The Best 10 Attractions In Tsavo

East And West National Parks, Kenya



Tsavo National Park is the oldest and most famous park in Kenya. It covers an

area of more than 21,000 square kilometers and is located between Mombasa

and Nairobi in the southernmost part of the country. The park consists of two

separate wildlife regions, namely Tsavo West and Tsavo East. It is the largest

park in Kenya and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Tsavo East and Tsavo

West National Parks are iconic destinations in Kenya, which are also known for

their eye-catching landscapes. Below are the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo East

and West National Parks, Kenya.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Tsavo West National Park

At the pinnacle of the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo East and West National Parks,

Kenya, lies the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary nestled within Tsavo West National

Park. The sanctuary derives its name from the encompassing clusters of hills and

is an integral component of the Eastern Arc forests, recognized as a biodiversity

hotspot. Encompassing 28,000 acres of diverse habitat, including riverine forest,

savanna wood, and grassland, the conservancy boasts a rich plant physiognomy.

Characterized by dense and stratified vegetation dominated by Acacia/Commiphora

trees, the sanctuary exhibits an evergreen appearance in wet areas, particularly in

the central lowlands. Positioned between Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West

National Park, the sanctuary serves as a vital dispersal area and migratory corridor

for wildlife, enhancing its value as a tourism destination and ecological asset.

Its mountainous terrain affords breathtaking views of Kilimanjaro, Pare, and

Uluguru mountains, adding to its allure. All these attributes make it the best

attraction between the two parks.

Lake Jipe, Tsavo West National Park

Following closely behind is Lake Jipe, situated within Tsavo West National Park.

This inter-territorial lake straddles the border of Tanzania and Kenya. It lies in

Mwanga District, within the Kilimanjaro region on the Tanzanian side of the

mountain, while on the Kenyan side, it is located south of Nghoji village.

Positioned on the leeward side, the lake primarily receives its water from the

Lumi River, originating from Mount Kilimanjaro, and streams from the north

Pare Mountains. A section of the lake’s northern shore is protected by Kenya’s

Tsavo West National Park, which remains unfenced. Lake Jipe is renowned for

being home to endemic fish species. Various activities can be enjoyed on and

around the lake, including fishing, picnicking, nature walks, sunrise and sunset

watching, boat safaris, and birdwatching. However, swimming in the lake is strictly

prohibited due to the presence of crocodiles and hippos.


Shetani Lava Flow, Tsavo West National Park

Following on the list is the Shetani Lava Flow, an ancient expanse of lava fields

distinguished by its unique geological formations and which also offers opportunities

for wildlife sightings. Local superstition surrounds this lava flow, stemming from

accounts of molten flow witnessed by members of the local community, hence

earning it the name “Shetani,” meaning devil in Swahili. The stark contrast between

the black lava flow and the surrounding vegetation adds to its allure, drawing

tourists to the site for both educational and recreational purposes, making it one

of the key attractions within the two parks.

Yatta Plateau, Tsavo East National Park

Ranked as the fourth attraction is Yatta Plateau in Tsavo East National Park. The

plateau holds the distinction of being the world’s longest lava flow, stretching

approximately 300 kilometers. Formed from volcanic activity, it is primarily

composed of black lava rock. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding plains,

the plateau is also home to diverse wildlife. Among the activities to indulge in on

the plateau are hiking the rocky terrain of Table Mountain, stargazing at night,

nature walks, picnicking, and exploring the geological features of the plateau.

Yatta Plateau is a must-visit site for tourists exploring Tsavo National Park

Mzima Springs, Tsavo West National Park

Mzima Springs occupies the fifth position. It stands as one of the most captivating

attractions within Tsavo National Park. These springs form a series of natural

wonders, originating from underground aquifers sourced from the nearby Chyulu

Hills. Visitors to Mzima Springs are treated to a diverse array of wildlife sightings,

including hippos, crocodiles, and various fish species. These springs owe their

existence to rainfall on the Chyulu Hills, a volcanic mountain range. Rainwater

seeps into the ground, filtering through volcanic rocks and crevices, ultimately

emerging as crystal-clear springs. The underwater viewing chamber offers a

unique perspective, allowing visitors to observe hippos and fish gracefully

navigating the pristine waters. Mzima Springs also boasts several scenic walking

trails, providing opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the

surrounding wilderness and encounter additional wildlife such as baboons and birds.

Chaimu Crater, Tsavo West National Park

Following closely behind in the sixth position of the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo

East and West National Park is Chaimu Crater. It is one of Tsavo West National

Park’s most beloved volcanoes, surrounded by native grassland and wildlife.

This volcanic mountain is a must-see for adventurers and nature lovers alike,

offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape from its extinct volcanic


Lugard Falls, Tsavo East National Park

Lugard Falls, located on the Galana River in Tsavo East, is next in line. It is one of

the most picturesque sites in the area. These breathtaking waterfalls can be found

near the well-established Rhino Sanctuary and are worthy of a visit. The falls are

characterized by white water cascading over rocks. The captivating natural beauty

and outstanding geological features of Lugard Falls attract travelers, making it a key

attraction of Tsavo East National Park.

Athi River, Tsavo East National Park

The Athi River courses through Tsavo East National Park, enriching its diverse

ecosystem. Serving as a crucial water source, it attracts a wide range of wildlife,

notably large herds of elephants. The presence of the Athi River further enhances

the park’s natural beauty, adding to the overall allure of Tsavo East.

Galana River, Tsavo East National Park

In the penultimate position lies the Galana River in Tsavo East National Park.

