NBO Airport Layover Tours to Nakuru National Park

NBO Airport Layover Tours to Nakuru National Park

Take a NBO airport layover / Stopover tours to Nakuru national park from Nairobi and see many animals in a single day. 1-day Nakuru park layover safari is a great way to spend time doing game drives if you have at least 12 hours to spare. Nakuru national park is among the top 5 most visited parks in Kenya and its worth your time.

5 Top Sites in Nakuru National Park Airport Layover Tour

Nakuru national park airport layover tour is a full day excursion from Nairobi in a shared or private safari vehicle. You can invite a friend or to join you on a full day layover excursion from Nairobi NBO airport go hiking, game viewing, climbing, sightseeing or bird watching in Nakuru national park. Here are the 5 top sites to see in a NBO airport layover tours to Nakuru National Park below:-

  • Enjoy A Great Road Trip to Nakuru Layover Day Trip
  • View Tree Climbing Lions in Nakuru National Park on stopover tour
  • Discover Rhinos by the Dozen in Your Nairobi Layover
  • Watch Flamingos by the Millions on a Nakuru Layover Tour
  • See Leopards on Trees on a Nairobi Stopover Day Trip

These are a few of the things to do in Nakuru national park layover day trip but certainly not everything. Nakuru national park allows you to watch wildlife, watch birds, camp among other things.

1.      Enjoy A Great Road Trip to Nakuru NBO Layover Day Trip

Your road trip to Nakuru is not without interesting scenery. You will start from the airport driving down the most scenic Great Rift Valley escarpment. You will make a scheduled stop here to view the valley below and the mountains Suswa and Mt Longonot sitting pretty on the valley floor. Drop down and drive alongside the MT Longonot, one of the most imposing sights as you drive to Lake Nakuru. Your will pass by lake Naivasha, another very beautiful rift valley lake. From here your road trip passes past Lake Elementaita on the left, another alkaline rift valley lake before you get to Lake Nakuru. Lake Elementaita sometimes has flamingos in the millions and you can see them as a pink ribbon around the lake. After Naivasha, you will start to see a lot of animals besides the road including baboons, giraffes, zebras, gazelles and others in the private conservancies.

2.      View Tree-Climbing Lions of Nakuru Stopover Tour

On arrival at Nakuru you will see the tree climbing lions. No one knows for sure why these lions have an uncanny behavior of staying above ground on short trees. There many lions in Nakuru national park and you will be able to see them easily. The lions in Nakuru national park are usually found along the acacia forest around the lake mostly to the north and west of the lake.

3.      Discover Rhinos by the Dozen in Your Nairobi Layover

Nakuru is a very successful sanctuary for both black and white rhinos. This means that it’s very easy to see rhinos specially the white rhinos just near the roads around the lake. The white rhinos are easier to spot since they occupy the open savannah grasslands as opposed to their black cousins that usually reside in forested areas and are generally shy. You will be lucky and see a fleeting shape of a black rhino some hundred meters away.

4.      Watch Flamingos by the Millions on the Lake Nakuru Layover Tour

Lake Nakuru national park is famous for the millions of flamingos that had previously occupied its shores. At one point when the effluent from Nakuru town had increased to alarming levels, they left for several years. In 2019, they came back in their millions when the lake was cleaner and less flooded. Flamingos feed on blue green algae which gives them the pink colour. The flamingos are now back and you will be able to see them along the shores of the lake in your Nairobi airport layover day trip.

5.      See Leopards on Trees on a Nairobi Stopover Day Trip

Leopards in Nakuru Park are easier to see as they hang atop acacia trees and sometimes as they walk along the park roads. It’s always an amazing sight to see this big cat predator. If you are extremely lucky, you may just see him at his hunting best. Leopards are ambush hunters so seeing an actual kill is extremely difficult but it does happen. Leopards in Nakuru love to hang by the high trees, the rocky cliffs and the ravines.

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