for lunch at 1300hrs.

End of 3 days Tsavo east Tsavo west national parks safaris.

5.    Go Hiking on a 3 Days Mt Kenya National Park Climbing Safari

5. 3 Days Mt Kenya National Park Hiking Safari

If you are a lover of active tours, then a hiking 3 day safari climbing Mt Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa is up your alley. Mt Kenya peaks are a beautiful scene with the ice capped Batian, Nelion and Lenana tops. Your 3-day Mt Kenya climbing safari can follow the Naro Moru route which has banker beds and camps all along or the scenic route of Chogoria.

Day 1: Nairobi – Mt Kenya

Our driver will pick us up at our hotel at 0800hrs and drive north through the central Kenya highlands. Arrive in Nanyuki town for some food shopping and lunch in a local hotel. You will pick your cook and mountain guide and porters in Nanyuki.

Drive out to Sirimon or Naro Moru route to access the park gates. After the gate formalities, you will drive to the first camp of either Old Moses or met station depending on the route you are using to climb. Check into your camp and set up your lodgings with dinner in the evening. This is a climatisation day at 3300m above sea level.

Day 2: Old Moses to Mckinders camp

On day 2, depart after breakfast for a 9 hour hike to the Mackinders camp, closer to the peaks. You will be able to summit to point Nelion on the morning of the 3rd day.

Day 3: Summit – Nairobi

At midnight depart for a 5 hour hike to point Lenana summit arriving at dawn to take the awesome pictures with the sunrise.

Later you will descend to the Mackinders camp for lunch and hike further down to old Moses base camp. Your driver will pick you from here for the drive back to Nairobi.  Drop off in your Nairobi after end of the Mt Kenya 3-day hiking safari.

End of your 3 days Mt Kenya climbing safari from Nairobi.

There are many other 3 days Kenyan safaris but the above 5 tours are the most popular among three day trips from Nairobi and Mombasa.

Find out more details on 3-day Kenya safaris by sending us a whatsapp message on +254722661827 or email us at info (at)






Bird Watching Day Tour from Nairobi Airport

Bird Watching Day Tour from Nairobi Airport

Go on a Bird watching day tour from NBO Nairobi airport and watch hundreds of birds in several places near Nairobi. You can go for bird watching tours to Nairobi national park, Karura forest, Lake Naivasha, Nairobi arboretum, Nakuru national park.

5 Bird Watching Day Tours from Nairobi NBO Airport

Explore bird watching in Nairobi parks and forests to view Kenyan and east African birds in our savannahs, forests and riverine areas. You can invite a friend to go on a birding trip to all these parks below. Here are 5 bird watching day tours from Nairobi airport:-

  • Nairobi national park bird watching trip from Airport
  • Karura forest bird watching tour from Airport
  • Lake Naivasha bird watching tour from Nairobi airport
  • Nairobi arboretum birding from NBO Nairobi airport
  • Nakuru national park bird watching tour from Nairobi airport

There are many other places to do a bird watching 4 or 5hr tour from Nairobi airport. You will have a professional bird guide to introduce you to all the birds in these parks based on their sighting and sounds they make.

  1. Nairobi National Park Bird Watching Trip from Nairobi Airport. You can enjoy a birding day tour for several hours in Nairobi national park on a layover from the NBO international. Nairobi Park has over 400 species of resident birds and over 22 migratory birds. Birds here include birds of prey like martial eagle, fish eagle, kites; savannah birds like Kori bustard, secretary birds among others like plovers, herons, storks, egrets, among others. There are professional bird guides who will help you see more than 200 species of birds in Nairobi national park.
  • Karura Forest Bird Watching Tour from Airport. Karura forest is an indigenous rain forest located north of Nairobi city along Kiambu road. The forest straddles across the Kiambu road and stretches all the way to the United Nations office and near the American embassy. This forest is home to over 200 species of birds and it makes a great walk around the forest identifying birds in a full day birding trip from NBO Nairobi airport.
  • Lake Naivasha Bird Watching Tour from Nairobi. Naivasha one of the lakes located on the floor of the rift valley some 100km from Nairobi. Lake Naivasha is a beautiful lake that offers great bird watching opportunity both on land and on the boat. There are fish eagles, martial eagle, cormorants, herons, stork among many other birds on Lake Naivasha. You can take a half day or full day bird watching day trip from Nairobi airport.
  • Nairobi Arboretum Birding From Nairobi Airport. The Nairobi arboretum is located only 30 minutes from the airport and close to state house. The Nairobi arboretum is a n urban forest which is host to 200 species of birds that you can identify in a single day with a good guide. Nairobi arboretum bird watching day trip is a fun even as you watch the birds with binoculars with the help of a local bird guide for identification. This tour can take 2-3 hours and is therefore more suitable for people who have less than 5 hrs of layover in Nairobi airport.

