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1 Day – Mt Kenya Hike from Nairobi | Hiking Tour Packages


1 Day Mt. Kenya Hike Safari


0500hrs – Nairobi to Mt Kenya

Your tour starts with pick up at 0500hrs from your Nairobi hotel or airport and drive to Mt Kenya in central Kenya highlands region. This 1 – day Mt Kenya hiking tour from Nairobi starts before dawn and includes a 5hr hike in deep forest and moorland.

A fantastic 1 day – hiking safari tour on Mt Kenya package, Kenya’s best hike and popular climbing day adventure destination. This 1-day hike on Mt Kenya National Park is a full day climbing experience on the second highest mountain in Africa at 5899m above sea level.

Book your 1 day Mt Kenya hiking tour safari from Nairobi from any tour company in the city. The best part is that they all allow last minute bookings even from the JKIA Nairobi airport layover. You will be glad you decided to step out of your hotel or airport for a full day hike near Nairobi.

Road trip to Mt Kenya 1 Day Hiking

Your 1 day Mt Kenya hiking  tour experience starts from your hotel when your diver guide picks you up and heads northbound towards the central regions of Kenya. This 1 day Mt Kenya hike tour is a very engaging adventure, which can be done in a day. The drive starts predawn and the rural Kenya will be waking up and starting their day as you drive along the village roads towards the mountain.

There will be school kids dressed with layers of clothes and balaclavas as they rush to school in their school uniforms. The adults will be streaming alongside the roads to their workplaces at dawn. While the cattle keepers can be seen driving the cows to the cattle dips and for grazing. The multi-coloured Kenyan Matatus or public transport whizz past you like they own the roads while the 20plus wheeler trucks lumber along in slow agonizing speeds.

1 Day – Mt Kenya Hike Tour from Nairobi Package Itinerary

0500hrs – Nairobi to Mt. Kenya. Your driver will pick you from your Nairobi hotel and drive to Mt. Kenya Tour. Mt Kenya is located almost at the middle of Kenya. Your will stop for a breakfast at 0700hrs and proceed to the Naro Moru gate. There are several gates to do your 1 day Mt Kenya hiking trip but the Naro Moru gate is the closest to Nairobi in case you are pressed with time.

Day – Hiking on Mt Kenya Forest

0900hrs – Arrive at the Naro Moru gate and start the Mt Kenya national park gate formalities. After this you will still drive up until you get to 3300m Asl to Met. Station. This is the first stop from where you will start your 1 day Nairobi to Mt Kenya hike. It’s all tarmac road from the gate to the Met station. This station is located in the middle of the alpine rain forest and it’s thick and wet. Start your hike proper from here. Your objective for this 1 day Mt Kenya hike is to clear the alpine forest and get to the clear alpine grassland or moorland for a better view of peaks Lenana, Nelion and Batian. The thick rain forest section is the best part of your Mt Kenya 1 Day Hiking safari as most wildlife can be seen here including elephants, giant forest hogs, leopards, rhinos, buffalos and many more.

1100hrs – Clear the alpine rain forest on Mt. Kenya and arrive at the bamboo line continuing to the moorland. Here you will walk through alpine bog and moorland grassland with giant lobelia. On a clear day, the peaks on Mt. Kenya are clear.

Views from Mt Kenya Day Hiking Trips

1200hrs Continue to the edges of the alpine moorland and to close proximity of the alpine desert. At this point you can see the alpine rock and scree section of the mountain which marks the rock and ice top section of the Mt Kenya. 

1300hrs Arrive at the Batian peak observation point and set up for your packed lunch. Have lunch with the best views of the Mt. Kenya beyond. The simmering ice on the top of Batian peak with the sun reflecting against the white cascade is a sight to behold.

Descending Mt Kenya on a 1 Day Hiking Tour from Nairobi

1400hrs After a peaceful and quiet lunch, start you slow descent to the met station. Pass through the wet and muddy alpine bog and moorland savannah on your way down towards the met station. Your second pass through the heavy thick rain forest on Mt Kenya might present new view of different animals. The descent on your 1 day hiking tour on Mt Kenya is more tiring.

