1-Day Masai Mara Layover Safari from NBO Airport

1-day masai mara layover safari from NBO Airport

Explore Masai Mara game reserve in a 1-day layover safari tour from NBO Nairobi airport. It’s possible to do a one day Maasai Mara trip from Nairobi if you can depart at 0500hrs and return to the city by 0830hrs. If you have a full day to spare and your last flight out is anywhere from 2300hrs, you can do this trip without a doubt. Masai Mara main highway has recently been tarmacked which has reduced the number of hours from Nairobi to 4hrs.

6 Spots a One-Day Masai Mara Layover Safari from NBO Nairobi Airport

You can go on a 1 day masai Mara layover trip from JKIA NBO airport and see the big five animals and the wildebeest migration. You can go with friends or your cabin crew workmates from the NBO to see Masai Mara wildlife in a day. Here are highlights of a 1-day masai mara layover safari from JKIA NBO airport below:-

  • View road trip scenery on 1 day Masai Mara layover trip
  • Cross the Great Rift Valley enroute to Masai Mara stopover safari
  • Find Big 5 animals on a Maasai Mara airport layover
  • Track wildebeest migration in Mara in a layover day trip
  • Watch Birds in Masai Mara 1 day layover tour
  • Do a Game drive with Millions of grazers

1-day Masai Mara layover tour from Nairobi Airport. You need to start early to go to Masai Mara on a day trip directly from NBO airport. The tour starts before dawn to make it in good time to Mara. Plan with your friends or workmates to rush to masai Mara for a game drive in a day from the NBO airport for game drive, bird watching, wildebeest tracking, big five animals viewing.

1.      View Road Trip Scenery on 1 Day Masai Mara Layover Trip

After pick up from NBO airport for Masai Mara 1 day tour, you will go through green kikuyu highlands and start your descent into the Great Rift Valley. Driving to the Mara is a mix of green hills and valleys giving way to expansive grassland savannahs. The scenic value of the valley is just out of this world. The rift valley is a wide expanse of hazy air below which continues as far as the eye can see.

2.      Cross the Great Rift Valley Enroute to Mara Stop over Safari

On the floor of the rift valley are Mt Suswa and Mt Longonot, two volcanic mountains which make for a great hike. Mt Longonot is high and very imposing. Further you can see the vapor plumes of hells gate national park hot springs and geysers in the distant.

You will also see the lush green western escarpment highlands with wide areas of wheat fields. You will also marvel at the wide open savannah grassland in the Masai Mara. Crossing the Great Rift Valley is one of the best moments in your 1 or 2 day Masai Mara safari.

3.      Find Big 5 Animals on a Maasai Mara Airport Layover

View the big five animals on a Masai Mara layover safari in a single day. Masai Mara has so many big five predators and may other animals that you are guaranteed to see the big five in a single day. Even though sometimes you may miss the leopards and rhinos in most cases you will see them.

The big five animals are the lions, elephants, buffalos, leopard and rhinos. These are like the holy grail of wildlife watching in Kenya and only one park guarantees you to see them in a single a day. And that park is the Masai Mara game reserve.

4.      Track Wildebeest Migration in Mara in a Layover Day Trip

You can track the wildebeest migration animals in the Mara in a single day trip from Airport in the months of July to November. The wildebeest migration is the single largest event that happens in the Mara when 1.5 million wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles cross more than 3,000 miles to get into masai Mara and run back again into Serengeti. The migration is so vast that when they go through the Masai Mara, the grass will look like it has been mowed by a lawn mower.

5.      Watch Birds In Masai Mara 1 Day Layover Tour

If you an ardent birdwatcher, you can depart the airport for a bird watching day trip to Masai Mara. The Mara is home to over 300 bird species. There are large grassland savannah birds like the kori buzzard, secretary bird, ostrich and others. There are also birds of prey. You can get a professional bird guide to help you identify over 100 bird species in a single day.

6.      Do a Game Drive with Millions of Grazers

Masai Mara is known for the greatest abundance of grazers like zebras, wildebeests, gazelles, impala, topi, elands and many others. Masai Mara has more than 2 million animals to watch spread across very plain and flat grasslands.

In Mara you can see wildlife spread across hundreds of acres of clear grasslands. This makes for a uniquely good game driving opportunity due to ease of viewing wildlife. Masai Mara 1 day layover trip is worth the long 4 hour drive. The pictures you will take here will be proof that the Masai Mara day trip is worth the time and money.

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NBO Airport Layover Tours to Nakuru National Park

NBO Airport Layover Tours to Nakuru National Park

Take a NBO airport layover / Stopover tours to Nakuru national park from Nairobi and see many animals in a single day. 1-day Nakuru park layover safari is a great way to spend time doing game drives if you have at least 12 hours to spare. Nakuru national park is among the top 5 most visited parks in Kenya and its worth your time.

5 Top Sites in Nakuru National Park Airport Layover Tour

Nakuru national park airport layover tour is a full day excursion from Nairobi in a shared or private safari vehicle. You can invite a friend or to join you on a full day layover excursion from Nairobi NBO airport go hiking, game viewing, climbing, sightseeing or bird watching in Nakuru national park. Here are the 5 top sites to see in a NBO airport layover tours to Nakuru National Park below:-

  • Enjoy A Great Road Trip to Nakuru Layover Day Trip
  • View Tree Climbing Lions in Nakuru National Park on stopover tour
  • Discover Rhinos by the Dozen in Your Nairobi Layover
  • Watch Flamingos by the Millions on a Nakuru Layover Tour
  • See Leopards on Trees on a Nairobi Stopover Day Trip

These are a few of the things to do in Nakuru national park layover day trip but certainly not everything. Nakuru national park allows you to watch wildlife, watch birds, camp among other things.

