Half-Day Safari Nairobi National Park Game drive Tour

Explore half day safari in Nairobi national park for Tour to see the big five animals including lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards. Other animals to see in a ½ day Nairobi national park tour include cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes, gazelles, impalas, elands, baboons, crocodiles, hippos and many others.

Top 6 Spots in a Half-day Nairobi National Park Game Drive Tour

Discover the Best 6 Spots in half day Nairobi national park game drive tour. The Nairobi half day game drives in Nairobi national park can be done in the morning or afternoon and includes:

  • Nairobi park Ivory burning Monument
  • Nairobi park 4 of the big 5 animals
  • Easy to see Lions in Nairobi national park
  • Hippos in hyena dam inside the Nairobi national park
  • Crocodiles in the Mbagathi river and dams
  • Nairobi national park picnic sites and viewpoints

These attractions may seem few but the sheer size of Nairobi national park at 117 sqkm is large enough to take you 4 hours to cover in a single game drive in the morning or afternoon.

1.     Visit Nairobi Park Ivory Burning Monument

Every decade since the 1980s, the consecutive presidents of Kenya have each burned ivory stocks accumulated in the Kenya wildlife service’s stores or that confiscated from poachers. This is as a sign of Kenya’s commitment to eradication of all trade in ivory. There is a monument a few kilometers from the main gate where this ivory burning exercises have been done over the years. This is the first stop when you enter into Nairobi national park for a half day trip from the Langata main gate.

2.     View 4 of the Big 5 Animals

View part of big five at Nairobi park half day tour

View 4 of the big five wildlife including the lions, rhinos, buffalos, and leopards in Nairobi national park. There are however no elephants in Nairobi national park. The lions are pretty easy to see and almost guaranteed to see a few. Rhinos are also many here and are pretty common sight in the park. The buffalos are also all over the plains but leopards can be very difficult to see in Nairobi national park.

3.     See Lions in the Park

See lion prides in Nairobi half day trip

There are many lions in Nairobi for a park of its size and this makes them easy to see. It’s mostly possible to see lions lingering around the park gate immediately you get into the park. In some cases you will be able to see a mating pair or a family of more than 6 lions. For you to be able to see all these lions only 7 minutes from your hotel room is very rich.

4.     See Hippos in Hyena and Athi Dams

There are many hippos to see at the man-made dams in the park and these have a knack of coming out of the water at 6:00pm. It’s not unusual to get a traffic jam in the park caused by a slow walking hippo. These hippos are a great sight to see especially when they are out of the water in the evenings.

5.     View Crocodiles in Mbagathi River and Dams


In the same dams you will see crocodiles basking in the sun and also in the river Mbagathi which is the south western boundary of the park. These crocodiles are said to migrate from the dry river beds in the dry season to the permanent man-made dams in the park.

6.     Relax at the Nairobi national park Campsites and viewpoints

Visit the Mokoiyet and kingfisher picnic sites to have wonderful views of the park as you have your lunch or nyama choma barbeque. Nairobi park view point is placed at a vantage point where you can see the whole of the parks expansive plains. These picnic sites and viewpoints are provided with bathrooms for you to take a break.

Nairobi national park half day tours are offered either early at 6:30am up to 11:00am and again at 3:00pm up to 6:30pm. The reason of a late start for the afternoon game drive is due to the hot sun when animals are all hiding away. From 3:00pm, the animals start to venture out again and this is the best time for a game drive until dusk.

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