1500hrs Arrive at the met station and connect with your driver. Drive down to the Naro Moru gate and exit the park for the drive back to Nairobi.

Cost of Mt Kenya 1 Day – Hiking Safari Tour

1830hrs Drop off back to your Nairobi hotel after end of the Nairobi to Mt. Kenya 1 day hiking trip.

Cost of 1 Day Mt Kenya Hiking TourUsd 250 per person (Minimum of 2 Pax)

Cost of 1 Day – Mt Kenya Hiking Tour Package Includes

  • Park entrance fees
  • Packed lunch
  • Services for a mountain guide
  • Services of a driver guide
  • Bottled drinking water

Cost of Mt Kenya 1 Day – Hike Excludes

  • Items of a personal nature
  • Tips to driver and guides

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Nairobi Mt Kenya Hiking Day Tour Safaris | Mount Kenya National Park Trip

1. Nairobi Mt Kenya Hiking Day Tour

Explore Mt Kenya National Park on a 1 day hike from Nairobi to view peaks Nelion, Lenana and Batian. Mt Kenya 1 day hike is a popular adventure for active visitors that want a day challenge to climb the mountain partially. You will be able to climb up to 3800m above sea level with a mountain guide.

Top 7 Nairobi Mt Kenya Hiking Day Tour Highlights

Nairobi Mt Kenya hiking day tour safaris. The main reason people want to hike the mountain for a single day and not make it to the summit is to get as close as possible to take photos of the peaks. Most of the visitors don’t have the minimum 5 days to hike Mount Kenya to the summit but they can afford a day to hike to a certain altitude and take pictures. This article describes the one day Mt Kenya hike trip from Nairobi and why it’s a great option to take if you love hiking outdoors. Here are the 7 Nairobi to Mt Kenya hiking day tour highlights

  • Discover Nairobi to mt Kenya hiking day tour drive
  • Mt Kenya national park hiking day tour on naro moru route from nairobi
  • Nairobi mt Kenya hiking day tour trail head
  • Animals to see on your mt Kenya day hike from Nairobi airport
  • Reaching mt Kenya peak observation point from Nairobi
  • Mt Kenya day hike descent to gate
  • Driving back on a Nairobi mt Kenya day hiking trip

1.  Discover the Mt Kenya Day Hike Drive

The 1 day Mount Kenya hiking day tour departs from Nairobi at 0500hrs and your driver will pick you up from your hotel in the city. You will drive north through the central Kenya highlands past many scenic tea and coffee plantations enroute. You will make a breakfast stop along the way in Karatina town before proceeding to mt Kenya.

2.  Explore the Mt Kenya National Park from Naro Moru

2. Explore Mt Kenya National Park from Nairobi

Arrival at the Naro Moru gate is at 0900hrs where your guide will take you through the park entry formalities. You will continue your drive up the mountain to the trail head at meteorological station at 3300m above sea level.

3.  Hike Mt Kenya day tour Trail head

Your mt Kenya day hike starts from the met station and your guide will lead you through narrow hiking trails that pass through the mountain rainy forests. The tree coverage is of hard wood oak, mahogany, podo and many others. The forest trail winds through dense foliage with thick undergrowth and almost impossible to see 10 feet away.

4.  Find Animals on Your Mt Kenya Day Hike Adventure

If you are lucky you may see some of the mountain animals in the park including waterbuck, elephants, bush bucks, leopards, giant forest hog, wild pigs, tree hyrax, buffalo and other animals. It’s a very refreshing and quiet hike through the rain forest.

You will hike through to the alpine forest edge and into the moorland which is a glassy highland savannah with plants such as giant lobelia, groundsels. The moorland is clear and you start to see the mount Kenya peaks clearly and closer as you hike up. You will also go through the alpine moorland bog which is mostly wet and swampy. You will need shoes that can keep the mud out.