1.      Enjoy A Great Road Trip to Nakuru NBO Layover Day Trip

Your road trip to Nakuru is not without interesting scenery. You will start from the airport driving down the most scenic Great Rift Valley escarpment. You will make a scheduled stop here to view the valley below and the mountains Suswa and Mt Longonot sitting pretty on the valley floor. Drop down and drive alongside the MT Longonot, one of the most imposing sights as you drive to Lake Nakuru. Your will pass by lake Naivasha, another very beautiful rift valley lake. From here your road trip passes past Lake Elementaita on the left, another alkaline rift valley lake before you get to Lake Nakuru. Lake Elementaita sometimes has flamingos in the millions and you can see them as a pink ribbon around the lake. After Naivasha, you will start to see a lot of animals besides the road including baboons, giraffes, zebras, gazelles and others in the private conservancies.

2.      View Tree-Climbing Lions of Nakuru Stopover Tour

On arrival at Nakuru you will see the tree climbing lions. No one knows for sure why these lions have an uncanny behavior of staying above ground on short trees. There many lions in Nakuru national park and you will be able to see them easily. The lions in Nakuru national park are usually found along the acacia forest around the lake mostly to the north and west of the lake.

3.      Discover Rhinos by the Dozen in Your Nairobi Layover

Nakuru is a very successful sanctuary for both black and white rhinos. This means that it’s very easy to see rhinos specially the white rhinos just near the roads around the lake. The white rhinos are easier to spot since they occupy the open savannah grasslands as opposed to their black cousins that usually reside in forested areas and are generally shy. You will be lucky and see a fleeting shape of a black rhino some hundred meters away.

4.      Watch Flamingos by the Millions on the Lake Nakuru Layover Tour

Lake Nakuru national park is famous for the millions of flamingos that had previously occupied its shores. At one point when the effluent from Nakuru town had increased to alarming levels, they left for several years. In 2019, they came back in their millions when the lake was cleaner and less flooded. Flamingos feed on blue green algae which gives them the pink colour. The flamingos are now back and you will be able to see them along the shores of the lake in your Nairobi airport layover day trip.

5.      See Leopards on Trees on a Nairobi Stopover Day Trip

Leopards in Nakuru Park are easier to see as they hang atop acacia trees and sometimes as they walk along the park roads. It’s always an amazing sight to see this big cat predator. If you are extremely lucky, you may just see him at his hunting best. Leopards are ambush hunters so seeing an actual kill is extremely difficult but it does happen. Leopards in Nakuru love to hang by the high trees, the rocky cliffs and the ravines.

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NBO Nairobi Airport Layover Tour

NBO Nairobi Airport Layover tour to Nairobi National park

Take a Nairobi airport tour to Nairobi national park and watch the hundreds of wildlife in this park. The Nairobi national park layover tour can be offered in the morning or afternoon hours. You can also combine the Nairobi park stop over trip with a lunch or dinner at the Nairobi carnivore restaurant.

6 Things to See In Nairobi National Park Layover Tour

NBO airport layover tour to Nairobi national park. You can decide to go to Nairobi national park and watch the sites and animals in this park for a short 3 to 5 hrs before your flight. Invite a friend and go and enjoy game viewing, walking tour, bird watching, sightseeing and other activities in Nairobi national park. Here are 6 things to see in NBO Nairobi airport layover tour to Nairobi national park below:-

  • View the lions of Nairobi national park on layover from NBO airport
  • See the Rhinos of Nairobi Park on your stop over
  • Watch the Many other animals in the Park from NBO airport layover
  • Visit the Ivory burning monument
  • Visit the dams and river in the park
  • Go to the viewpoint and Mokoiyet valley view point

Going to Nairobi national park on a layover allows you get a sneak peek into what Kenya national parks have to offer for the next time you are around. That is not to say that Nairobi national park does not have enough appeal. It is the only park in a capital city in the world and have 4 of the big 5 animals.

1.      View the Lions of Nairobi National Park on Your Layover Stop

Nairobi national park has many lions which are easy to find in the park. Lately, it has been almost a guarantee to see the lions in the park. The park is only 117 square kilometers in size which is small by Kenyan standards. This means you can cover the whole park in a 4 hour game drive around the savannah and dry highland forest areas.

You will be able to see lion’s a few feet from your vehicle and take some of the most amazing photos. It’s possible to get a pride of mothers and babies numbering over 8 lions at one spot. Seeing a lion kill is one of the rare but magical moments.

2.      See Rhinos of Nairobi National Park on a Layover

Rhinos in Nairobi Park are very timid and can be seen close to your vehicle as they graze. But the Black rhinos are a tough cookie as they flee at the very sight of your vehicle. The black rhinos are also more aggressive and a likely to ram into your vehicle if cornered.

White rhinos are bigger but more accommodating. It’s very interesting to watch a mother rhino with its baby as they walk and graze at the same time only 10 feet away from your game drive car. You can take some really magical up-close photos from Nairobi national park on your NBO Nairobi Airport stopover day trip.