  • Nakuru National Park Birdwatching Tour from NBO Nairobi Airport. This lake has more than 400 species of birds and in its highest peak it has more than 2 million flamingos on its shores. Lake Nakuru was actually brought to its current fame due to the millions of flamingos. Nakuru is famous for its huge diverse water birds and savannah and forest birds. You can go to Lake Nakuru if you have a full day lay over to see the more than 200 species in a single day. Lake Nakuru is actually an Important Bird Area.

There are tens of other important bird areas that you can do a full day or multi day birding safari from Nairobi including a 3 day birding safari, 7 days birding safari, 9 days bird watching tour, 10 days up to 14 days bird watching safaris in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. You can request from Robert to book a bird watching day trip from Nairobi airport; Send us a whatsapp message at +254722661827 or email us at

Things to do Near Nairobi Airport

Nairobi Airport things to do in a day include visit to Nairobi national park, elephant orphanage, giraffe Centre, Nairobi museum, lake Naivasha and hells gate national park among other places to visit in 1 day trip.

5 Day Tours near Nairobi Airport on a Layover

Take any of these 5 things to do near Nairobi airport on a layover to several spots near Nairobi. You can go for a game drive, hike, climbing, bird watching, sightseeing and boating and hiking day tours near Nairobi airport. Here are 5 things to do near Nairobi airport on a layover wait below:-

  • Nairobi national park game drive from Nairobi
  • Hells gate and Lake Naivasha 1 day trip from Nairobi
  • David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Centre
  • Nairobi city walking tour from NBO airport
  • Nairobi Museum, Karen Blixen and Railway Museum day tours from Nairobi airport

These are the closest day tours from Nairobi airport that you can go for game drives, climbing, walking safari, bird watching, sightseeing among others.

  • Nairobi national park game drive. You can take a Nairobi park day trip and enjoy a game drive in the park from the NBO airport. The park is located some 10 minutes from the NBO departure terminal and you can do a game drive here if you have 5 hours or more of a layover at Nairobi international airport. Animals here include lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, elands, wildebeests, zebra, impala, cheetahs, gazelles and many more. You can also visit the dams and river in the park to see some of the most beautiful sites. A sunrise inside Nairobi national park is a to-die-for experience.
  • Hells gate national park, lake Naivasha, MT Longonot. Hells gate allows walking safaris among wildlife including giraffes, buffalo, zebra and more. Hells gate is a volcanic park with lots of geysers, hot springs and hot streams. Lake Naivasha is a beautiful lake that offers boat fishing for common carps, tilapia, crayfish and others. You will also see the hippos at the hippo pool including hundreds of birds and wildlife around the lake. Mt Longonot is a dormant strato-volcanic mountain which is medium difficulty but with the best views into the crater below. A Hike on Longonot takes 5hrs and its 13km from gate to around the crater rim and back to gate.
  • David Sheldrick elephant orphanage and Giraffe centre. David Sheldrick elephant orphanage is located in the Nairobi national park western edge. The Sheldrick elephant rescue centre takes in orphaned baby elephants that have been abandoned by their mothers due to human wildlife conflict and poaching. The David Sheldrick baby elephant sanctuary has a public viewing and lecture every day from 1100hrs to 1200hrs. The giraffe centre is a sanctuary for the endangered Rothschild giraffes which also includes the giraffe manor. The African fund for endangered wildlife runs this Centre for the benefit of conservation education. You can visit both of these places if you have layover starting from 0400hrs to 1000hrs up to 1400hrs.
  • Nairobi city walking tour from NBO airport. The Nairobi city walking tour can start from the airport and includes a walk past the railway yard, the American embassy memorial park, the KICC convention centre helipad, the city hall, catholic cathedral, parliament buildings, president’s office, and the first president’s mausoleum. Your walking Nairobi city tour will also take you through the streets of Nairobi to see the Victorian age colonial buildings done by the British and the Nairobi University.
  • Nairobi Museum, Karen Blixen, Railway Museum. This is a tour of famous Nairobi museums. The tour starts with the Karen Blixen museum where the life of a colonial aristocrat was lived. It’s a story of fame and love for Africa and romance. Next is the railway museum where you will observe the building of the railway from Mombasa to Kampala by the British colonialists. The railway was instrumental to the beginning of Nairobi city. Finally, you will visit the Nairobi museum to watch the history, people, culture, animals and birds of Kenya. The museum is a rich place to learn everything about Kenya. This tour may require at least 6hours to cover all the 3 museums.

To find out more about places you can go to in Nairobi airport layover, Send Robert a whatsapp message on +254722661827 or email us on

Places to Go Near Nairobi Airport on Layover

Places to go near Nairobi airport on layover transit

Find out places to go near Nairobi airport on transit layover that you can join and enjoy your stopover at NBO international. You can join a group and go on a biking, game drive, climbing, bird watching, sightseeing among other things. Here is a list of things to do near Nairobi international airport.