It plays a crucial role in supporting the diverse wildlife in the area. Renowned

for its picturesque landscapes and serving as a habitat for hippos and crocodiles,

the river acts as a lifeline for wildlife. Here, visitors can spot elephants, crocodiles,

and hippos thriving in their natural habitat.

Mudanda Rock, Tsavo East National Park

Mudanda Rock, located in Tsavo East, occupies the final position on the list.

This remarkable rock formation provides sweeping views of the park and serves

as a watering hole, attracting various animals. It stands out as a prominent

landmark within Tsavo East National Park, renowned for its distinctive shape

amidst the expansive landscape. Acting as a natural barrier along the seasonal

Voi River, the rock forms a reservoir, serving as a vital water source

In conclusion, Tsavo East and West National Parks offer a wealth of diverse

attractions that showcase the stunning natural beauty and rich wildlife of this

region. From the iconic red elephants to the breathtaking landscapes and unique

geological formations. Our list of the Best 10 Attractions in Tsavo East and West

National Park, Kenya gives us a clear picture of the two stunning worlds.

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The Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara & Serengeti


Maasai Mara and Serengeti are highly rated National Parks that are situated in Kenya and

Tanzania respectively, East of Africa. They are consistently in the top 10 must-visit National

Parks in Africa. They gain their remarkable reputation because they give tourists an alluring

safari experience. Let’s dive in and see what the fuss is about. Below is a well thought out list of

Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park.


1. Wildebeest Migration

The wildebeest migration is recognised as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. The

members of the antelope family traverse between the savannah and woodland vegetation of

Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks in search of greener pastures. This phenomenal

event often happens between July and November. It is estimated that slightly over 2 million of

these herbivores make the trek.

Their journey is of course filled with a lot of obstacles, particularly as they cross the various

rivers that are infested by crocodiles. They are also preyed upon in the savannah and open

woodlands by members of the cat family. This action-packed journey is interesting to watch.

This wonder of the natural world attracts a lot of tourists, local and foreign; thus, it has

gained recognition at the helm of the Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai  Mara and Serengeti National Park.


2. Big Five

Coming in second in the list of Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National

Park is the Big Five. If you want a good chance of spotting the infamous Big Five, look no

further than Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park. The two parks are known to be the home

of the Big Five. Chances are, nine of out of ten you will spot all of them. The big 5 comprising of

the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant are a great attraction as they lure tourists from all

over the world thus being featured among the list of the Top 10 Safari Attractions in Maasai

Mara and Serengeti National Parks.


3. Luxury Travel

Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Parks offer epitomes of Luxury travel. From the

transportation which is either by well kitted land cruisers/vans or even planes as the parks are

equipped with runways, to state-of-the-art camps, cottages and hotels. There are also

numerous travel agencies which offer great deals on safari and stay in the parks at exceptional

prices. This gives convenience to tourists thus makes planning for a safari much easier.


4. Hot Air Balloon Safari 

Watch the sunrise at 1000ft above sea level over a hot air ballon ride as you tour the park and

watch the animals from a bird-eyes view. Be sure to get good pictures from an aerial point of

view. This activity is more interesting during the great wildebeest migration. The activity is

concluded with breakfast or lunch in the wild!


5. Maasai Community

The Maasai community resides within the two national parks. The semi-nomadic patriotists

community is known for their rich culture, i.e., high jump dances, unique dressing in bright red

robes and are known for being fearless warriors. They live in huts made from cow dung, sticks

and grass roofing called manyattas. They are amiable and will teach you many skills, like how to

hunt, milk domestic animals, prepare traditional meals, and much more. Their way of life is

tourists’ major attraction. A trip to either Maasai Mara or Serengeti National Parks is not

complete without taking a detour to one of the villages of the Maasai community. The Maasai

community is a major attraction thus being recognized as one of the Top 10 Safari Attractions in

Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park.


6. Breathtaking Landscapes

The two national parks are blessed with breathtaking landscapes such as the savannah plains,

open woodlands, escarpments, rivers that are filled with crocodiles and the rugged terrain which

is always exciting to offroad on.


7. Diverse Wildlife 

Other than the big 5, the two National parks are blessed with a wide variety of wild animals. It is

estimated that over 90 species of mammals 470 species birds reside in the parks.  The parks

which mainly comprises of savannah vegetation create the perfect habitat for the animals.


8. Guided Nature Walks 

Who said you have to be in a Landcruiser or tour van to enjoy a safari? One can explore the

parks on foot while being guided by guides who are often skilled Maasai warriors in their ever-

vibrant look of red robes, a spear and a club. During the walk, one will a get a good chance of

spotting wide variety birds, animals and indigenous plants.


9. Camping and Meals in the Bush

Talk about thinking out of the box! Hotels in Serengeti and Maasai Mara National Park offer

packages of camping and meals in the bush in various designated areas in the park. This is a

fun activity for tourists who come in groups. You will be in the company of bird chirps and

groans from hungry carnivores.  It has gained popularity over the years hence making an

appearance in the list of Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks.


10. Night Game Drives

To close the list of The Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks is

night game drives. The wilderness doesn’t sleep. It is argued that the wilderness comes to life

as the night creeps in. Go out of the norm by exploring the national parks at night creeps in.

This is an exciting activity, particularly for adrenaline junkies, as the wild is unpredictable. Masai

Mara and Serengeti National Parks have an array of nocturnal animals like bush babies, civets

and nightjars. At night, it is the best time to spot them. It is also the perfect time to catch the

carnivores engaging their prey, as they are more active at night.

Masai Mara and Serengeti National Parks are two safari destinations blessed with an array of

attractions as summarized in the above list of Top 10 Safari Attractions in Masai Mara and

Serengeti National Parks.

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