3.      Watch Many Other Animals in Nairobi Park in Your Stopover Tour

Other animals to see in a NBO airport 1 day layover safari include the grazers. Nairobi national park also has very interesting giraffes that are so used to cars. You will be able to watch these majestic giants from as close as 10 feet from your car window as they feed on the acacia leaves. Other animals to watch in Nairobi park layover game drive tour include large herds of buffalos, wildebeests, gazelles, hyenas, zebras, hartebeests, hippos and the crocodiles among hundred more.

The animals of Nairobi Park are divided into three main habitats. There are animals that occupy the savannah lands including the grazers and the big cat predators. Other animals are found in the dry highland forest to the west of the park and here you will find leopards, rhinos, dik diks and duckers among others. Finally you have the riverine forest along river Mbagathi on the southern boundary. Here you will find hippos, crocodiles, terrapins and others.

4.      Visit the Ivory Burning Monument

There is a monument in Nairobi national park where tones of ivory stock piles have been burnt on several occasions by the sitting presidents. This symbolic ivory stock pile burning shows Kenya’s determination to eliminate trade and trafficking in ivory trade.

Most of the ivory is confiscated from traffickers and some of it’s from elephant death of natural causes while still others are taken from arrested poachers in parks. You will see the ashes from the ivory burning and a small informational sign which talks of the Kenyan struggle against elephant poaching since 4 decades ago.

5.      Visit the Dams and River in Nairobi Park on your Transit Tour

While at Nairobi layover national park tour, make a point to visit the hyena and Athi dam which are two huge man made dams for the animals. These dams are full of life including the crocodiles, hippos, fish and much more. Nairobi Mbagathi River forms the southern park boundary and it’s also full of hippos and crocodiles that you can see. Walk along the river to see the birds of the riverine forest and other small animals.

6.      Go To the View Point and Mokoiyet Valley

There are two very scenic viewpoints in Nairobi national park. The main viewpoint is located a little distance from the main gate to the right within the dry highland forest. From here you can see the whole of the park savannah lands all the way to the horizon. Make sure to take photos of the animals against the Nairobi skyscrapers in the distance. The Mokoiyet valley view point and picnic grounds are another very scenic place to take pictures from.

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Nairobi Walking Tour from Layover

Nairobi Walking Tour from NBO Airport

Go on a Nairobi walking Tour on layover / stopover in NBO Nairobi Airport and enjoy the views and sites in Nairobi CBD. A walking Nairobi city tour is one of the best ways to experience Nairobi CBD spots and attractions. You can choose to do a Nairobi city tour around the historical, academic, architectural and cultural sites within the city in your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hour layover at NBO airport.

8 Highlights in Nairobi Walking Tour from NBO Airport Layover

Nairobi walking tour from NBO International Airport. Take a walking tour to Nairobi CBD and visit the landmarks of Nairobi. You can invite a friend to join you to do a day hike, walk, game drive or sightseeing tour away from your layover at NBO airport. Here are highlights of a Nairobi walking tour from NBO airport layover below:-

  • Why take a Nairobi Walking Tour from Airport Layover
  • The Railway and Nairobi Origins
  • Nairobi Symbol Heli-Pad View Point
  • Nairobi Landmark Buildings Walk
  • Nairobi Museum Layover Tour from NBO Airport
  • Airport layover Walking Safari in Karura Forest
  • NBO Airport Layover Day Hike to Hells Gate National Park
  • Mt Longonot 1 Day Hike from Layover at NBO Airport

1.      Why take a Nairobi Walking Tour from Airport Layover

Take a Nairobi walking Tour in any of the several places that offer a great walking safari. Nairobi city walking tour is one such place which offers you a walk through monuments and landmarks of the city. This guided Nairobi city walking tour is a great way to know about the origins, history, architecture and culture of the Nairobi city and its people.

2.      The Railway and Nairobi Origins

Your driver will pick you up from the hotel or the NBO Nairobi hotel for the walking tour. You will start the tour by driving past the railway station which is where Nairobi city started. Nairobi started as a mid-way point in the construction of the railway line from Mombasa to Uganda. The builders made a half way station when they reached Nairobi. When the railway line was eventually completed in Kampala in 1910, the Indian workers settled in Nairobi and started shopping bazaars.

3.      Nairobi Symbol Heli-Pad View Point

The driver will explain to you the history of Nairobi and how it has grown to what it is today. Drive to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) and take a lift to the heli-pad. You can now see the whole of Nairobi from this 27-storey building. The walking guide will point out the main landmarks, buildings and monuments of Nairobi from here. The KICC building is the main landmark for Nairobi city similar to the Opera House in Sydney, the Big Ben in London, the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Liberty Tower in New York.

4.      Nairobi Landmark Buildings Walk

You will walk to the former American embassy memorial and the national archives. Find your way to the various Victorian buildings built by the British during colonial times. Walk by the office of the president, the parliament buildings, the senate building and the mausoleum of the first president landmark. You will see the main catholic cathedral and the city hall and the general post office. You will pass by the Macmillan library which was former colonial governor house and the city market which was a plane hangar including a dozen other early 1900 Victorian architecture buildings. 

5.      Nairobi Museum Layover Tour from NBO Airport

The Nairobi city walking guide will take you to the Nairobi University which was the first university in Kenya. You will then continue on your way to the Nairobi museum to see the history, animals and birds of Kenya. The museum is also home to archeological fossil finds of the Turkana boy which was carbon dated to 1.5million years. This is the earliest evidence of Africa being the cradle of mankind. You will also walk around the museum in this 2hr amazing experience of Kenya political, social, cultural and economic history. There is also a snake park which you can visit and see the snakes of Kenya including the infamous kiss of death black mamba.

