Masai Market Layover Tours

Masai Market Day Tours from The Airport

Discover Masai market Nairobi layover tours to buy some traditional African jewelry, clothes and African prints. One day layover tours from Nairobi airport are possible since a visit to Masai market takes a few hours. You can do the Masai market tour even if you have 2,3,4,5 hours on layover at NBO JKIA airport.

6 Tips to Visit Masai Market Layover Tours from NBO Airport

  • What is the Masai Market?
  • How to Arrange a Masai Market Layover Visit from NBO Airport
  • Carvings and Figurines in Masai Market Layover Tour
  • African Print Clothing in Masai Market
  • Footwear Items to buy on a Layover Masai Market tour
  • Masai Market Daily Locations in Nairobi

1.      What is the Masai Market?

The Nairobi Masai market is a mobile market that sells traditional and cultural souvenirs from all the Kenyan tribes. The name Masai market was given due to the fact that most of the items on sale are symbolic to Masai culture including the largely red themed colors. The Masai market started in a small strip of sloppy land next to the largest round about in Nairobi. Soon every shopping mall wanted to host the Masai market. This led to the market being held in different venues on different weekdays and weekends.

2.      How to Arrange a Masai Market Layover Visit

Masai market is also frequented mainly by local people looking to buy foot wear, house décor items, paintings, and clothing’s. The Masai market is usually an open air market held on empty car parking lots around the city. To go for a Masai market visit from the airport, you can arrange with your travel agent to pick you up from the exit terminal.

Exhibitors in the Masai market include all tribes of Kenya, each bringing to the market, their specialty gift items, jewelry, décor, carvings among others.

3.      Carvings and Figurines in Masai Market Layover Tour

Carvings in Masai market are in 2 categories including the wood carvings. The Akamba people provide most of the wood carvings. The wood carvings of figures include the wild animals of Kenya. The size of these carvings can range from small book markets or fridge magnets. The wood carving items can also be as large as 5ft high for example the giraffes and elephants. Some of these items are actually shipped to you by ship after the purchase.

There are also carvings made from the smooth soap stones by the Kisii people of western Kenya. The soap stone is dug in quarries and shaped into all manner of items. The items available to sale made from soap stone include chess boards, actual size ostrich eggs, Animal carvings, house décor items, bookshelf dividers among others. The soap stone is finished to a very smooth texture and it makes for very beautiful living space ornaments for the coffee table and fireplace mantel pieces.

4.      African Print Clothing in Masai Market

Clothing found on sale at the Masai market includes the African print Shirts with stripped multi colors and braided sleeves. There are also colorful dresses for ladies made from the African Kikoi or wrap around usually used by the Masai people. There is a wide selection of touristy wear including T-shirts printed with welcoming words like Hakuna Matata. Other t shirts and shirts are emblazoned with all types of wildlife including the famous bug five. This makes for perfect gift items for your children and friends at home. Make a point of visiting one of the Masai markets before departure and everyone will love you for the gifts you will buy them here.

5.      Footwear Items to buy on a Layover

The Masai market also features foot wear items mostly sandals made from leather and tires. You will also get head gear like hats and masks worn during traditional festivals. The Masai market is held at different venues each day of the week as follows.

6.      Masai Market Daily Locations in Nairobi


  • Kijabe Street opposite the Norfolk Hotel


  • Capital Center on Mombasa Road


  • The Junction Mall on Ngong Road


  • Village Market on Limuru Road


  • Nairobi Law Courts parking in the City Center


  • Yaya Center on Argwings Kodhek Road

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