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Mt longonot day hike
Daily Tour Longonot 1 day hike
Mt Longonot National Park, Mount Longonot hiking Trail, Kenya Kenya

The hiking day trip is a full day excursion from Nairobi to Mt Longonot National park departing Nairobi before at 6.00am and enjoying a 5 hr mountain hiking.

7 Top Tips on Mt Longonot 1 day hiking Trip from Nairobi

  • Views of the majestic great rift valley floor enroute to the Mt longonot 1 day trip hike
  • Stunning views of mt longonot from the base at the start of the 1 day longonot hiking trail head
  • Dusty hike to the rim of the Longonot crater in your hiking day trip
  • Views into the evergreen forested crater floor from the rim of mt longonot in your 1 day trip hike around the crater
  • A day Hike length of 13 km for a full 6 hours from gate to rim and around the longonot crater and back to gate
  • Sighting of buffalos and zebras while climbing the 1 day hike on longonot
  • Optional boat ride and buffet lunch at lake naivasha after your day hike trip

Mt Longonot 1 day hike from Nairobi is a 13km hiking expedition up and around the crater rim and back to the gate and may also include an optional visit to lake naivasha.

Your longonot day hike starts with a pick up from your Nairobi city hotel and drive westwards towards the great rift valley.

Your driver will make a scheduled stop at the cliff of the great rift valley.

You will marvel at the magnificent sights of the valley below with Mt Suswa and Mt Longonot below.

The hike is a moderate to difficult terrain and requires abit of fitness to scramble up the steep and slippery slopes.

Mt Longonot 1 day Hiking Trip Itinerary

Below is the itinerary for Mt Longonot day hike

6:30am: Mt Longonot day hike tour departs nairobi with a pick up from your hotel by our driver

7:15am: Stop at the great rift valley view point to see the valley floor below

7:30am: Arrive at the longonot gate and finalise gate formalities

7:40am: Start your hike up the mountain in the morning fresh weather.

Hike to the crater rim and circumnavigate the rim. The total distance is 14km from gate-around the rim and back to the gate.

1:00pm: Enjoy a picnic lunch at the gate or go for a proper lunch at Lake naivasha lodge.

2:30pm: Optional boat ride on lake naivasha to see the hippo pool and possibly go to crescent island for a walking safari among wildlife. You may also opt to do a bicycle riding and gorge exploration in hellsgate national park.

5:00pm: Drive back to nairobi

7:00pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of tour

Cost of Mt Longonot 1 day hiking trip

Here are 6 Mt Longonot Day Trip prices for different categories

Mt. Longonot Day Hike Trip Group Cost Per Person excl park fees $
1 person Mt Longonot hiking private trip


2-3 persons Mt Longonot day hike private trip


4-5 persons Mt Longonot climbing trip


Above 6 persons Mt Longonot climb tour


Children above under 18yrs

75% of adult rate

Children below 3 yrs

Free of charge


Mt. Longonot 1 Day Hike

The entire Mt. Longonot hike takes 4-6 hours. The 3.1-kilometer trail up the mountain from the gate to the rim of the crater takes 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on one’s competence. Once you reach the rim, you have the choice to descend or hike all the way around the crater. This adds some 7.2 km to the hike. A trek around the rim typically takes 2-3 hours. Mt Longonot hike presents a good challenge for everyone, kids, beginners, and advanced hikers alike.

Mt. Longonot Hike Distance & Stats

Distance: 13.5km

Maximum Elevation: 2780m

Maximum Elevation Gain: 996m

Duration: 4-6 hours

Difficulty: Moderate to hard

Beginner-friendly: Yes

Child-friendly: Yes, 7 years and above

The trip departs Nairobi at 7:30am and the journey takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Your start the ascent at 2150m from the gate and like all good uphill hikes, it will lull you into a false sense of security with a slow gentle rise to the first hill.

This gives you a chance to get your lungs and limbs freed up for the second section which, in our opinion, is most awesome. At the end of each section there is a rest point for the preparation of the next part of your journey.

You start the hike from the main gate of the National Park, hiking vertically up the dormant volcano, rising over 630 meters to the rim of the crater at 2776 meters above sea level. The walk is very steep and craggy in parts and a trek encircling the rim and back to the gate is around nine kilometers.

This day trek is a good warm up to experience the conditions of a mountain trek and test your stamina for a longer trek, like Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro.

Despite setting off early to avoid the heat of the sun, by the time you reach the end of the second section you will have surely generated your own heat. This hike is not an easy hike but is achievable by people of reasonably good fitness. Once you have finished the second section, you are on the rim of the crater.

There is another respite of slightly less demanding terrain, before making the final climb on the fourth section. This again is a demanding section. As you heave yourself over the rim of the crater you are rewarded with the awesome sight of Naivasha and the Great Rift Valley and a feeling that it was all worthwhile.

6:00am: Leave Nairobi for mt Longonot national park

7:30am: Start the hike up the mountain

10:30am: Reach the Mt Longonot crater rim and go around the crater.

12:30pm: Descend to the base and depart for lake Naivasha.

1:00pm: Enjoy a lunch at the fisherman camp

2:00pm: Optional boat ride in the lake Naivasha

3:30pm: Depart for Nairobi

5:30pmDrop off in town or hotel. End of Mt Longonot national park Tour.

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