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The Top 10 Nairobi Airport Stopover / Layover Tours from NBO

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Top 10 Nairobi Airport Layover / Stopover Tours from NBO International Airport

Go to Nairobi spots such as Nairobi national park, Nairobi museum and city tour. There are obviously tons places to go in Nairobi stopover when you have a long layover at the NBO Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Nairobi is the only capital city in the world with a national park within its boundaries. This makes the capital city be known as the wildlife capital of the world and the best place for an exciting Nairobi stopover tour.

Here are 10 best NBO Nairobi Airport Layover / Stopover Tours at Nairobi Airport

  • Nairobi National Park Half Day on NBO Airport layover Trip
  • Amboseli National Park Nairobi stopover Day Trip
  • Lake Nakuru National Park layover Day Trip from Nairobi Airport
  • Mt Kenya National Park JKIA layover Day Hike
  • David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage airport stopover Tour in Nairobi
  • Giraffe Center Nairobi airport layover Tour
  • Hells Gate National Park Hiking And Gorge Tour
  • Java House Coffee Date in Nairobi CBD
  • Nairobi Masai Market JKIA airport layover/stopover Tour
  • Masai Village Nairobi airport stopover Tour

1. Enjoy a Game Drive, Bird watch or a Picnic in Nairobi National Park

1. Nairobi National Park

The most popular among the 10 best places to go in a 1 day Nairobi stopover is Nairobi National Park. The Nairobi national park is a protected wildlife area which is located only 7km from the Nairobi city’s CBD area and best for half or one day trips. This is the most convenient national park to visit in Kenya and it only takes you 15 minutes from your hotel to the park. This is one of the best places to go in Nairobi stopover.

The park is small in African terms at just 117 square kilometres (44 square miles) but contains within it, several different habitats -plains, forest, riverine vegetation and steep and rocky gorges cut by the tributaries of the Empakasi river, which flows permanently.

The park consists of high altitude Savannah of plains dotted with acacia trees. Here graze the typical Savannah wildlife- giraffe, eland and zebra, though the wildebeest which were recently so numerous are now a thing of the past owing to the human settlement in the park’s traditional game dispersal area.

Nairobi park is East Africa’s most successful black rhino sanctuary and is perhaps the best place to see this magnificent primeval animal in the wild.

Despite the proximity of the city, the Park harbours large predators such as lion, leopard and hyena, despite conflicts with livestock-owning Maasai outside the borders.

Several large herds of buffalo may be seen and the area boasts the most concentrated population of wild ostrich in the wild.

Nairobi Game Park is a glorious natural destination not to be missed during a safari to Kenya. Most tours here are half day trips organized wither early in the morning or in the late evenings. Bird watching tours can however take a full day at the park with sighting of more than 100 bird species recorded here.

Here are 8 Best Nairobi National Park Day Trip Prices to Guide you

Nairobi National Park 1 Day Trip Safari Group Sizes Price per Person
1 Person in a Nairobi stopover Tour $ 150
2 Persons Group Joining stopover Tour $ 95
3 Persons Group Joining Trip $ 90
4 Persons Group Joining Tour $ 85
5 Persons Group Joining Tour $ 80
6 Persons Private Tour $ 75
Children Under 3 yrs   Free of Charge
Children Below 18 yrs 75% of Adult Rate

2. Enjoy a Game Drive among Elephants of Amboseli National Park

2. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park is among the elite of Kenya’s wildlife parks, and it’s easy to see why. Its signature attraction is the sight of hundreds of big-tusked elephants set against the backdrop of Africa’s best views of Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m). Amboseli day trip is among the most famous places to go in nairobi stopover.

Africa’s highest peak broods over the southern boundary of the park, and while cloud cover can render the mountain’s massive bulk invisible for much of the day, you’ll be rewarded with stunning vistas when the weather clears, usually at dawn and/or dusk.

Apart from guaranteed elephant sightings, you’ll also see wildebeest and zebras, and you’ve a reasonable chance of spotting lions, cheetahs and hyenas. The park is also home to over 370 bird species, and it has an excellent array of lodges and an agreeably mild, dry climate.

The ideal time to go to Amboseli national park is on a 2 day safari to increase chances of seeing the Mt Kilimanjaro at dawn and at dusk. However, if you are pressed with time, you may also try a one day trip to Amboseli Game park and chance it.

Most Amboseli day trips or short tours to Amboseli national park start from Nairobi at 5:00am and return by 7:00pm with a drop off in your hotel .You have a choice of getting some packed lunch or going for a rich buffet lunch at one of the lodges in the park.