After the museum visit, your driver will pick you at the parking lot and drive you to the central park view point where you can see Nairobi again from a hill. This view of Nairobi is just magical. Make sure to take a few pictures from here of the lush green park in the foreground and the skyscrapers of the CBD in the back ground.

6.      Airport Layover Walking Safari in Karura Forest

Another place to visit for a Nairobi layover walking safari is the Karura forest walk. Karura forest is located 15 minutes north of the CBD on Kiambu road. The Karura forest is a popular place for hiking and leisure’s nature walks from the city Centre. Karura forest lush green rain forest borders the United Nations office and the American embassy to the north. If quiet and nature is your thing, then Karura forest is one of the best places to do a nature walking safari from NBO Nairobi International airport.

7.      NBO Airport Layover Day Hike to Hells Gate National Park

If Hiking is your thing, then a layover day trip to hells gate national park is your best option due to its proximity to NBO Nairobi airport. Hells Gate Park is only 98km North West of Nairobi. Hells gate national park got its name from the gap between 2 opposite facing hills. This opening near the gate opens up the parks most volcanically active and gullied western part. After this ‘gate’ hells gate becomes a series of hot water springs and geysers. Everything beyond this point seems to be boiling and spewing hot vapor with sulfur in the air. Hells gate is such an active volcanic area that the government harvests almost a quarter of its geothermal electricity from this park. A walking safari here involves wither walking all the way from the park gate to the gorges. You will be able to walk among the wildlife including giraffes, zebras, buffalos, hyenas, gazelles, impalas among many birds as well.

8.      Mt Longonot 1 Day Hike from Layover at NBO Airport

Another popular 1 day layover walking safari is the Mt Longonot day hike. Mt Longonot is located some 68km north west of Nairobi on the Great Rift Valley floor. The Longonot day hike is a challenging yet achievable hike up this strato-volcano. The hike takes you from the gate to the crater rim, you can decide to go round the crater rim and back to the gate for a total of 13km hike that takes about 5hours to complete. If you love active walking or hiking tours, you can go for a Mt Longonot hiking trip. You will freshen up at the airport lounge before your flight. 

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Nairobi Layover Sightseeing Tour

Explore Nairobi city on a layover/ stopover sightseeing tour from NBO or Wilson airport and see all of Nairobi town, monuments and landmarks. The Nairobi sightseeing tour is offered for a few hours a day and can fit in your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hour stopover at the airport.

7 Tips on Nairobi Layover Sightseeing Tours from NBO Airport

Nairobi layover sightseeing tours from NBO airport. You can take a Nairobi layover sightseeing tour to any of the places listed here. The simplest is the Nairobi walking tour in the CBD to see the various monuments and city landmarks. You can join up a city tour on a layover and go on hiking, game drive, sightseeing, bird watching or a nature walk in the many spots in Nairobi. Here are tips to enjoy your Nairobi layover sightseeing tours from nairobi airport.

  • View Nairobi from Heli Pad on KICC
  • Visit American Embassy Memorial in Nairobi
  • View Nairobi Victorian era Buildings
  • Drive to Nairobi University
  • Sample Food at Local Restaurant
  • Nairobi National Park Sightseeing Layover Tour
  • Lake Naivasha Sightseeing Tour from NBO Layover

1.      View Nairobi from Heli Pad on KICC

The Nairobi sightseeing tour starts from the airport or your hotel in the city with an early pick up. You will drive through the railways bridge and into the CBD. Go to the Kenyatta international convention Centre and access the helipad to see Nairobi from a vantage point. From here your guide will point out all the important buildings in the city and their historical significance.

2.      Visit American Embassy Memorial

Later you will walk to the American embassy bombing memorial park as you interact with people on the street. Walk back and see the city hall in the CBD. The driver will drive you through the government road to see the office of the president, the parliament buildings, the senate building and the first president mausoleum where he still lies in state.

3.      View Nairobi Victorian era Buildings

You will then drive to the city market which is among the oldest buildings in the city Centre. The city market used to be a hangar for planes when Nairobi was just starting. The driver will also point out the former governor’s office and many other Victorian buildings built in the early 1900s. The architecture of these old Victorian buildings is like a street straight out of London with huge quarry shaped rectangular rocks and minimal use of cement. The buildings look like they were curved out of a rock at that same place.

4.      Drive to Nairobi University

Drive by the Nairobi University which is the first and most prestigious university in Kenya. Later drive to the view point at the Nairobi central park to view Nairobi from the hill. You can now drive to the national museum of Kenya and spend the next 2 hours watching the exhibits there.

5.      Sample Food at Local Restaurant

Later your driver will pick you up and drive you for lunch at a local restraint so that you can try the Kenyan dishes. Enjoy the hefty meals with lots of variety. You have a choice to extend your Nairobi sightseeing layover tour to include other places like giraffe Centre, Nairobi safari walk, Nairobi animal orphanage, and Sheldrick elephant orphanage, Bomas of Kenya, Karen Blixen museum or Karura forest for a forest walk.

6.      Nairobi National Park Sightseeing Layover Tour

If you are interested in a game drive animal viewing and sightseeing tour from the airport, you can go for a 4hr game drive in Nairobi national park. Nairobi national park is just 10 minutes from your departure terminal using the east gate which is just next to the airport. You can get to see lions, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, buffalos, leopards, hyenas and many more animals in Nairobi national park.

