Nairobi Walking Tour from Layover

Nairobi Walking Tour from NBO Airport

Go on a Nairobi walking Tour on layover / stopover in NBO Nairobi Airport and enjoy the views and sites in Nairobi CBD. A walking Nairobi city tour is one of the best ways to experience Nairobi CBD spots and attractions. You can choose to do a Nairobi city tour around the historical, academic, architectural and cultural sites within the city in your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hour layover at NBO airport.

8 Highlights in Nairobi Walking Tour from NBO Airport Layover

Nairobi walking tour from NBO International Airport. Take a walking tour to Nairobi CBD and visit the landmarks of Nairobi. You can invite a friend to join you to do a day hike, walk, game drive or sightseeing tour away from your layover at NBO airport. Here are highlights of a Nairobi walking tour from NBO airport layover below:-

  • Why take a Nairobi Walking Tour from Airport Layover
  • The Railway and Nairobi Origins
  • Nairobi Symbol Heli-Pad View Point
  • Nairobi Landmark Buildings Walk
  • Nairobi Museum Layover Tour from NBO Airport
  • Airport layover Walking Safari in Karura Forest
  • NBO Airport Layover Day Hike to Hells Gate National Park
  • Mt Longonot 1 Day Hike from Layover at NBO Airport

1.      Why take a Nairobi Walking Tour from Airport Layover

Take a Nairobi walking Tour in any of the several places that offer a great walking safari. Nairobi city walking tour is one such place which offers you a walk through monuments and landmarks of the city. This guided Nairobi city walking tour is a great way to know about the origins, history, architecture and culture of the Nairobi city and its people.

2.      The Railway and Nairobi Origins

Your driver will pick you up from the hotel or the NBO Nairobi hotel for the walking tour. You will start the tour by driving past the railway station which is where Nairobi city started. Nairobi started as a mid-way point in the construction of the railway line from Mombasa to Uganda. The builders made a half way station when they reached Nairobi. When the railway line was eventually completed in Kampala in 1910, the Indian workers settled in Nairobi and started shopping bazaars.

3.      Nairobi Symbol Heli-Pad View Point

The driver will explain to you the history of Nairobi and how it has grown to what it is today. Drive to the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) and take a lift to the heli-pad. You can now see the whole of Nairobi from this 27-storey building. The walking guide will point out the main landmarks, buildings and monuments of Nairobi from here. The KICC building is the main landmark for Nairobi city similar to the Opera House in Sydney, the Big Ben in London, the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Liberty Tower in New York.

4.      Nairobi Landmark Buildings Walk

You will walk to the former American embassy memorial and the national archives. Find your way to the various Victorian buildings built by the British during colonial times. Walk by the office of the president, the parliament buildings, the senate building and the mausoleum of the first president landmark. You will see the main catholic cathedral and the city hall and the general post office. You will pass by the Macmillan library which was former colonial governor house and the city market which was a plane hangar including a dozen other early 1900 Victorian architecture buildings. 

5.      Nairobi Museum Layover Tour from NBO Airport

The Nairobi city walking guide will take you to the Nairobi University which was the first university in Kenya. You will then continue on your way to the Nairobi museum to see the history, animals and birds of Kenya. The museum is also home to archeological fossil finds of the Turkana boy which was carbon dated to 1.5million years. This is the earliest evidence of Africa being the cradle of mankind. You will also walk around the museum in this 2hr amazing experience of Kenya political, social, cultural and economic history. There is also a snake park which you can visit and see the snakes of Kenya including the infamous kiss of death black mamba.

After the museum visit, your driver will pick you at the parking lot and drive you to the central park view point where you can see Nairobi again from a hill. This view of Nairobi is just magical. Make sure to take a few pictures from here of the lush green park in the foreground and the skyscrapers of the CBD in the back ground.

6.      Airport Layover Walking Safari in Karura Forest

Another place to visit for a Nairobi layover walking safari is the Karura forest walk. Karura forest is located 15 minutes north of the CBD on Kiambu road. The Karura forest is a popular place for hiking and leisure’s nature walks from the city Centre. Karura forest lush green rain forest borders the United Nations office and the American embassy to the north. If quiet and nature is your thing, then Karura forest is one of the best places to do a nature walking safari from NBO Nairobi International airport.

7.      NBO Airport Layover Day Hike to Hells Gate National Park

If Hiking is your thing, then a layover day trip to hells gate national park is your best option due to its proximity to NBO Nairobi airport. Hells Gate Park is only 98km North West of Nairobi. Hells gate national park got its name from the gap between 2 opposite facing hills. This opening near the gate opens up the parks most volcanically active and gullied western part. After this ‘gate’ hells gate becomes a series of hot water springs and geysers. Everything beyond this point seems to be boiling and spewing hot vapor with sulfur in the air. Hells gate is such an active volcanic area that the government harvests almost a quarter of its geothermal electricity from this park. A walking safari here involves wither walking all the way from the park gate to the gorges. You will be able to walk among the wildlife including giraffes, zebras, buffalos, hyenas, gazelles, impalas among many birds as well.

8.      Mt Longonot 1 Day Hike from Layover at NBO Airport

Another popular 1 day layover walking safari is the Mt Longonot day hike. Mt Longonot is located some 68km north west of Nairobi on the Great Rift Valley floor. The Longonot day hike is a challenging yet achievable hike up this strato-volcano. The hike takes you from the gate to the crater rim, you can decide to go round the crater rim and back to the gate for a total of 13km hike that takes about 5hours to complete. If you love active walking or hiking tours, you can go for a Mt Longonot hiking trip. You will freshen up at the airport lounge before your flight. 

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