5.  Reach Mt Kenya Batian Peak Observation Point

3. Mt Kenya Batian Peak Observation Point

Mt Kenya national park hike on the moorland will continue up to the observation point where you can stand and watch the Teleki valley below. The Teleki valley is the alpine desert made up of rocks and crag. You will have reached the 3800m above sea level point and you will enjoy your packed lunch here.   The ascent hike takes you 4 ½ hours to reach here. At this point, you can take the clearest pictures of peaks Nelion and Batian before starting your descent.

6.  Start your 1 ½ hour Descent on Mt Kenya to Met Station

After lunch and taking a few more pictures, you will start your descent hike down the mountain through the same route. The descent takes you 1 ½ hours to get to the met station at 3300m. You will reconnect with your driver at the met station and start to drive out of the park gate.

7.  Drive Back to Nairobi from Mt Kenya National Park Gate

4. Views of Mt Kenya Peaks Nelion, Lenana and Batian

You will start your drive back to Nairobi at around 1500hrs and drop off at your hotel will be at 1800hrs. This marks the end of your mt Kenya 1 day hiking trip from Nairobi. It is important to note that Mt Kenya national park does not allow disposable water bottles into the park. So try and come with a flask or a reusable water bottles to transfer your water from the plastic bottles.

Mt Kenya National Park Day Hike Itinerary

0500: Mt Kenya 1 day hike departs Nairobi before dawn. Your driver will pick you up from hotel

0700: Stop for a breakfast at Karatina town enroute Mt Kenya National Park Day Hike

0900: Arrival at Mt Kenya’s Naro Moru gate and park entry formalities are done. Drive up to Met station trail head.

0930: Start your 1 Day Mt Kenya hike from met station towards the moorland. View animals and birds enroute up.

1300: Reach the Mt Kenya peaks observation point where the Teleki valley starts and have your packed lunch.

1330: Take pictures of the peak Nelion and Batian before starting your descent back to met station

1400: Descend to Met station to reconnect with your tour driver.

1330: Start your Drive back to Nairobi from Mt Kenya Naro Moru Gate.

1830: Drop off at your Nairobi hotel after the Mt Kenya 1 day hike.

End of Mt Kenya 1 Day Hike Tour.

Book your Nairobi to Mt Kenya hike Day Tour by sending Robert a whatsapp message +254722661827 or email us at . Contact us for the 2021 rates. Instant response.

Top 6 Nairobi Hiking Day Tours in Kenya

Nairobi Hiking Day Tours

Nairobi Hiking day tours are available as a 1 day hike excursions from Nairobi hotels. Hiking day trips from Nairobi are mostly full day adventures in a few popular parks like Mt Kenya, Mt Longonot, Hellsgate, Karura forest, Ngong Hills forest, Aberdare national park.

Here are the best 5 Nairobi hiking day tours to consider

  • Nairobi Hiking day tours to Mt Kenya
  • Mt Longonot from Nairobi hiking day tour
  • Nairobi to Hellsgate National Park Gorges Hike
  • Karura forest 1 day hiking day tour in Nairobi
  • Nairobi Ngong Hills Forest Hiking day tour
  • Abedare national park 1 day hike

These are afew of Nairobi 1 day hiking tours among many other places that you can go for a hike. Some of these are very scenic places that you will never forget while some of them have big stories behind them. You can read more on this article on what to expect in each of these 1 day Nairobi hiking tours. You can invite your friends to go on a 1 day hiking tour from nairobi to any of these great nairobi day hike places.

