nairobi day trips

Top 6 Nairobi Day Trips from NBO & Wilson Airport

Visit Top Nairobi Day trips from NBO airport like Nairobi national park, Nairobi Museum, Amboseli Masai Mara etc. Going to Nairobi 1 day tours from NBO International airport, Wilson airport or your hotel for game drive. Below are some of the best places to visit in Kenya for a day trip.

Nairobi Day trips

Here are the top 6 Nairobi day trips / tours that you can go for from Nairobi NBO airport.

  • Visit Nairobi national park
  • Go on a Masai Mara one day game drive
  • Explore Amboseli national park
  • Watch Flamingos at Nakuru Park
  • Hike for a day in Mt Kenya National Park
  • Go Fishing in Aberdare National Park

1. Visit Nairobi National Park

Visit the Nairobi national park from NBO international airport or your hotel room. You will arrive in Nairobi national park in less than 10 minutes as the park is only 7km from your hotel and only 3 km from the Nairobi airport. At this park you will enjoy watching 4 of the big five animals including lions, rhinos, buffalos and leopard. The park is also home to zebras, elands, gazelles, baboons, hyenas, wildebeests, giraffes, hartebeests, jackals, cerval cats, cheetahs and others. Nairobi is one of the most popular Nairobi day trips due to its proximity to the airport and the CBD.

1. Nairobi National Park

2. Go On a Masai Mara Day Trip

Go and watch the big five animals in the Masai Mara game reserve in a single day from Nairobi. Masai Mara is only 280km from Nairobi and the road is now fully paved and takes you 3 hours to get there. Your Masai Mara 1 day trip starts from Nairobi at 5:00am and arrives at the Mara at 8:30am. You will start your game drive at that time until 2:00pm. That’s a full 5 hours of game drive and you will see a lot of animals. Your one day Masai Mara game drive allow you to see all the big five including lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos and leopards. There are also over 3 million animals in the Mara and the best plains to do a game drive. Everywhere you look you will see wildlife in Masai Mara. The Masai Mara 1 day tour returns to Nairobi at 7:00pm and you have an option of visiting a masai village in the afternoon before returning to Nairobi.

2. Masai Mara Day Trip

3. View the Amboseli National Park Elephants

View the wild elephants of Amboseli national park in an Amboseli day trip. Your trip to Amboseli national park starts at 5:00am and drives along the Mombasa highway to email and branches off right towards Oloitoktok. Your game drive in Amboseli starts from 8:30am and you will have at least 5hrs or 6hrs. The wildlife you will see in Amboseli include the elephants, lions, leopards, hippos, giraffes, elands, zebras, hyenas, wildebeests, buffalos, gazelles, baboons among others. The attractions in your Amboseli one day trip include the views of MT Kilimanjaro, observation hill hike, Lake Amboseli flamingos and lake kioko. Amboseli is however more popular for its large elephant herds and the views of the highest peak in Africa on MT Kilimanjaro. This is one of the most popular Nairobi 1 day trips.

3. Amboseli National Park

4. Watch Flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park

Watch hundreds of birds in a Nakuru day trip from Nairobi. Nakuru national park day trip is popular for its great views of the millions of flamingos and other animals. You will drive North West for 160km in a all paved highway to Nakuru town and drop towards the park. The lake lies on the floor of the Great Rift Valley and is a alkaline lake which produces blue green algae, the main source of food for the flamingos. Lake Nakuru national park is popular for animals such as leopards, lions, rhinos, buffalos, gazelles, zebras, baboons, cheetahs, giraffes, elands, hyenas, klipspringer among others. It’s a small park at 177 sq km and its takes you only 4 hours to complete a game drive. You can also go to the baboon cliff and Makalia water falls for scenic places. Nakuru 1 day trip is among the top 3 most popular day tours from Nairobi.

4. Nakuru National Park

5. Hike on Mt Kenya for a Hiking Day Trip

Hike for a day in MT Kenya national park and enjoy some of the most scenic places in Africa. You can take this tour on short notice and get the driver to pick you up at 5:00am in the morning with a packed lunch. Your hike starts at 9:00am with packaged lunch and water, through the Naro Moru gate to the trail head at met station. You will start your hike from met station at 3300m and climb up to 3800m to the observation point. Here you can see the peaks of Nelion, Lenana and Batian from a close up. The views of the peaks you get from the observation point on MT Kenya are worth all the effort and hassle of climbing through bog, forests and crag.  This MT Kenya 1 day hike takes 3 and half hours up and 1 and a half hours; down but is worth the effort.  Mt Kenya one day hike is very popular with guests that have only a day to spare and are looking for an active adventure before their flight home.

