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Nairobi Layover Sightseeing Tour

Explore Nairobi city on a layover/ stopover sightseeing tour from NBO or Wilson airport and see all of Nairobi town, monuments and landmarks. The Nairobi sightseeing tour is offered for a few hours a day and can fit in your 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hour stopover at the airport.

7 Tips on Nairobi Layover Sightseeing Tours from NBO Airport

Nairobi layover sightseeing tours from NBO airport. You can take a Nairobi layover sightseeing tour to any of the places listed here. The simplest is the Nairobi walking tour in the CBD to see the various monuments and city landmarks. You can join up a city tour on a layover and go on hiking, game drive, sightseeing, bird watching or a nature walk in the many spots in Nairobi. Here are tips to enjoy your Nairobi layover sightseeing tours from nairobi airport.

  • View Nairobi from Heli Pad on KICC
  • Visit American Embassy Memorial in Nairobi
  • View Nairobi Victorian era Buildings
  • Drive to Nairobi University
  • Sample Food at Local Restaurant
  • Nairobi National Park Sightseeing Layover Tour
  • Lake Naivasha Sightseeing Tour from NBO Layover

1.      View Nairobi from Heli Pad on KICC

The Nairobi sightseeing tour starts from the airport or your hotel in the city with an early pick up. You will drive through the railways bridge and into the CBD. Go to the Kenyatta international convention Centre and access the helipad to see Nairobi from a vantage point. From here your guide will point out all the important buildings in the city and their historical significance.

2.      Visit American Embassy Memorial

Later you will walk to the American embassy bombing memorial park as you interact with people on the street. Walk back and see the city hall in the CBD. The driver will drive you through the government road to see the office of the president, the parliament buildings, the senate building and the first president mausoleum where he still lies in state.

3.      View Nairobi Victorian era Buildings

You will then drive to the city market which is among the oldest buildings in the city Centre. The city market used to be a hangar for planes when Nairobi was just starting. The driver will also point out the former governor’s office and many other Victorian buildings built in the early 1900s. The architecture of these old Victorian buildings is like a street straight out of London with huge quarry shaped rectangular rocks and minimal use of cement. The buildings look like they were curved out of a rock at that same place.

4.      Drive to Nairobi University

Drive by the Nairobi University which is the first and most prestigious university in Kenya. Later drive to the view point at the Nairobi central park to view Nairobi from the hill. You can now drive to the national museum of Kenya and spend the next 2 hours watching the exhibits there.

5.      Sample Food at Local Restaurant

Later your driver will pick you up and drive you for lunch at a local restraint so that you can try the Kenyan dishes. Enjoy the hefty meals with lots of variety. You have a choice to extend your Nairobi sightseeing layover tour to include other places like giraffe Centre, Nairobi safari walk, Nairobi animal orphanage, and Sheldrick elephant orphanage, Bomas of Kenya, Karen Blixen museum or Karura forest for a forest walk.

6.      Nairobi National Park Sightseeing Layover Tour

If you are interested in a game drive animal viewing and sightseeing tour from the airport, you can go for a 4hr game drive in Nairobi national park. Nairobi national park is just 10 minutes from your departure terminal using the east gate which is just next to the airport. You can get to see lions, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, buffalos, leopards, hyenas and many more animals in Nairobi national park.

If you have never gone for a game drive in Africa, the Nairobi national park is your best chance to sample what Kenya has to offer as a country. The park is just 117sqkm and a game drive takes 4 to 5 hours to cover the whole park and see all there is to see here. It is also a great place to go for bird watching for the birders. Nairobi national park has more than 500 species of birds and with our expert bird guides you can identify more than 150 birds in a single day.

7.      Lake Naivasha Sightseeing Tour from NBO Layover

Lake Naivasha sightseeing tour from NBO airport is another layover tour you may consider if you have more than 8 hours stopover in Nairobi airport. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake located on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. The lake is so beautiful and it’s surrounded by beautiful and high end hotels around its shores. There is also lots of wildlife that hang around the lake shores and you can watch them from the hotel restaurants or rooms.

At Lake Naivasha you can take a boat ride to see the hippos the hippo pool or take a walking safari among wildlife at the crescent island. There are giraffes, zebras, hippos, gazelles, wildebeests and other animals at the crescent island to walk among them. This is the best Kenya walking safari on a layover.

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