1.  Explore Nairobi to Mt Kenya Hiking Day Tours

1. Mt Kenya Hiking Day Tours

Nairobi hiking day tour to Mt Kenya is one of the most epic climbing trips from Nairobi. Mt Kenya’s main pull factor is the fact that it’s the second highest mountain in Africa after mt Kilimanjaro standing at an amazing 5199m above sea level. Explore Mt Kenya in a 1 day hike from Nairobi and see the beauty of climbing afew hundred meters of gradient while watching one of the most awe inspiring peaks in Africa. The main highlight t of the Mt Kenya 1 day hike is the close up view of peaks Nelion, Lenana and Batian which are mostly covered in snow. Visitors go to hike this mountain in 1 day to get as close as possible to see the peaks loser and take some of the most amazing photos. It doesn’t really matter that they cannot summit in a single day. Your Mt Kenya 1 day hiking tour starts from Nairobi at 0500am and drives north through the lush green central highlands. You will see a lot of tea and coffee plantations along the way. You can always ask your driver to make a stop and take pictures of the plantations. Hiking for a day trip from Nairobi starts at met station if you are using Naro Moru route. This is at 3300m above sea level. Your vehicle will drive you to the trail head at meteorological station where you can start your hike up to the moorland. Your gradient gain will be about 400-600m just enough to view the Teleki valley and the peaks beyond. It is such an amazing view of the peaks from the observation point that I have had people go there to make a wedding proposal. Your hike takes 4 and a half hours ascent and one a half hours descent and you drive back to Nairobi from 1500hrs after the climb.

2. Discover Mt Longonot Hiking Day Tour from Nairobi

2. Mt. Longonot Day Hike from Nairobi

Mt Longonot Nairobi hiking day tour is a full day excursion located only 68km North West of Nairobi. The mt Longonot hike as sharp and at some point you will be clawing on all fours but the hike is of medium difficulty. The mt Longonot hiking day tour starts from Nairobi at 6:00am and the hike starts at 7:30am from the gate. You have an option of hiking from the gate, around the crater rim and back to the gate. You may also opt to do the shorter version of the Longonot hike and just hike from gate to rim and back to the gate again. The full round the rim hike is 13km long and takes you about 5 hours. You will need to have carried some packaged lunch or opt to go to Lake Naivasha restaurant for your lunch. Mt Longonot is one of the several strato-volcanoes on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. The mountain last erupted in the late 1800s but still has some fissures that produce white smoke every time. Longonot has one of the most scenic craters and the view into the crater is worth all the hassle of climbing to the top. You are likely to see animals like zebras and buffalos as you climb the mountain. Mt Longonot 1 day climb from Nairobi is a fun way to spend a morning away from Nairobi in an active adventure.

3.  Experience Hells Gate National Park Day Hike from Nairobi

3. Hells gate National Park Day Hike from Nairobi

This Nairobi hiking day trip is actually hot. Hells gate hiking day tours from Nairobi is a full day hike into the bowels of the earth literally. The park is known for its active volcanic activity seen as hot springs and geysers. Walking inside the hells gate gulley’s feels like the earth is swallowing you and the hot water trickling on the walls look like digestive juices ready to make you into pulp. The park is located some 98km north west of Nairobi on the floor of the rift valley. Hells gate is a volcanic boiling pot with all kinds of steaming geysers and hot streams flowing everywhere. The park is so volcanically active that over 30% of Kenyan electricity is now made here from geothermal energy tapped underground. A full day hike into the deep gorges is a great way to spend a day away from Nairobi. At some point, you the walls curve around you and you can only see 20 feet behind and ahead of you. The walls encapsulate you and the only opening is the skyline above you. The feeling is surreal as you watch the intricately curved sides of the gorge and acknowledge that nature is a great architect. You can also hike or bike in the park savannahs to see the buffalo, zebras, hyenas, impalas, and many other animals. This is a guided hike and your guide will show you important sites that inspired the scenery of lion king movies, and where Angelina Jolie shot the Tomb raiders – Cradle of Mankind movie on location.

4.  Marvel at Karura Forest Nairobi Hiking Day Tour

4. Karura Forest Hiking Day Tour from Nairobi

Karura forest is an indigenous forest located right in Nairobi outskirts near the United Nations offices and the American embassy. Karura forest offers a hiking trail from the Kiambu road and it’s a very popular hiking forest close to the city. A lot of Nairobi residents have taken to jogging in the forest especially over the weekends. If you are a fun of hiking in largely flat areas inside a natural forest, then Karura hiking day trip is your best around Nairobi. The forest is just magical in its beauty and silence. The forest rangers allow jogging, hiking, dog walking and bicycle riding in the forest. Karura hiking day trip can be done in the morning as the actual hike takes you maximum of 2 to 3 hours. For bird watchers, Karura forest is the best place to go for a bird watching hike from your office. Most bird watching tour companies can provide you with a pair of binoculars to use for birding in Karura forest. You can combine a hike in the Nairobi forest with a lunch at the restaurant inside the forest.

