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The Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities in Kenya



The history of mission churches in Kenya dates back to the period before Kenya gained independence.

Mission churches in Kenya were primarily introduced by Europeans from Britain. Rabai Mission was

the first mission church in Kenya, established in 1846. Mission churches have played a great role in

Kenya’s rich history. Today, mission churches are pivotal in Kenyan societies. Kenya is a land filled

with mission churches and the churches have run numerous different programmes in an attempt to

make the society better. Below is a comprehensive list of the Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities

in Kenya that travelers can indulge in.

1. Conserving the Environment 

At the forefront of our list of the Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities in Kenya, we have conserving

the environment. Churches in Kenya play a big role in conserving the environment. They organise

specific days to give back to the community in efforts to conserve the environment through activities

like planting trees, organising cleaning-up campaigns, water conservation, advocacy, creating

awareness about the importance of conserving the environment and educating the community on

renewable energy, waste management and sustainable farming. This is an activity that is common

among travellers who visit Kenya.

2. Creating Awareness on Social Issues

Secondly, mission churches organise rallies, workshops, open-air meetings and seminars to create

awareness about some of the emerging issues in the communities. They create awareness about

mental health and offer support in terms of guidance and counselling. Further, they foster awareness

about child abuse and gender-based violence and they go ahead and offer hospitality and counselling

to the victims. Lastly, they raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS and go the extra mile by providing

treatment, counselling and testing. This is an activity that a traveler can easily indulge in.

3. Outreach Programmes  

Third on the list, we have outreach programmes. Outreach programmes are acts of sharing love, hope

and compassion as one serves the community. Mission churches in Kenya spearhead outreach programs.

Through participation, one can be part of this programme by offering medical aid to underserved

communities, visiting the local children’s home and helping the staff in the day-to-day running of the

facility, disaster relief, emergency assistance and providing humanitarian aid such as food, shelter

and clothing donations.

4. Community Development Projects

Community development projects are key in mission churches in Kenya. They spearhead development

projects such as general infrastructure development like building and renovating hospitals, community

centres, orphanages and schools, roads and bridges. Apart from infrastructure development, they also

provide clean water, microfinance initiatives, housing projects and improving the local livestock

through establishing a breeding farm. The mission churches are open to volunteers from travelers to

help them with their cause.

5. Educational Initiatives  

Coming in fifth is educational initiatives. Mission churches double as education centres. One can

volunteer in the local churches to teach basic skills such as pottery, computer, reading, writing, problem

solving, mathematics and interpersonal skills to the children in the communities. Mission churches

also have libraries with resources such as videos, books and other educational materials.

6. Engaging in interfaith dialogue

 Communities comprises of people from different religions. The diversity has led to the need of interfaith

dialogue which is championed for by mission churches. This is an activity that has recently gained

popularity. It involves cooperative, constructive and positive interactions between individuals from

different religions. It exists in two levels; institutional and individual level. It aids in fostering understanding,

tolerance and acceptance between the involved religions. One can take part by attending organized interfaith

dialogue and airing their views.

7. Legal Aid

Mission churches offer legal aid to immigrants, victims of land disputes, child abuse and gender-based

violence and individuals in the community who cannot afford to hire legal representation. Legal expert

travelers can offer their expertise in pursuit of justice to members of the affected members of the community

through the legal aid program. Legal aid exists in many forms such as legal clinics, advocacy, legal education

and partnerships with legal societies. Also, non-expert travelers can aid the legal cause through referrals.

8. Cultural Events and Cultural Exchange

Cultural events and exchange programs are organized by mission churches so as to provide an individual

with an opportunity to learn about the way of life of the local community and Kenya at large. As a result, it

leads to respect and appreciation for one another. This is a fun activity for travelers as they learn and

appreciate the different cultures. Our list of Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities in Kenya would not be

complete without this activity. 

9. Mentorship Programmes 

Mission churches provide mentorship and support to the people in the local community. This includes

offering teachings and guidance on how to be disciple-like by following in the footsteps of Christ. The

mentorship programmes also involve teachings on enhancing skills, self-development, career development,

leadership skills, mentoring households on money management and motivating mentees on how to improve

their social networks as well as encouraging them to reach and surpass their set goals. One can participate

in this program by volunteering in any way.

10. Evangelism

Evangelism is the act of spreading the Word of God through preaching, serving, testimonials, Bible studies,

open-air gatherings and praise and worship. This is a top activity for travelers, as they are able to spread

the Lord’s word as they render their service to the church and community at large.

11. Fundraisers

To be able to facilitate most of the activities run by the church, mission churches require funds. One of the

many ways they seek funding is through fundraisers. One can volunteer in this activity through direct

funding or indirect which is through spreading the word to family, peers and colleagues.

12. Conflict Resolution

To close our list of Top 12 Church Mission Tour Activities we have conflict resolution. This is an underrated

activity, but worth mentioning. Mission churches play a significant role in conflict resolution in the Kenyan

society. They offer mediation and arbitration through the leaders in the church so as to maintain order in

the community. Expert and non-expert travelers can take part in this fulfilling activity.

This list of the Top 12 Church Mission Tours Activities in Kenya comprises activities that offer meaningful

experiences to travelers who are interested in rendering service to the community, community outreach

and cultural immersion as they learn about the Kenyan culture.

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