Here are 8 Best Amboseli National Park Day Trip Prices to Guide you

Amboseli National Park Day Trip Safari Group Sizes Price per Person
1 Person in a stopover day Trip $ 280
2 Persons stopover Day Trip $ 220
3 Persons Day Trip                                                $ 180
4 Persons Day Trip $ 150
5 Persons Day Trip $ 140
6 Persons Day Excursion $ 130
Children Under 3 yrs   Free of Charge
Children Below 18 yrs 75% of Adult Rate

3. See lots of Flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park

3. Lake Nakuru National Park

The Nakuru National park takes its name from the lake and the protected area that surrounds this soda lake. Lake Nakuru is known for the vast flocks of brightly coloured flamingos with thousands and sometimes millions of the iconic birds calling the lake’s shores home.

This park is also a successful rhino sanctuary as well as a Rothschild giraffe sanctuary. You can see 70 white rhinoceros and 25 critically endangered black rhinoceros in Lake Nakuru national park. This concentration is one of the largest in Kenya, and makes the park the ideal place to visit if you are eager to see these beautiful creatures in the wild. Lake nakuru is one of the very interesting places to go in Nairobi layover for birders.

Lake Nakuru is often combined with visits to its neighboring lakes, Lake Bogoria and Lake Naivasha. While not within the park boundaries, both lakes offer distinct experiences that are worth considering. Nakuru is known for its tree climbing lions, easy to spot leopards and the over 500 species of birds that have been spotted over time.

A lake Nakuru day trip starts from Nairobi early at 6:00am to make it in time and enjoy at least 6 hours of game drive in the park. You will start to drive back at 3:00pm and dropped off in Nairobi hotel at 7:00pm.

Here are 8 Top Nakuru National Park Day Trip Prices to Guide you

Nakuru National Park Day Trip Safari Group Sizes Price per Person
1 Person in a Private Trip $ 260
2 Persons Joining Trip $ 180
3 Persons Joining Trip $ 170
4 Persons Joining Trip $ 160
5 Persons Joining Trip $ 150
6 Persons Private Tour $ 140
Children Under 3 yrs   Free of Charge
Children Below 18 yrs 75% of Adult Rate

4. Go on hike to Mt Kenya National Park Day Hike

4. Mt Kenya National Park Hike

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and stands at an impressive 5199m asl. The mountain has three peaks namely Lenana, Nelion and Batian. Mt Kenya national park The 2800km square Mt. Kenya National Park is to the east of the Great Rift Valley, about 175km north-east of Nairobi.

The ecosystem lies in Central and Eastern provinces. At 5,199m, the mountain is the second highest peak in Africa. Mt Kenya is an important water tower in the country and provides water for about 50 per cent of population and produces 70% hydroelectric power.

A Mt Kenya day trip from Nairobi is a hiking excursion where you will drive up to the 3000m met station camp and then hike above that to the moorland. The highlights of a day hike on Mt Kenya include the views of the three peaks, views of elephants, buffalos, giant hogs, leopards and rhinos. If you are into hiking, Mt Kenya can be among the most challenging places to go in Nairobi during an airport stopover.

Here are 8 Best Mt Kenya Day Hike Prices to Guide you

Mt Kenya 1 Day Hike Safari Group Sizes Price per Person
1 Person in a Nairobi stopover Trip $ 195
2 Persons stopover Day Trip $ 150
3 Persons layover Day Trip $ 140
4 Persons Day Trip $ 130
5 Persons Day Trip $ 100
6 Persons Group  Tour $ 95
Children Under 3 yrs   Free of Charge
Children Below 18 yrs 75% of Adult Rate

5. Adopt a baby Elephants at Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

5. Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage aka Nairobi Elephant Orphanage

A visit to the Sheldrick elephant orphanage in Nairobi is among the must-do activities here to learn about the challenges of conservation of the African elephants. The David Sheldrick elephant Sanctuary was started by the late wife of David Sheldrick, a pioneer game warden who started the largest national park in Kenya- Tsavo National Park. The elephant orphanage ranks among the best short places to go in Nairobi on a layover from Nairobi international airport.

Daphne herself passed on in 2017 after a long illustrious life dedicated to conservation through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that supports conservation in Kenya through desnaring, orphaned elephants hand rearing among many other activities.

The Nairobi elephant orphanage has a public lecture and viewing from 11am to 12noon where you can see them feed the young baby elephants on bottled milk and also be able to touch them as you take selfies. You can adopt a baby elephant here. This is one of the most informative and moving short tours within Nairobi city.

6. Hug and Kiss a Giraffe Centre

6. Giraffe Centre

The giraffe centre is located in the Karen Suburbs of Nairobi. The giraffe centre is a sanctuary for a family of Rothschild giraffes which were rescued in farm lands in western Kenya. The giraffe centre is a managed by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife AFEW which is a conservation education NGO that supports school programs geared to teaching kids about wildlife conservation.