5.  Explore Ngong Hills Hiking Nairobi Day Hike Tours

5. Ngong Hills Hiking Day Trip

Hiking on Ngong hills in Nairobi is much fun as you get to hike in a hill setup. The Ngong hills have 4 distinct knuckles which you hike up and down and through the forest. Ngong hills are the eastern escarpment of the Great Rift Valley closest to Nairobi city. This is where the Great Rift Valley passes closest to Nairobi city. The Ngong hills are popular with local and visitors hikers who want to spend a day climbing and hiking at leisure. You can also come with some packaged lunch so as not to have a rushed experience when hiking the Ngong hills. Ngong hills hiking day tour is suitable for all ages since the hike can be varied from the hard trails to the easiest hiking routes.

6.  Find out the Aberdare National Park Nairobi Hiking Day Tour

6. Aberdare National Park Hike Day Trip

The most scenic Nairobi Hiking Day Tour is Aberdare 1-day hike. Aberdare is a range of hills that stretches across 3 counties in central Kenya. Peak Satima is the highest point in these mountain ranges of Aberdare it’s and located in Nyandarua County. Aberdare is one of the most scenic mountain parks in Kenya after Mt Kenya. This park is some 175 kilometers from Nairobi using the Mutubio gate in Nyandarua County. The Aberdare moorlands and highpoints resemble the moors in UK and the salient looks like the Scottish highlands. Aberdare 1 day hiking tours from Nairobi can easily win as the most scenic and beautiful hiking trails in Kenya. A hiking day trip from Nairobi starts at 0600hrs and starts at the trail head at 0900. There are several hiking trails within the park with the most popular ones on the higher sections of the mountains. These are accessed through the gates on Nyandarua side of the fence since the moorlands are closer at these points. The 1 day Aberdare hike from the fishing lodge to Karuru falls is one of the greatest sceneries as you walk along elephants and buffalos. Finally you make it to the Karuru waterfalls view point. The Karuru falls are the highest water falls in Kenya and make for a great view from the top on the opposite face of the escarpment. If you are fun of more relaxed adventures, you can go for trout fly fishing day trips in Aberdare from Nairobi.

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Mt Kenya day hike

1-Day Mount Kenya Climbing Trip from Nairobi

Go on a 1 day Mt Kenya climbing trip from Nairobi and climb this mountain in a day. Learn how you can go on a 1 day hike to Mt Kenya from Nairobi and enjoy the best views of peak Nelion, Lenana and Batian. This one day hiking tour needs average fitness and the actual ascent is 4hrs and a descent of 1 ½ hours to the gate.

Top 5 Things to See on a Mt Kenya 1 Day Climb from Nairobi

1 Day Mount Kenya climbing trip from Nairobi starts from Nairobi at 5:00am to allow enough time to hike to the observation point at 3800m asl. The main reason to do this tour is to go as close as possible to the peaks and see them up close. The actual hike up and down the mountain takes about 6hrs and you therefore need to get there early.

  • View Scenic Road Trip In Rural Kenya
  • Hike Through Scenic Mt Kenya Rain Forest
  • View Animals In The Mt Kenya Rain Forest Trail
  • Bird Watching In The Mt Kenya Forest
  • Close Up View Of 3 Peaks Of Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya 1 day trip is a great excursion from Nairobi especially for lovers of active sports. It is one of the most popular adventures from Nairobi which can be done in a full day trip. You however need an average level of fitness to climb the mountain in good time.