If you have never gone for a game drive in Africa, the Nairobi national park is your best chance to sample what Kenya has to offer as a country. The park is just 117sqkm and a game drive takes 4 to 5 hours to cover the whole park and see all there is to see here. It is also a great place to go for bird watching for the birders. Nairobi national park has more than 500 species of birds and with our expert bird guides you can identify more than 150 birds in a single day.

7.      Lake Naivasha Sightseeing Tour from NBO Layover

Lake Naivasha sightseeing tour from NBO airport is another layover tour you may consider if you have more than 8 hours stopover in Nairobi airport. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake located on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. The lake is so beautiful and it’s surrounded by beautiful and high end hotels around its shores. There is also lots of wildlife that hang around the lake shores and you can watch them from the hotel restaurants or rooms.

At Lake Naivasha you can take a boat ride to see the hippos the hippo pool or take a walking safari among wildlife at the crescent island. There are giraffes, zebras, hippos, gazelles, wildebeests and other animals at the crescent island to walk among them. This is the best Kenya walking safari on a layover.

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Masai Market Layover Tours

Masai Market Day Tours from The Airport

Discover Masai market Nairobi layover tours to buy some traditional African jewelry, clothes and African prints. One day layover tours from Nairobi airport are possible since a visit to Masai market takes a few hours. You can do the Masai market tour even if you have 2,3,4,5 hours on layover at NBO JKIA airport.

6 Tips to Visit Masai Market Layover Tours from NBO Airport

  • What is the Masai Market?
  • How to Arrange a Masai Market Layover Visit from NBO Airport
  • Carvings and Figurines in Masai Market Layover Tour
  • African Print Clothing in Masai Market
  • Footwear Items to buy on a Layover Masai Market tour
  • Masai Market Daily Locations in Nairobi

1.      What is the Masai Market?

The Nairobi Masai market is a mobile market that sells traditional and cultural souvenirs from all the Kenyan tribes. The name Masai market was given due to the fact that most of the items on sale are symbolic to Masai culture including the largely red themed colors. The Masai market started in a small strip of sloppy land next to the largest round about in Nairobi. Soon every shopping mall wanted to host the Masai market. This led to the market being held in different venues on different weekdays and weekends.

2.      How to Arrange a Masai Market Layover Visit

Masai market is also frequented mainly by local people looking to buy foot wear, house décor items, paintings, and clothing’s. The Masai market is usually an open air market held on empty car parking lots around the city. To go for a Masai market visit from the airport, you can arrange with your travel agent to pick you up from the exit terminal.

Exhibitors in the Masai market include all tribes of Kenya, each bringing to the market, their specialty gift items, jewelry, décor, carvings among others.

3.      Carvings and Figurines in Masai Market Layover Tour

Carvings in Masai market are in 2 categories including the wood carvings. The Akamba people provide most of the wood carvings. The wood carvings of figures include the wild animals of Kenya. The size of these carvings can range from small book markets or fridge magnets. The wood carving items can also be as large as 5ft high for example the giraffes and elephants. Some of these items are actually shipped to you by ship after the purchase.

There are also carvings made from the smooth soap stones by the Kisii people of western Kenya. The soap stone is dug in quarries and shaped into all manner of items. The items available to sale made from soap stone include chess boards, actual size ostrich eggs, Animal carvings, house décor items, bookshelf dividers among others. The soap stone is finished to a very smooth texture and it makes for very beautiful living space ornaments for the coffee table and fireplace mantel pieces.

4.      African Print Clothing in Masai Market

Clothing found on sale at the Masai market includes the African print Shirts with stripped multi colors and braided sleeves. There are also colorful dresses for ladies made from the African Kikoi or wrap around usually used by the Masai people. There is a wide selection of touristy wear including T-shirts printed with welcoming words like Hakuna Matata. Other t shirts and shirts are emblazoned with all types of wildlife including the famous bug five. This makes for perfect gift items for your children and friends at home. Make a point of visiting one of the Masai markets before departure and everyone will love you for the gifts you will buy them here.

5.      Footwear Items to buy on a Layover

The Masai market also features foot wear items mostly sandals made from leather and tires. You will also get head gear like hats and masks worn during traditional festivals. The Masai market is held at different venues each day of the week as follows.

6.      Masai Market Daily Locations in Nairobi


  • Kijabe Street opposite the Norfolk Hotel


  • Capital Center on Mombasa Road


  • The Junction Mall on Ngong Road


  • Village Market on Limuru Road


  • Nairobi Law Courts parking in the City Center


  • Yaya Center on Argwings Kodhek Road

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Masai Village Layover Tours

Masai Village Layover Tours from NBO Airport

Discover Masai village tours on a layover in Nairobi NBO airport and immerse yourself in the culture of one of the most popular warrior tribes in Africa. A visit to a Masai village will bring you close to these guardians of Kenya’s wildlife; learn how they live among dangerous animals, how they dance, and how they fight. The Masai tribe ritual of manhood involved the killing of a lion until wildlife conservation put a stop to this practice not so long ago.

