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Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage Tour

Nairobi Airport Layover Tour to Sheldrick elephant Orphanage

Enjoy a layover tour to Sheldrick elephant orphanage or the Nairobi elephant sanctuary in your few hours stop over at NBO airport. You can choose to step out of the airport for some interesting visit to see the orphaned elephant babies and the giraffes.

Top 4 Tips of a Layover tour to Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

  1. NBO Nairobi Elephant Orphanage Layover Tour Itinerary
  2. Where Do The Baby Elephants Come From?
  3. Public Viewing and Lecture at Elephant Orphanage
  4. Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

1.  Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

Sheldrick baby elephant orphanage layover tour from Nairobi Airport

The Nairobi elephant orphanage is managed by the David Sheldrick wildlife trust which was started in the 80s to protect wildlife. The orphanage is located inside the Nairobi national park on the western edge of the park.  It is 15 minutes from the NBO airport. The orphanage houses between 15 and 30 baby elephants at a time. These are babies whose mothers have been killed by poachers for their ivory or they simply feel into a water well and their mothers left them. The orphanage has over the years rescued and rehabilitated back into the wild hundreds of elephants.

The Sheldrick elephant orphanage layover tour gives you an opportunity to interact with these very interesting babies and you can even touch them. You will watch as they are fed and as they play and get a public lecture on each of their life history. Each of them has a name that identifies the circumstance or location that he or she was rescued from.

2.  Where Do The Baby Elephants Come From?

2. Baby Elephant Orphanage Feeding Time

Once the Kenya wildlife service identifies an abandoned baby elephant, they get in touch with the Sheldrick trust and arrange for its relocation to the Nairobi rescue Centre. It is always a delicate operation as the elephants are highly emotional animals and their maternal connections are hard to break. The orphanage will allocate caretakers to these baby elephants who even sleep in the elephant pens so that it doesn’t feel lonely. The biggest risk of these young babies is death from emotional distress of abandonment.

3.  Public Viewing and Lecture at Elephant Orphanage

3. Elephant Orphanage Public Lecture

Nairobi elephant orphanage allow a public viewing and lecture every day from 1100 to 1200hrs . You pay an entrance fee and you can watch the baby elephants as they are fed on milk formula. The babies are lactose intolerant and therefore get their special milk formula made in the UK and shipped for them. You can watch them fed with the milk from plastic bottles and as they play around the viewing area. Each of them has a different temperament from the other. There are bullies; there a free spirits and the guarded ones and some are stark raving mad. But all of them are adorable to watch.

4.  NBO Nairobi Elephant Orphanage Layover Tour Itinerary

4. Sheldrick elephant orphanage itinerary

You will be picked form the airport at any time before 10:30am and driven to the orphanage in order to get there on time for the public viewing. This is the Nairobi elephant orphanage layover tour itinerary below:

10:00am: Pick up from the airport for the Sheldrick Nairobi elephant orphanage

10:30am: Arrival at the elephant orphanage and pay the entrance fee

11:00am: The public viewing starts and the chief caretaker narrates about the elephants babies

11:20am: The Babies are fed with milk formula from bottles. You can touch the babies along the line.

11:30pm: The older second group of elephant babies is brought for their feeding.

12:00pm: End of public viewing and questions are answered by the chief care taker.

End of Nairobi elephant orphanage layover tour.

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Airport Layover Game Drive Tour In Nairobi National Park from NBO Airport

Layover Game Drive Tour in Nairobi National Park

Go on a Airport layover game drive tour at Nairobi national park from NBO and see hundreds of wildlife only 10 minutes from your departure terminal. Nairobi national park offers you the best chance to get away from the boring airport walls and enjoy a 4hr game drive in the park. You will get a sample of what Kenya national parks have to offer from your short safari in Nairobi on a transit visa.

Top 6 Animals to See In Nairobi National Park Layover Tour from NBO

Nairobi national park layover game drive- Rhinos

Layover Game Drive Tour in Nairobi National Park. There are hundreds of animals to see in a Nairobi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hours layover from NBO airport. Some of these are in their hundreds but the most captivating ones come in small numbers. Below are some of the most interesting animals you can go and to a game drive, walking safari, and sightseeing in Nairobi national park. Here are 6 animals to see in your layover game drive tour in Nairobi national park:-

  • Find the lions
  • See the buffalos
  • Meet the rhinos
  • Admire the giraffes
  • Stumble on a leopard
  • Browse the Grazers

When you depart the NBO lounge for the Nairobi Park, nothing prepares you to how close you were to missing some of the most interesting wildlife in Africa. You will need to get a transit visa and come and hike, do a game drive, bird watch or sightseeing the park to believe it.

1. Find the Lions

1. Lions

There are so many lions in Nairobi national park that it’s hard to miss a pride of them. The lions are in separate prides and its estimated there is more than 80 lions altogether. The lions of Nairobi national park usually occupy same general areas in the savannah. A general rule is that wherever you see hordes of gazelles, the lions are never too far away from them. It is possible to meet a mating pair just next to the game drive truck or a family of 10 females and cubs right on the road.

2. See the Buffalos

2. Buffalos

Nairobi national park has large herds of buffalo which are easy to find at any time. Sometimes, all your driver needs to do is to follow the freshness of their poop to tell how far they might be or when they were passing that point. Buffalos move in herds and one thing that they do a lot is poop. Sometimes you will get large herds just next to the road and they will all stop feeding and stare at you all at once. It can be abit unnerving as you try to figure what is going on in their minds. Are they going to attack or flee? Most cases, they flee.

3. Meet the Rhinos

3. Rhinos

These are by far the most interesting animals to watch in your short 4, 5 hours layover trip from NBO JKIA airport. The white rhinos are bigger than the black rhinos and they are the more docile ones. You will meet a family of 3 or 5 right next to the road and they keep on feeding as if you never existed. It’s interesting to watch mother rhinos with their calves as they feed and the baby floricks around the mother’s feet. The black rhinos are another story all together. They usually occupy the dry highland forest as they are browser as opposed to the grazing cousins of theirs. Black rhinos are shy and extremely volatile. They attack anything they don’t like or flee at the very moment they notice your presence which makes them hard to take pictures of.

4. Admire the Giraffes

4. Giraffes

Nairobi national park giraffes are a marvel to watch as they feed on the bushy thorn trees right beside the road. The giraffes are so accustomed to vehicles that they rarely move away when you approach. You are therefore able to take some of the best pictures of giraffes crossing the road or just feeding nonchalantly next to your vehicle. These giraffes are just so docile and beautiful to watch especially mothers with their babies. Absolutely amazing pictures too.

5. Stumble on a Leopard

5. Leopard

You will be extremely lucky to see one of these secretive and highly shy animals in Nairobi national park. Nonetheless, there are many leopards in Nairobi national park that are usually seen in the cooler hours of the day. It’s not unusual to see a leopard walking along the game drive road just besides your car for afew meters. If you see one, you bless your lucky stars… but they are there.

6. Browse the Grazers

These are the most populous animals in the park and include the zebras, elands, wildebeests, gazelles, duikers, dik diks, hartebeests, warthogs, impalas and many others. They are mostly found in the savannah. You can take several hundred pictures of these animals as they graze close to your vehicle.

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