1-Day Amboseli National Park Game Drive Trips

Watch game as you explore 1 day Amboseli national park game drive trips to see the roof of Africa. The Amboseli 1 day trip from Nairobi is an amazing way to spend your day. One day Amboseli safari from Nairobi includes a 5 hour game drive and an optional 3 course buffet lunch at any of the many restaurants in the park. You will be amazed at the many elephants you can see in Amboseli in a single day.

Top 5 Spots in Amboseli Day Trip from Nairobi

1 day Amboseli national park game drive trips are offered from Nairobi as a private or join in group tours. You can take this tour as a family and find out why Amboseli Park is one of the most popular parks in Kenya. Amboseli Park is located some 232km south west of Nairobi. The park is 392 sq km and is generally dry with a central part of the park with permanent ever green swamps.

  • View Amboseli park African Wild elephants
  • View the roof of Africa from Amboseli national park
  • Watch 4 of the big five animals in Amboseli
  • Climb the Amboseli park observation hill
  • Eat a buffet lunch at any Amboseli lodge (optional)

These are some of the most outstanding things to do and see in Amboseli. There are however many more things to do in Amboseli national park. You will be lucky to see the leopard as it’s a very shy animal but the many elephants in the park compensate for that eventuality.

1. View Amboseli African Wild Elephants

1. View Amboseli Wild African Elephants

Amboseli 1 day trip brings you in contact with hundreds of wild African elephants. There are more than 1,500 elephants in Amboseli national park. Most of these elephants have been studied for 4 decades and are identified by names or markings. The elephants are also very accustomed to vehicles and they don’t shy away from coming so close to your car you can see the hairs on their skin. Elephants of Amboseli have a daily migration pattern as they move to feed on the slopes of the Mt Kilimanjaro and only come to Amboseli for drinking water. They also feed on the ever green water grass in the swamps. You will see them immersed halfway in the swamp waters as they feed on the grass all day. The water in the swamp helps them keep cool as well. Amboseli national park game drive is the only one that you can see wild elephants close to Nairobi.

2. View the Roof of Africa On Kilimanjaro From Amboseli

2. View the roof of Africa- Mt Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa with its snow covered peak kibo standing at 5895m above sea level. The view of the mountain peak is clearest from Amboseli side as opposed to the Tanzanian side from Moshi town. Best views of Mt Kilimanjaro peak are early at dawn and then later in the evening after 5pm. This suggests that the best way you can guarantee yourself a sighting of the peak is to spend a night in the park. This way you will see the mountain early at dawn the following day. It’s advisable to do at least 2 days to Amboseli if you can spare the time from Nairobi. But I have also had very good sightings of the peak even during the day in some months. Make sure to leave Nairobi as early as 5:00am to make it in good time to see the mountain peak before it disappears behind the clouds.

3. Watch 4 of the Big Five Animals in Amboseli

3. Watch 4 of the big 5 animals

A one day Amboseli day tour also gives you a great chance to see some of the big five animals in a single day. The park does not have rhinos but that is the only animal missing from the big 5 line up. You can see elephants, lions, buffalos, and leopards in the park. To see a leopard is however a big challenge and never guaranteed.  Your game drive will take you to the grassland areas where lions like to hide among the tall grass or water pools. If you are lucky you will find tens of lions around a hippo carcass or a buffalo kill. Sometimes a mating pair will keep you entertained for a long time. Buffalos are many and easy to see in the plains and at the swamps. You will also see other animals including the cheetahs, hyenas, wildebeests, zebras, hippos, gazelles, giraffes, elands, jackals, baboons and many others.

4. Climb the Amboseli Observation Hill

4. Climb the Observation hill

This is a small hill which you can climb to have a better view of the park from atop. They have provided nice easy to climb stairs up to the top. Most people prefer to take their packed lunch from the sitting area sheds provided at the top of the hill. Down below are hundreds of hippos swimming in the pool below. It’s an amazing view of the expansive lake Amboseli from the observation hill.

5. Eat a Buffet Lunch at One of the Amboseli Lodges

5. Eat a Buffet Lunch at Ol Tukai Lodge

If you make good time for the game drives, you can go of an optional buffet lunch at Serena hotel. The buffet lunch has the widest selection including meats and vegetarian food items .It’s a great thing to eat a 3 course meal in the lodge after a hectic drive and game drive in Amboseli national park. If you have time you can pay for a swim in the lodge swimming pool before you embark on your journey back to Nairobi.

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