6 Tips to a Masai Village Layover Day Trip

  1. Who are the Masai People
  2. Masai Village Layover Day Tour Starts
  3. The Road Trip to Amboseli Masai Village layover tour
  4. Arrive at the Masai Village to Dance and Song
  5. Masai Village Tour on Layover at NBO; the Itinerary
  6. Buy a Souvenir & Support the Masai at the Village Maasai Market

1.      Who are the Masai People

Get lost away from civilization and meet one of the highly celebrated tribes of Kenya. The Masai have retained their cultural identities even at the onslaught of modernity and technology. Only a Masai Moran (warrior) will don his traditional tire sandals, a red ochre braided head and wear a long red wrap around Kikoi; but beneath it have the latest model of smart phone.

The Masai have not completely abandoned their culture at all. This has endeared them to visitors who want to see how they live in their villages. The Masai people are a warrior tribe and in the early 1800 had dominated most of the other tribes with frequent cattle raids where they would take away young women to marry the warriors and livestock from neighboring tribes like Kikuyu, Akamba, Kalenjin and others. They at this time occupied almost a half of the area now called Kenya due to their exploits.

2.      Masai Village Layover Day Tour Starts

Your guide will pick you up from the airport and drive towards Amboseli national park. The best Masai villages are next to the park so you need to have enough time to do the tour. You can do the Masai village layover tour only if you have more than 12 hours layover. There are few Masai villages worth the effort near Nairobi which could be attributed to the modernization of those living near the city.

3.      The Road Trip to Amboseli Masai Village

The drive goes through the Kapiti plains which is the domain of the Masai tribe. You will see a lot of wildlife along the way as you drive to Amboseli. The road is awash with road signage warning you to watch out of wildlife. The Masai in fact live among all these animals and they will never hurt an animal intentionally. You will see the occasional Masai Manyatta (homestead) surrounded by a thorn fence to keep away the lions at night and secure their livestock.

Brach off into Oloitoktok road at Emali and continue south west towards the Tanzanian border. At Kimana, branch off right into a dirt road that leads to the Kimana gate. The Masai village is located just before you get to the Amboseli Kimana gate.

4.      Arrive at the Masai Village to Dance and Song

The Masai women and men will welcome you with a dance and a local guide will immediately welcome you to the village. The Masai guide will explain the various aspects of their culture including birth rituals, initiation rituals into different age sets, marriage rituals, and war dances. You will have a chance to go into one of the houses which are made of sticks, earth and plastered in cow dung.

Join the Masai women or the Masai Moran’s into performing their respective dances. The aduma jumping dance of the Masai warriors is a favorite with most male visitors as the Masai will challenge you to match jump height. This is not as easy feat, as the Masai seem to have some levitation powers when they do the jumping dance. You will also learn how they make fire out of two sticks and dry elephant dung while watching cattle for days in the wilderness. They will teach you how to throw a spear and how to do traditional archery.

5.      Buy a Souvenir & Support the Masai at the Village Maasai Market

As you wind up your Masai village tour from NBO layover, you will be invited to support the village by buying some of their souvenirs at the Masai market. These mainly bead jewelry is made by women and the money they make helps them keep their children in school despite frequent drought ravages that afflicts the Masai.

6.      Masai Village Tour on Layover at NBO; the Itinerary

0600hrs: Depart from Nairobi NBO airport for Amboseli Masai village tour

0700hrs: Watch the hundreds of animals by the road side and the Masai Manyatta dotting the plains

1000hrs: Arrive at the Amboseli Masai village at Kimana gate and start our Maasai layover tour

1200hrs: Buy some artifacts and curio items at the Masai village

1300hrs: Go for a buffet lunch at the Kibo safari camp or Sopa lodge

1420hrs: Depart Amboseli for Nairobi. Optional game drives inside of Amboseli national park at extra fee.

1800hrs: Drop off at the NBO Airport for your connecting flight after a daylong Masai village layover trip

End of your Masai village layover day tour from NBO airport.

There are other Masai villages in Masai Mara which you can visit if you have at least 2 days. We also go on Masai Mara 1 day safaris and you can go on one if you have a full day to spare as the drive is longer. Masai Mara is 280km or at least 6hrs from Nairobi. Going to Masai Mara, although far, has its advantages in that you will also do a game drive in one of the most popular and rewarding game reserve in Kenya.

Book your Masai Village day tour from NBO Airport layover from Robert, Send a whatsapp message on +254722661827 or send us an email at

Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage Tour

Nairobi Airport Layover Tour to Sheldrick elephant Orphanage

Enjoy a layover tour to Sheldrick elephant orphanage or the Nairobi elephant sanctuary in your few hours stop over at NBO airport. You can choose to step out of the airport for some interesting visit to see the orphaned elephant babies and the giraffes.

Top 4 Tips of a Layover tour to Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

  1. NBO Nairobi Elephant Orphanage Layover Tour Itinerary
  2. Where Do The Baby Elephants Come From?
  3. Public Viewing and Lecture at Elephant Orphanage
  4. Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

1.  Sheldrick Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

Sheldrick baby elephant orphanage layover tour from Nairobi Airport

The Nairobi elephant orphanage is managed by the David Sheldrick wildlife trust which was started in the 80s to protect wildlife. The orphanage is located inside the Nairobi national park on the western edge of the park.  It is 15 minutes from the NBO airport. The orphanage houses between 15 and 30 baby elephants at a time. These are babies whose mothers have been killed by poachers for their ivory or they simply feel into a water well and their mothers left them. The orphanage has over the years rescued and rehabilitated back into the wild hundreds of elephants.