5 Places to go Near Nairobi Airport on Layover during Transit through Nairobi NBO

You can enjoy these 5 places to go near Nairobi airport if you have a layover of at least 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 hours or more. You can invite friends to go on a hiking, game drive, climbing, fishing, biking, sightseeing, nature walks, walking safari, bird watching among more things. Here are 5 places to go near Nairobi airport on layover during transit through Nairobi.

  • Nairobi national park day tour on layover from Nairobi airport
  • Nairobi city walking and driving day tour
  • Nairobi Elephant orphanage and Giraffe Centre day trip
  • Nairobi museum from Nairobi Airport day tour
  • Lake Naivasha, Hellsgate Hiking and Boating day trip

You can do any of these tours from Nairobi airport and spend your layover time having fun and adventure in the city or around the city. You can invite your friends to enjoy a full day trip from Nairobi airport layover.

Nairobi National Park on Layover Day Tour on Layover from Nairobi Airport. You can take a few hours day trip from NBO Nairobi airport layover and do a full game drive in the park. Nairobi national park is only 3km from the airport terminal and you can be watching lots of animals in a few minutes from arrival at the jkia NBO airport. This park is known for easy sightings of lions, buffalos, rhinos and giraffes among many other animals like leopards, cheetahs, gazelles, impalas, hippos and crocodiles. A game drive in Nairobi national park takes about 4 hrs since the park itself is small by Kenyan standards. Nairobi national park is only 117 square kilometers in size. You can do this game drive at any time from the Nairobi airport.

Nairobi City Walking and Driving Tour. Nairobi cbd is only 15 minutes away from the airport. You  will have a Nairobi walking and driving day tour to see the landmarks and monuments of Nairobi city. Your driver will pick you up from the airport and drive to the city center to see the railway yards, the American embassy memorial, the KICC helipad viewpoint, the city hall, parliament buildings, the first president mausoleum, the catholic church cathedral and the general post office. There are also tens of Victorian colonial buildings dotting the city which have a rich history. Some parts of this tour are on foot while the rest is on a car.

Nairobi Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center. The Nairobi elephant orphanage is a baby elephant sanctuary which takes care of abandoned baby elephants and hand rears them until they are 7 years old when they are returned to the wilderness. The Nairobi elephant rescue center has a daily public viewing and lecture at 1100hrs to 1200hrs. Here you can watch the baby elephants being fed milk by hand and you can also hear about each of their life history. You can also adopt a baby elephant and you will be getting monthly newsletter with their progress. The giraffe centre is also a sanctuary for the endangered Rothschild giraffe. The giraffe centre is also part of the giraffe manor. The giraffe Centre is managed by the AFEW or the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. This organization is a conservation body that funds conservation efforts and offers education to schools. You can visit the giraffe centre at any time between 0800hrs to 0500hrs every day.

Nairobi Museum and Snake Park From Nairobi Airport. Go to Nairobi museum from NBO airport and enjoy a full 3hrs of discovery of Kenya’s culture, history, animals, birds, and archeological finds. The Nairobi museum is some 30 minutes from the airport and you will be able to see all the birds of Kenya, animals found in Kenya and also a snake park in the grounds. The Nairobi museum is also home to one of the oldest evidence that Africa was cradle for mankind. The Turkana boy fossil remains are dated 1.5million years back and were recovered by Dr. Richard Leakey. The museum is a great place to go and have a guided tour among the exhibits in the halls.

Lake Naivasha, Hells Gate Boating and Hiking Day Trip. Lake Naivasha is some 90km north west of Nairobi and located right inside the Great Rift Valley floor. The lake Naivasha is known for the great boating tours to the hippo pool and the walking safaris on Crescent Island. You can drive from the airport to Crescent Island and spend a day watching the hippos or even doing fishing on the lake. Lake Naivasha fishing day trips from Nairobi are fun and you can catch the common carp, cat fish or tilapia which are in abundance. Hells gate national park is famous for the walking safaris to see wildlife on foot. There are many animals that you can see as you walk here including buffalos, giraffes, zebras, leopards, hyenas, impalas, gazelles and many more. The gorge walk is one of the most exciting walks in Hells gate. You will be able to walk through some of the scenes featured in Angelina Jolie’s movie, tomb raiders- cradle of humankind. This park also influenced the landscapes of the movie lion king. Hells gate is a highly volcanic area with lots of geysers and hotsprings. Walls are streaming with hot vapours and steam from everywhere. The rivers inside the gorge are actually steaming hot. The park also hosts the largest geothermal power station in Kenya with more than 7 wells.

You can book a trip to any of these places to go to from the Nairobi airport from Robert. Send us a whatsapp message on +254722661827 or email us on

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