1. View Scenic Road Trip of Rural Kenya

1. View the Scenic Road Enroute to Mt Kenya

The drive to Mt Kenya is full of scenic rural central Kenya life with young kids running to school and people going about their business as early as 6:00am. You will be picked at 5:00am from your Nairobi hotel and start driving north towards central Kenya highlands. There is expansive coffee and tea plantations to view as you drive towards Mt Kenya. It makes for a very scenic view on your drive to Mt Kenya.

2. Hike through Scenic Rain Forest on Mount Kenya

2. Hike through Scenic Forest on Mt Kenya

On arrival at the Naro Moru gate, you will go through the park entry procedures, make payment and drive up the mountain up to the road head at meteorological station at 3300m. This is the point where the tarmac road comes up to. From here, you will start he trek through deep rain forest with some of the most scenic and quiet environments. The track winds through the indigenous forest of over 100 year old Podo, mahogany, and oak trees. It then meanders through bamboos before giving way to clear moorland grassland with groundsel, tussocks and other alpine vegetation like giant lobelia. The climb up Mount Kenya is a very scenic hike where you go through different habitats and various types of wildlife.

3. View Animals on the Mt Kenya Hiking Trail

3. View Wildlife on Mt Kenya Hiking Trail

If you are lucky, you will be able to see a few animals along the way as you climb to the open alpine moorland. In the rain forest, you are likely to encounter elephants, giant forest hogs, buffalo, leopards, waterbucks, white tailed mongoose, black fronted duiker, mole rat, bush bucks, elands, Sykes Monkey, suni, Colobus monkey, spotted hyena, Olive baboon, genet cat, bush pig, tree hyrax,bongo, along the hike. These animals mostly keep away from the hiking train and you will only get a glimpse of them from a distant. Your mountain guide is also highly trained on how to detect and evade wildlife that may be along your way as you hike Mt Kenya. It’s an amazing feeling to watch hundreds of elephant herds only 200 feet away from your trail or see the fresh spoor of a leopard.

4. Watch Birds in the Forest and Moorland

4. Watch Birds on the trail

Discover Mt Kenya national park rich bird life as you climb the mountain. Mt Kenya is home to more than 54 of the highland biome species of birds including Abbott’s Starling, Lesser Kestrel (a passage migrant on the moorland), Jackson’s widowbird (at up to 3,000 m), Sharpe’s Long claw, Olive Ibis, Lammergeyer, Ayres’s hawk-eagle, African Crowned Eagle, African Grass Owl, Cape Eagle-Owl, Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed Widowbird, Abyssinian Owl (very rare and poorly researched), Scarlet-tufted Sunbird, and Kenrick’s Starling which is confined to this area in Kenya. You will see the birds and your mountain guide will be able to point out some of the more common ones. For expert birders, we can arrange for you to be accompanied by a professional bird guide so that you can identify as many birds on Mt Kenya as possible. You may want to carry along some binoculars if you are interested in bird watching on Mt Kenya.

5. Close Up View of Mt Kenya 2 Peaks

5. View of Nelion and Batian Peaks

Explore Mt Kenya national park peaks in a day trip. The ultimate prize for climbing Mt Kenya in a day hike is to get close enough to view the majestic snow covered peaks Nelion and Batian. You will be able to see these 2 peaks clearly on Naro Moru route at the observation point. You will hike from 3300m at the trail head through the marsh and bog towards the observation point. This is the furthest you can go in a 1-day Mt Kenya hike since you have to take into account the time needed for your descent to the gate. You will have your packed lunch at the observation point and take a few pictures with the peaks in your back ground before heading back down. Your hike up 800m from met station takes you 4 hours and a further one and half hours for your descent back down to the gate. Your will be back at the gate by 3:00pm and drive back to Nairobi with a 6:30pm drop off. Earlier drop off can be arranged in case you have an early evening flight from NBO International airport.