The Sheldrick elephant orphanage layover tour gives you an opportunity to interact with these very interesting babies and you can even touch them. You will watch as they are fed and as they play and get a public lecture on each of their life history. Each of them has a name that identifies the circumstance or location that he or she was rescued from.

2.  Where Do The Baby Elephants Come From?

2. Baby Elephant Orphanage Feeding Time

Once the Kenya wildlife service identifies an abandoned baby elephant, they get in touch with the Sheldrick trust and arrange for its relocation to the Nairobi rescue Centre. It is always a delicate operation as the elephants are highly emotional animals and their maternal connections are hard to break. The orphanage will allocate caretakers to these baby elephants who even sleep in the elephant pens so that it doesn’t feel lonely. The biggest risk of these young babies is death from emotional distress of abandonment.

3.  Public Viewing and Lecture at Elephant Orphanage

3. Elephant Orphanage Public Lecture

Nairobi elephant orphanage allow a public viewing and lecture every day from 1100 to 1200hrs . You pay an entrance fee and you can watch the baby elephants as they are fed on milk formula. The babies are lactose intolerant and therefore get their special milk formula made in the UK and shipped for them. You can watch them fed with the milk from plastic bottles and as they play around the viewing area. Each of them has a different temperament from the other. There are bullies; there a free spirits and the guarded ones and some are stark raving mad. But all of them are adorable to watch.

4.  NBO Nairobi Elephant Orphanage Layover Tour Itinerary

4. Sheldrick elephant orphanage itinerary

You will be picked form the airport at any time before 10:30am and driven to the orphanage in order to get there on time for the public viewing. This is the Nairobi elephant orphanage layover tour itinerary below:

10:00am: Pick up from the airport for the Sheldrick Nairobi elephant orphanage

10:30am: Arrival at the elephant orphanage and pay the entrance fee

11:00am: The public viewing starts and the chief caretaker narrates about the elephants babies

11:20am: The Babies are fed with milk formula from bottles. You can touch the babies along the line.

11:30pm: The older second group of elephant babies is brought for their feeding.

12:00pm: End of public viewing and questions are answered by the chief care taker.

End of Nairobi elephant orphanage layover tour.

To book the Nairobi elephant orphanage NBO airport layover tour, contact Robert on whatsapp +254722661827 or email us on

Airport Layover Game Drive Tour In Nairobi National Park from NBO Airport

Layover Game Drive Tour in Nairobi National Park

Go on a Airport layover game drive tour at Nairobi national park from NBO and see hundreds of wildlife only 10 minutes from your departure terminal. Nairobi national park offers you the best chance to get away from the boring airport walls and enjoy a 4hr game drive in the park. You will get a sample of what Kenya national parks have to offer from your short safari in Nairobi on a transit visa.

Top 6 Animals to See In Nairobi National Park Layover Tour from NBO

Nairobi national park layover game drive- Rhinos

Layover Game Drive Tour in Nairobi National Park. There are hundreds of animals to see in a Nairobi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hours layover from NBO airport. Some of these are in their hundreds but the most captivating ones come in small numbers. Below are some of the most interesting animals you can go and to a game drive, walking safari, and sightseeing in Nairobi national park. Here are 6 animals to see in your layover game drive tour in Nairobi national park:-

  • Find the lions
  • See the buffalos
  • Meet the rhinos
  • Admire the giraffes
  • Stumble on a leopard
  • Browse the Grazers

When you depart the NBO lounge for the Nairobi Park, nothing prepares you to how close you were to missing some of the most interesting wildlife in Africa. You will need to get a transit visa and come and hike, do a game drive, bird watch or sightseeing the park to believe it.

1. Find the Lions

1. Lions

There are so many lions in Nairobi national park that it’s hard to miss a pride of them. The lions are in separate prides and its estimated there is more than 80 lions altogether. The lions of Nairobi national park usually occupy same general areas in the savannah. A general rule is that wherever you see hordes of gazelles, the lions are never too far away from them. It is possible to meet a mating pair just next to the game drive truck or a family of 10 females and cubs right on the road.

2. See the Buffalos

2. Buffalos

Nairobi national park has large herds of buffalo which are easy to find at any time. Sometimes, all your driver needs to do is to follow the freshness of their poop to tell how far they might be or when they were passing that point. Buffalos move in herds and one thing that they do a lot is poop. Sometimes you will get large herds just next to the road and they will all stop feeding and stare at you all at once. It can be abit unnerving as you try to figure what is going on in their minds. Are they going to attack or flee? Most cases, they flee.

3. Meet the Rhinos

3. Rhinos

These are by far the most interesting animals to watch in your short 4, 5 hours layover trip from NBO JKIA airport. The white rhinos are bigger than the black rhinos and they are the more docile ones. You will meet a family of 3 or 5 right next to the road and they keep on feeding as if you never existed. It’s interesting to watch mother rhinos with their calves as they feed and the baby floricks around the mother’s feet. The black rhinos are another story all together. They usually occupy the dry highland forest as they are browser as opposed to the grazing cousins of theirs. Black rhinos are shy and extremely volatile. They attack anything they don’t like or flee at the very moment they notice your presence which makes them hard to take pictures of.

4. Admire the Giraffes

4. Giraffes

Nairobi national park giraffes are a marvel to watch as they feed on the bushy thorn trees right beside the road. The giraffes are so accustomed to vehicles that they rarely move away when you approach. You are therefore able to take some of the best pictures of giraffes crossing the road or just feeding nonchalantly next to your vehicle. These giraffes are just so docile and beautiful to watch especially mothers with their babies. Absolutely amazing pictures too.