The giraffe manor and giraffe centre offers you an opportunity to feed the giraffes with pellets that they provide you with from a raised platform. Some of the giraffes are friendly and won’t mind if you hug them, but others are fussy and will give you a head butt if you come too close.

7. Relieve the Lion King Movie at Hellsgate Gorge Hike

7. Hellsgate National Park

Walk through the Hellsgate gorges that emit hot water streams on their walls and see the scenery that inspired the landscape of the award winning movie “The Lion King”. You will be able to see the red coloured cliff faces with white painting of the vultures poop. If you like active tours, this hike day trip to hellsgate is one of the most popular places to go hiking in Nairobi stopover from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport JKIA.

View the geothermal jets hissing all around the mountainous country side around you. Also view the many animals including zebras, giraffes, gazelles and buffalos as they walk majestically close to you. You can hire a bike to ride in the park trails among the wildlife or just walk to the gorges.

This full day hiking trip inside Hellsgate national park is a big attraction and a very active way to spend a stopover in Nairobi airport.

8. Drink a Coffee at Java House

8. Java Restaurant Nairobi

Java house restaurants in Nairobi are synonymous with a good drink of coffee. These coffee houses are spread across the city is what has been a successful locally grown franchise of restaurants. You have several java houses to choose from in the CBD but the ones that stand out include Kimathi street, Reinsurance plaza, and Uniafric java houses.

9. Buy Some Artifacts at Masai Market

9. Nairobi Masai Market

The Masai market is a mobile market that is located in different places on different day of the week. Here in this market, you will get a chance to buy some masai kikoi /shawl, leather sandals, belts, masks, bead jewelry, African printed shirts and t-shirts, African prints, pictures of wildlife, Masai and wildlife figurines and carvings among many other stuff.

Where is the Nairobi Masai market located in each day of the Week:

Here are 7 Nairobi Masai market locations on different days of the week

Masai Market Day Of Week Masai Market Locations in Nairobi
1. Monday No Market
2. Tuesdays Prestige Plaza along Ngong Road
3. Wednesday Capital Centre along Mombasa Road
4. Thursdays The Junction Mall along Ngong Road
5. Fridays Upper car park at the village market in Gigiri and Lavington mall
6. Saturdays High court parking lot in the CBD downtown Nairobi and at Prestige Plaza Ngong Road
7. Sundays High court parking lot in the CBD and at Prestige Plaza Ngong Road

10. Visit the Nairobi Masai Village for a Cultural Experience

10. Masai Village Nairobi

The Masai village tour is a great way to see peoples culture in a Nairobi Masai village day trip or a 2 days Masai village overnight safari. The best Masai village experience is found near Lake Naivasha and it’s an authentic place where you will see the Maasai people going along their daily chores.

You will be met by women and children dancing for you with happy faces as they welcome you to their village. The men will on the other hand show you how to perform the jumping dances where they seem to levitate feet above ground. You will be hard pressed to match their high jumps as they invite you to join them.

The Masai will also take you around their village to see the inside of a Masai house. They will also show you how to make fire from rubbing two sticks together and without using matches. The masai people have retained their cultural ways to date and a visit to one of their villages is a great way to see the cultural lifestyles of people.

Here are 8 Top Masai Village Visit Trip Prices to Guide you

Best Nairobi Masai Village Visit Tour Group Sizes Price per Person
1 Person in a masai village Stopover day Trip $ 195
2 Persons masai village day Trip $ 110
3 Persons masai village visit $ 95
4 Persons masai village Trip Day Trip $ 85
5 Persons Day Trip $ 80
6 Persons Group  Tour $ 80
Children Under 3 yrs   Free of Charge
Children Below 18 yrs 75% of Adult Rate

Cost of Best Places to go in Nairobi Stopover Tours from the JKIA Airport on Transit Visa

Here are 10 Best Nairobi Places to Go and Things to Do Prices in a minimum 2 persons group

Best Places to go in Nairobi DayTripIndicative Price per person (Min 2 Pax group)
1. Nairobi National Park Day Trip From Usd 95pp
2. Amboseli National Park Day Trip From Usd 190pp
3. Nakuru National Park Day Trip From Usd 180pp
4. Mt Kenya National Park Day Trip From Usd 140 pp
5. Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Visit From Usd 70pp
6. Giraffe Centre From Usd 70pp
7. Hells gate national park hike From Usd 120pp
8. Java House Coffee From Usd 20pp
9.  Visit to Masai Market From Usd 30pp
10. Visit to Masai Village From Usd 120pp
Children Under 3 yrs   Free of Charge
Children Below 18 yrs 75% of Adult Rate

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