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Nairobi Fly Fishing Day Trips from Nairobi

Explore fishing spots from Nairobi in a day. Fishing day trips from Nairobi include 1 day fishing tours to Aberdare national park, Mt Kenya national park, Lake Naivasha fishing day trip among others. You can enjoy trout fishing on the moorlands of Aberdare national park in one of the most tranquil environments you can find yourself in. This Nairobi fishing day trip lasts for a full day with a return to Nairobi in the evening at 7:00pm.

Nairobi fishing 1 day Trips

Top 3 One-1 Day Nairobi Fly Fishing Trips

1. Aberdare Trout Fly Fishing Day Trips

Discover Aberdare national park trout fishing tours from Nairobi. Fishing for rainbow trout fish on the moorlands of Aberdare is a lot of fun as you get to escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city to be in peace with yourself. Aberdare 1 day fishing trips start from Nairobi at 5:00am in the morning and drive towards the Naivasha road. You will branch off to your right at the flyover bridge and enter Kinangop County up to Ndunyu Njeru town. Drive into the Aberdare Park through Mutubio gate at around 9:00am. Observe some of the most scenic park roads with huge moss draped indigenous trees whose stems and branches are glistering and dripping with the morning dew.  After the park gate formalities you will drive the 40 minutes’ drive to the guru, Chania river sources where trout is in plenty. You will need the help of a game ranger to show you the best and secluded trout fishing spots that have not been overfished. Enjoy a packed lunch as you swing away your line. You may decide to either fish and carry or do a catch and release. The tour will also take you to view the magnificent Karuru water falls as you try to catch some fish here as well.

Aberdare trout fishing day trip

1 Day Nairobi Fishing Trip in Aberdare National Park Trout Fishing Rivers

5:00am: Depart for Aberdare 1 day fishing trip and drive North West along Naivasha road

6:00am: Exit the high way and join the Njabini road. At Njabini take the Olkarao road in Kinangop

7:30am: Arrive at Ndunyu Njeru town near the park.

8:30am: Arrive through the Mutubio gate and pay the gate fees. Get a guide at gate

9:00am: Start your day long fishing at the various rivers of guru and Chania.

1:00am: Packed lunch by the edge of the river as you watch the intriguing water falls

1:30pm: Continue fishing in the rivers

3:00pm: start to drive back and exit the park at 4:00pm for Nairobi

6:30pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of Tour.

Aberdare national park 1 day fishing trip

2. Lake Naivasha Fly Fishing Day Trip

Explore Lake Naivasha fishing day trips from Nairobi. Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake along the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Lake Naivasha has a maximum depth of 30m and an average depth of 6m and covers an area of 139sqkm. The lake is home to many fish including common carp, cat fish, largemouth bass, tilapia, straight fin barb, Crayfish. Lake Naivasha is a great place to do boat fishing day trip from Nairobi. Your tour operator will arrange a boat and fishing gear if you don’t have one. The boats are simple but very safe for fishing and you will be provided with a life jacket. These motor boats will move from one place to the next in search of good catch. You can book a full day or half day fishing trip from Nairobi. Packed lunch is taken while on the boat to maximize time for fishing in the lake. Be sure to come with a straw hat, some sun screen and insect repellant. I have had very good success in catching 2 feet long cat fish, a foot and a half carps and 1 foot long tilapia or bigger. The weather is subject to change on the lake in the afternoon and it becomes abit rough. So it’s advisable to arrive very early at the lake to start fishing when the lake is calm. Lake Naivasha 1 day fishing trip is an awesome escape for a day of quiet angling off a boat.

Nairobi 1 Day Fishing Trip in Lake Naivasha

5:00am: Depart for Lake Naivasha 1 day fishing trip and drive North West along Naivasha road

6:00am: Stop at the Great Rift Valley view point to watch the valley below

7:00am: Arrive at Lake Naivasha and prepare to get into the boat for a full day fishing trip.

9:00am: Start your day long fishing at the various fishing spots on Lake Naivasha.

1:00am: Packed lunch on the boat as you continue fishing on the lake

1:30pm: Continue fishing on the lake.

3:00pm: Start to drive back and exit the lake for Nairobi

6:30pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of Tour.

1 Day fishing trip in Lake Naivasha

3. Mt Kenya National Park 1 Day Fly Fishing

You can go on 4 or 5 day hiking and fishing safari on Mt Kenya. You will be able to catch rainbow and brown trout in the rivers within Mt Kenya national park. There is also rainbow trout on Lake Alice and Lake Rutundu. Due to the seclusion of these lakes from the main fishing traffic, the fish in these two lakes tend to be quite large. It’s also fun to drive to get to these out-of-the-way lakes /tarns on Mt Kenya slopes. Fishing on Mt Kenya however requires you to go for more than a day due to the distances and hiking involved to get to the best fishing spots on Mt Kenya. If you are very early for Nairobi departure, you can make a day trip and do trout fishing on Lake Rutundu and afew rivers on the slopes. Your itinerary would be similar to this one.

Mt Kenya Trout fishing Safari on Lake Rutundu

Nairobi 1 Day Fishing Trip in Mt Kenya

4:00am: Depart for Mt Kenya 1 day fishing trip and drive North A2 Isiolo road

6:00am: Pass through Nyeri town and drive towards Nanyuki

7:30am: Pass through Rutundu gate and start driving up the mountain.

9:30am: Arrive at the car park at Rutundu.

10:00am: Hike to lake Rutundu and arrive there at 10:00am to start your fishing.

1:00am: Packed lunch by the edge of Lake Rutundu

1:30pm: Continue fishing in the lake

3:00pm: start to drive back and exit the park at 5:00pm for Nairobi

7:30pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of Tour.

Rainbow trout fishing on Mt Kenya

An alternative is to spend the night at Nanyuki town and start early for the fishing trip on Mt Kenya the following morning early.

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