5. Stumble on a Leopard

5. Leopard

You will be extremely lucky to see one of these secretive and highly shy animals in Nairobi national park. Nonetheless, there are many leopards in Nairobi national park that are usually seen in the cooler hours of the day. It’s not unusual to see a leopard walking along the game drive road just besides your car for afew meters. If you see one, you bless your lucky stars… but they are there.

6. Browse the Grazers

These are the most populous animals in the park and include the zebras, elands, wildebeests, gazelles, duikers, dik diks, hartebeests, warthogs, impalas and many others. They are mostly found in the savannah. You can take several hundred pictures of these animals as they graze close to your vehicle.

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Nairobi National Park Layover Tour from NBO Airport

Nairobi national park layover tour

Explore Nairobi national park on a 4,5,7,8 hour layover at the NBO international airport. You can take afew hours to discover what the only park in a capital city in the world has to offer. Nairobi national park is only 3km away from the NBO airport terminal and you can therefore opt to spend your time among the wildlife as opposed to watching the walls inside the transit lounge.

Top 6 Sites in Nairobi National Park Layover Visit

Nairobi layover tours from Airport

Nairobi national park layover tour from NBO airport. The Nairobi park is home to 4 of the big five animals. It is only the elephants that you won’t find at the park due to its relatively smaller size as compared to other parks. This article explains the main attraction sites in Nairobi national park for your enjoyment. You can choose to join friends and go on a day trip to hike, game watch, walk safari, bird watching, or sightseeing in the park. Here are 6 top Nairobi national park layover tour from NBO airport highlights.

  • Discover the Ivory Burning Monument on Nairobi NBO layover
  • Explore the Nairobi National park dry Highland forest and its wildlife
  • Explore the Nairobi park savannah animals and sites
  • Visit the Wetlands and dams in the Nairobi park
  • Do some birdwatching in a Nairobi nbo Layover tour
  • Visit the Mokoiyet and view point sites in Nairobi Park Layover from NBO

There are other interesting places to visit in Nairobi national park and your driver guide will take you to most of them if your hours on layover allow it. Find time and join us to go to Nairobi national park for some animal viewing, hiking, birding and picnicking.

1.  Discover The Ivory Burning site Monument

1. Ivory burning monument and picnic site

The ivory burning monument in Nairobi Park is a place where over 3 burnings of ivory stock piles has taken place over a course of 4 decades. The last 3 presidents have engaged in symbolic burning of ivory stock piles captured from poachers and traffickers. There is a small monument and a signage explaining the elephant conservation challenges the country has changed and its hardline stance against trade in ivory and poaching of elephants.

2.  Explore the Dry Highland Forest in Nairobi Park

2. Dry Highland Forest in Nairobi National Park

This is the dry highland forest that occupies the western side of the park. This is the highest point in Nairobi Park. The forest has some great game driving tracks where you can drive to look for the resident wildlife including the leopards, black rhino, and duiker and dik dik antelopes. It is an amazing site when you encounter a leopard walking right on the game trails.

3.  Explore the Nairobi park Savannah grasslands

3. Nairobi national park savannah

The Nairobi national park is mostly a savannah grassland habitat with most of the antelopes and big cat predators occupying this region. Most of your game drive takes place in the savannah and you have a chance to see the cheetahs, lions, buffalos, giraffes, gazelles, impalas, rhinos, zebras, wildebeests and  Hyenas. The grassland is home to some of the biggest birds including ostrich, kori bustard, secretary bird and other birds of prey like the martial eagle and kites.

4. Visit the Nairobi Park Wetlands, Dams and Rivers

4. Nairobi National Park Dams and Rivers

In some of the most beautiful scenery, Nairobi Park has created several huge man made dams to help the wildlife in times of drought and dry weather. The park has not less than 4 main dams and a river Mbagathi that forms the southern park boundary. All these wetland areas and dams are home to several interesting big and small wildlife like the crocodiles, hippos, terrapins, fish, pelicans, herons, among many others. It’s a very interesting game drive to visit some of these dams and take pictures of the animals on your 4,5,6,7 hours layover in NBO airport.

5.  Do some Birdwatching in a NBO Nairobi national park layover tour

5. Bird watching in Nairobi national park

If you are a bird watcher enthusiast, we can arrange to offer you a few hours or a full day of bird watching in Nairobi national park. Here you will be able to identify more than 150 birds out of the recorded 500 species of birds in this park. The tour company provides you with a bird guide book and a pair of binoculars. We have experienced bird guides with more than 10 years’ experience and they will be very helpful for you to see more than 100 species of birds in your short Nairobi national park birdwatching layover tour.

6.  Visit the Mokoyiet, Kingfisher and other viewpoints

6. View Points in Nairobi Park

Nairobi national park has some of the most scenic view points and picnic sites that you may want to go to during a layover at Nairobi Park. You can request your driver to drive you to these sites t see the park from a vantage point. You can also go to the leopard gorge and the hyena dam for those memorable shots of Nairobi national park scenes.

There are many other places you can visit during your short NBO layover stay. You may want to request your tour operator in Nairobi for a full list of places to visit on a Nairobi airport stopover.

Book or request more info on Nairobi national park NBO layover tours from Robert via whatsapp message or call on +254722661827 or email us at

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