Nairobi Masai Village Day Tours from Nairobi in Kenya

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Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
nairobi masai village tour

Nairobi Masai Village Day Tours

Discover the Masai people culture in Kenya from this warrior tribe called the Masai. You can visit a Masai village in Amboseli national park or the Masai Mara villages near the game reserve. You can arrange a trip to a Masai village from Nairobi in a day and return to Nairobi by evening.

Nairobi Masai village Day tour starts from Nairobi at 5:00am and you will be driven to Amboseli or Masai Mara villages to experience the culture of the Masai people. There are a few villages closer to Nairobi but these are not very authentic.

Amboseli Masai Village Day Tour

Explore Amboseli Masai village day tour from Nairobi to stay for a day with the warrior Masai people. The Masai day trip starts from Nairobi at 5:00am and drives south westwards towards Amboseli national park. The Masai villages are located near the Amboseli park gate.

You will arrive at the Amboseli Masai village at 9:00am and go into the Masai village. The Masai will welcome you with traditional song and dance into their village. Visit the Masai household and you will be welcomed by the ladies of the house. The house is a dimly lit and poorly ventilated, but once inside your eyes will get accustomed to the dark. The Masai houses are made of sticks and cow dung with one little window. The house is divided into a kitchen area and a goat shed and a bed room. In Masai culture, it’s the women who build the houses.

At the Amboseli Masai home, you will learn how to make fire from sticks and also get a guided tour around the village. The guide will explain most of the Masai folklore and traditions and you will also learn how to do the ajuma dance. This is the famous Masai jumping dance which is usually done by the warriors in readiness for battle or for cultural festivities like circumcision and age set initiation ceremonies.

Nairobi Masai Village Day Tours

Nairobi Masai Village Day Tours

You will also be invited to visit the Masai market to buy any tinklets and curios that you may find interesting. The money earned from the market helps keep the children in school and also provide food for the Masai people in the village.

Your Nairobi Masai day trip ends with a buffet lunch at the Sopa lodge at 1:00pm and you start driving back to Nairobi in the afternoon to arrive at 3:00pm. Arrive in Nairobi and drop off in your hotel after a very great day in a Masai village 1 day tour.

Masai Mara Masai Village Day Tour

The Masai Mara Masai village tours are the best as they are much more authentic and they have more people. The Mara Masai villages are also located outside the park and are used to many visitors. The Masai Mara is located some 280km north west of Nairobi. It takes longer to get to Masai Mara from Nairobi but the with a road travel of 5hrs.

Nairobi Masai village day tour to Masai Mara is a full day excursion to see the Masai people. The best part of going to Masai Mara village is that you can also do afew hours of game drive in the park. Your Masai village day trip from Nairobi starts at 5:00am and arrives at the Mara at 9:00am. You will enter the Masai village to their traditional dances with women welcoming you.

Here you will also be welcomed into one of their traditional houses to see the internal layouts of how they have lived for years. It is amazing how people live in such small space but the houses also have warmth and natural air-conditioning during hot and cold seasons.

The Masai homesteads have all the houses or Manyattas build around a circular shape which surrounds the central cattle shed. The cattle shed are surrounded by thorns to keep away the lions. The outer perimeter is also surrounded by thick thorn fences that keep away the lions at night. The Masai people are very welcoming and jovial to have you as their guest. You should have in mind that the Masai village visit is a rural setting and lacks the comforts of the city, so getting some dirt or stepping on cow poop here or there is part of the whole experience.

You Masai village guide will give you running commentary on how the Masai live and their age old traditions. It is amazing to hear some of the stories that the Masai folklore involves including the warrior Moran’s.

Go for a lunch at one of the local lodges in Masai Mara at 1:00pm. You will start your drive back to Nairobi at 3:00pm arriving back in Nairobi at 8:00pm. Since the game drive in the Masai Mara Park is not part of this tour, it is an optional choice which you may request in advance.

This is the end of your Masai Mara village day tour from Nairobi.

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Nairobi Masai village Day tour starts from Nairobi at 5:00am and you will be driven to Amboseli or Masai Mara villages to experience the culture of the Masai people. There are a few villages closer to Nairobi but these are not very authentic.

5:00am:  Nairobi Masai village day tour departs from your Nairobi hotel

9:00am: Arrival at the Masai village and ushered by the Masai people

10:00am: Guided tour around the Masai village to see household, cattle, archery, spear throwing, and famous jumping dance.

12:00pm: Visit the Masai market at the village to buy curios

1:00pm: Lunch at one of the park lodges

3:00pm: Start your drive back to Nairobi after the Masai village visit.

6:00pm: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel

End of Nairobi Masai Village Day Tour

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