1 day birdwatching in nairobi national park

1 Day Nairobi Private Bird Watching Trip | Birding Packages in Kenya

1 Day Nairobi Private Bird Watching Trip | Birding Packages in Kenya

An exciting 1 day private bird watching trip to Kenya’s Nairobi National Park. This 1-day safari includes bird guide, over 6 hours birding, park fees, water,

Explore Nairobi birds on a 1 day bird watching trip in Nairobi national park. Birding around Nairobi is a fun leisure and outdoor activity that most people looking for quiet observation of nature take. Birds of Nairobi national include some more than 400 species and 22 migrant species that come from Europe. These birds can be seen in the different park ecosystems including rivers, dams, savannah grasslands and the forest.

1 Day Birdwatching Trip in Nairobi National Park

Top 4 Bird Watching Locations in Nairobi National Park

1-Day Birdwatching Trip in Nairobi National Park. Birds of Nairobi national park are mostly located in 4 different habitats in the park. This means differently located birds have mostly a different diet. While the larger bird occupy the savannah grasslands, the smaller species occupy the forest areas. Each bird species have their own morphological adaptation depending on which habitat they occupy. Here are the 4 main areas of Nairobi park for a 1-day birdwatching trip in Nairobi national park where you will find these birds.

  • Nairobi park Highland dry forest
  • Savannah grassland in Nairobi National Park
  • Riverine forest on the southern Nairobi park border
  • Birds of Prey of Nairobi National Park

1. View the Highland Forest Birds

1. View Highland forest birds in Nairobi park

1 day bird watching trip in Nairobi national park is a half or full day trip. Explore the highland Dry Forest to the West of the park around the Langata main gate area. This is the highest point in Nairobi national park and the forest is a dry highland forest. 

2. Watch Grassland Birds in Nairobi Park

2. Watch Grassland Bird Species in the park

The grassland area of Nairobi national park is home to many birds such as the ostrich, Kori bustard, and secretary bird. The secluded grasslands are also important breeding sites for the restricted-range  Jackson’s widow bird which breeds here after the April rains. The black smith lapwing is also common in the grasslands as well as the long tailed fiscal. Other birds in the grassland areas include the Fischer’s lovebird, corncrake, lesser kestrel, lappet-faced vulture, pallid Harrier and Sharpe’s long claw. Others are helmeted guinea fowl, francolins, little grebe, pigeons and doves, yellow throated sand grouse,

3. Go to see Riverine Forest Birds of Nairobi National Park

3. See the Riverine and wetland birds in Nairobi national park

There is a riverine forest you can visit to watch the birds on the southern edge of the park. The birds that you will find here including the near the manmade dams of Nairobi include the below. There are birds like gray heron, Hadada ibis, sacred ibis, migratory Egyptian geese, common moorhen, spur winged goose, red billed duck, saddle billed stork, yellow billed stork, great cormorant, Hamerkorp, Eurasian spoonbill, African spoonbill, Kingfischer and many more.

4. Marvel at the Birds of Prey

4. Marvel at Birds of Prey at Nairobi Park

Nairobi national park also has many birds of prey especially in the grassland areas which include the Ruppell’s vulture, tawny eagle, martial eagle, fish eagle, black kite, Bateleur, Common buzzard. The martial eagle is especially interesting to watch as it’s a huge bird which preys on fawn and other smaller rodents.

It is possible to identify over 100 species of birds in a single day with our experienced bird watcher guides in Nairobi national park. We arrange for half day and full day birding tours to Nairobi Park using a safari minivan or a 4×4 jeep. In most cases these are private 1 day Nairobi bird watching trips since birders cannot share a vehicle with wildlife viewing enthusiast. We as such recommend you to book a private full day birding safari to Nairobi Park to have the best experience.

Contact Robert for more information on 1 day birding tours in Nairobi national park, send us a whatsapp message on +254722661827 or email us at info@sojournsafaris.co.ke


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    Frage:Was würde ein Tag Birdwatching kosten ? Darum für mich wäre der 12.11.2022. Abholung ab Hotel möglich?

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      Die Kosten für 1 Tag Vogelbeobachtung im Nairobi-Nationalpark hängen von der Anzahl der Personen an der Tour ab. Diese eintägige Vogelbeobachtungsreise in Nairobi beinhaltet die Abholung und Rückgabe vom Hotel. Ich habe Ihnen die Details per E-Mail geschickt.

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