Day Trip – Nairobi National Park Half Day Tours in Kenya

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Nairobi National Park Safari Walk, Langata Road, Nairobi, Kenya Kenya

Day Trip – Nairobi National Park Half Day Tours from Nairobi | Nairobi Day Trips

Nairobi day trip is a half day excursion in Nairobi national park from any one Nairobi hotel to see the wildlife including lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippos, gazelles, crocodiles, buffalos, rhinos and many others.

Your Nairobi national park half-day trip departs your Nairobi hotel at 0600hrs at day break with pick up by your driver. The half-day trip game drive in Nairobi Park will start at 0630hrs and last until 1100hrs or mid-day.

Top 7 Tips for Your Nairobi National Park Half Day Trip

  • Visit the ivory burning monument neat the main gate of Nairobi national park
  • Go to the hyena dam and see the many hippos and hundreds of birds in your Nairobi half day trip
  • View the mother rhinos with their tiny calves on the grasslands of Nairobi national park
  • See some mating lions next to one the day trip game drive tracks of Nairobi park
  • Visit the Mokoyiet river view point to see the baboons and nice views of the river below.
  • Come face to face with giant giraffes next to the road in your Nairobi park half day trip
  • Visit the Mbagathi River to half a short nature walk as part of your Nairobi national park half day trip

Nairobi National Park Half-Day Trip Itinerary

You can either take the morning half-day game drive in Nairobi national park or opt for the afternoon game drive from 1500hrs to dusk.

0600hrs: Your Nairobi national park half day trip starts very early in the day with a pick up from Nairobi hotel

0630hrs: Finalize the Nairobi park gate formalities and entry into the national park.

0610hrs: Visit the ivory burning monument to learn about the fight for conservation of the elephants. In addition, see the ivory ashes from the burning events.

0700hrs: Drive down into the grasslands to start your Nairobi park game drive and see antelopes, buffalos, giraffes and more.

0730hrs: Visit he hyena dam and see the hippos in the water. There are also many birds around this dam including egrets, African fish eagle, kingfisher, marabou stork, Egyptian geese, grey herons, Hadada ibis, African crested cranes.

1000hrs: See the lions at the block number 5 or 7 while on a kill or while mating. They are very easy to see in this park.

11:00hrs: Watch the herds of buffalo and if lucky see a leopard near the leopard gorge. You will also see lots of zebras, elands, wildebeest, hartebeests, impalas, baboons and jackals.

11:30hrs: Drive out of the park after 4 and a half hour of game drive in the park.

End of Nairobi national park half day tour.

Nairobi National Park Half Day Game Drive Trip Prices

Your Nairobi half day game drive cost will depend on the size of your group. If you are with a large group, then the cost is lower as opposed to doing a 2 person’s tour. The experience is however worth it even if you are doing a solo Nairobi half day safari.

Here are 6 categories of group sizes and the prices for Nairobi 1 day game drive trip

Nairobi national park half day Trip Group Sizes

Cost Per Person in Usd excluding. Park fees

1 person on Nairobi national park half day-trip


2 persons on Nairobi park half day game drive


4-5 persons on Nairobi national park half day tour


Above 6 persons on Nairobi national park game drive


Children above under 18yrs

75% of adult rate

Children below 3 yrs.

Free of Charge


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