Book your Mt Kenya 1 day hiking trip by contacting Robert for more information, whatsapp us on +254722661827

Mt Kenya day hike

The Top 6 Mt Kenya Day Trip Things to Do

Visit Mt Kenya national park for Mt Kenya day trip and enjoy a hike to the moorland and back. Hiking Mt Kenya on a 1 day trip from Nairobi is fun as you get as close as possible to the peaks. Mt Kenya National Park is only 175km from Nairobi and the best 1 day MT Kenya climbing route is Naro Moru route.

Mt Kenya Day trip

Here are the best 6 things to do and see on your Mt Kenya day trip from Nairobi.

  • View the rural Kenya life as you drive to MT Kenya
  • Enjoy one of the most scenic road trips
  • Hike through deep rain forest of Mt Kenya National Park
  • View wildlife like elephants, bucks, leopards, buffalos on your trek
  • Watch thousands of birds in the Mt Kenya forest trees
  • View Mt Kenya peaks of Batian, Nelion and Lenana up close

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1. View the Rural Kenyan Life on your Drive to Mt Kenya

View the lifestyle of rural Kenya people. Enjoy one of the most inspiring views of the Kenyan rural lifestyle as you drive to MT Kenya.

You will see young kids running to school in school uniform at 6.00am. You will also see village folk going to the market, others walking the cows to the market while others briskly walk to their places of work. It’s a very exciting drive for your mt Kenya national park day hike.

1. Rural Kenyan Life

2. Enjoy The Most Scenic Road Trips To MT Kenya

Enjoy a scenic drive north to MT Kenya. The climb from Nairobi northwards to MT Kenya is one of the most scenic drives. You will see huge coffee plantations and as you climb higher you will see large tea farms enroute. All manner of traffic from donkey carts, motorbikes, Lorries and buses wiz past you as people go about their business. These lush green landscapes of the kikuyu highlands is very exciting and the air is fresh as you drive to MT Kenya one day climb.

3. Hike through Deep Mt Kenya Rain Forest

Hike some up to 3800m from the trail head starting from Met station after driving through the gate. You will arrive at MT Kenya Naro Moru gate at around 9:00am and start your hike from the Meteorological station at 3300m. Climb up through the deep rain forest with big oak, mahogany and camphor trees. The weather is wet and cool in the morning and ideal for the MT Kenya day hike. The scenery is just amazing to watch the forest interspersed with some grass openings and very cool and clear watered rivers.

2. Hike Mt Kenya Rain Forest

4. View Mt Kenya Wildlife near The Trail

View a few animals as you hike including the elephants, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, waterbucks and many more animals. If you are lucky you will see a lot of wildlife but in most cases you will not see much due to the heavy thick forest cover. But even if you don’t see the animals, you always feel that something is watching you at any one point. Its quiet an expedition to see some elephants from a distant, the occasional leopard or giant forest hog.

3. View Mt Kenya Wildlife

5. Watch Thousands of Alpine Birds in the Forest

Watch many birds with the help of your guide who will be able to point out the birds from their sound or from sight. There are thousands of birds to view on your hike and some are very colorful. Watching birds is an exciting activity if you are an ardent bird watcher. There are many MT Kenya hiking bird watching trips arranged from Nairobi. Birding is one of the many popular activities on your MT Kenya 1 day trip from Nairobi.

4. Watch Alpine Birds in Mt Kenya

6. View the Mt Kenya Peaks Nelion, Lenana and Batian

After climbing to 3800m you will reach the observation point where the three peaks are so clear and close you can take all the pictures you can. It is an exciting and breath taking view of these peaks with their snow covered tops against the blue clear skies in the morning. This view at 3800m is the climax of the 1 day MT Kenya hike and you will have your packed lunch here and start the descent back to the gate. The hike up to observation point takes you 3 and a half hours and the hike down is 1 and half hours. Seeing the peaks this close is worth all the hustle of driving there and hiking through grass, bogs and rocks to get there. You will return back to the gate by 3:00pm for your drive back home.

Mt Kenya day hike
5. Mt Kenya 1 day trip climb

You will return back to Nairobi by 6:00pm and dropped off into your hotel room after a great day hike to Mt Kenya national park.

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