5. Mt Kenya National Park

6. Go fishing in Aberdare National Park

Go on a fishing day trip from Nairobi to aberdare national park. The rivers on the moorland in Aberdare Park are rich in rainbow trout which was introduced here in the colonial era from the UK. You can go on a fishing trip in aberdare and catch some trout on the rivers. The closest gate to the moorland is mutubio gate which is on the Nyandarua south west side of the mountain ranges. Aberdare fishing day trip from Nairobi is popular with people looking for peace and tranquility when fishing. The drive is 3hrs through mutubio gate which is 139km from Nairobi. In a good day you can catch and release over 20 rainbow trout with the largest one being about a foot long. You will need to come with your own gear or request for gear to be ready for you. You will return back to Nairobi by 6:00pm and dropped off into your hotel room after a great fishing day trip from Nairobi.

6. Aberdare National Park

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Mt Kenya day hike

The Top 6 Mt Kenya Day Trip Things to Do

Visit Mt Kenya national park for Mt Kenya day trip and enjoy a hike to the moorland and back. Hiking Mt Kenya on a 1 day trip from Nairobi is fun as you get as close as possible to the peaks. Mt Kenya National Park is only 175km from Nairobi and the best 1 day MT Kenya climbing route is Naro Moru route.

Mt Kenya Day trip

Here are the best 6 things to do and see on your Mt Kenya day trip from Nairobi.

  • View the rural Kenya life as you drive to MT Kenya
  • Enjoy one of the most scenic road trips
  • Hike through deep rain forest of Mt Kenya National Park
  • View wildlife like elephants, bucks, leopards, buffalos on your trek
  • Watch thousands of birds in the Mt Kenya forest trees
  • View Mt Kenya peaks of Batian, Nelion and Lenana up close

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1. View the Rural Kenyan Life on your Drive to Mt Kenya

View the lifestyle of rural Kenya people. Enjoy one of the most inspiring views of the Kenyan rural lifestyle as you drive to MT Kenya.

You will see young kids running to school in school uniform at 6.00am. You will also see village folk going to the market, others walking the cows to the market while others briskly walk to their places of work. It’s a very exciting drive for your mt Kenya national park day hike.

1. Rural Kenyan Life

2. Enjoy The Most Scenic Road Trips To MT Kenya

Enjoy a scenic drive north to MT Kenya. The climb from Nairobi northwards to MT Kenya is one of the most scenic drives. You will see huge coffee plantations and as you climb higher you will see large tea farms enroute. All manner of traffic from donkey carts, motorbikes, Lorries and buses wiz past you as people go about their business. These lush green landscapes of the kikuyu highlands is very exciting and the air is fresh as you drive to MT Kenya one day climb.

3. Hike through Deep Mt Kenya Rain Forest

Hike some up to 3800m from the trail head starting from Met station after driving through the gate. You will arrive at MT Kenya Naro Moru gate at around 9:00am and start your hike from the Meteorological station at 3300m. Climb up through the deep rain forest with big oak, mahogany and camphor trees. The weather is wet and cool in the morning and ideal for the MT Kenya day hike. The scenery is just amazing to watch the forest interspersed with some grass openings and very cool and clear watered rivers.

2. Hike Mt Kenya Rain Forest

4. View Mt Kenya Wildlife near The Trail

View a few animals as you hike including the elephants, leopards, buffalos, monkeys, waterbucks and many more animals. If you are lucky you will see a lot of wildlife but in most cases you will not see much due to the heavy thick forest cover. But even if you don’t see the animals, you always feel that something is watching you at any one point. Its quiet an expedition to see some elephants from a distant, the occasional leopard or giant forest hog.

3. View Mt Kenya Wildlife

5. Watch Thousands of Alpine Birds in the Forest

Watch many birds with the help of your guide who will be able to point out the birds from their sound or from sight. There are thousands of birds to view on your hike and some are very colorful. Watching birds is an exciting activity if you are an ardent bird watcher. There are many MT Kenya hiking bird watching trips arranged from Nairobi. Birding is one of the many popular activities on your MT Kenya 1 day trip from Nairobi.

4. Watch Alpine Birds in Mt Kenya

6. View the Mt Kenya Peaks Nelion, Lenana and Batian

After climbing to 3800m you will reach the observation point where the three peaks are so clear and close you can take all the pictures you can. It is an exciting and breath taking view of these peaks with their snow covered tops against the blue clear skies in the morning. This view at 3800m is the climax of the 1 day MT Kenya hike and you will have your packed lunch here and start the descent back to the gate. The hike up to observation point takes you 3 and a half hours and the hike down is 1 and half hours. Seeing the peaks this close is worth all the hustle of driving there and hiking through grass, bogs and rocks to get there. You will return back to the gate by 3:00pm for your drive back home.

Mt Kenya day hike
5. Mt Kenya 1 day trip climb

You will return back to Nairobi by 6:00pm and dropped off into your hotel room after a great day hike to Mt Kenya national park.

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masai mara day trip

Masai Mara Day Trip – Top 7 Masai Mara Game Reserve Attractions

Tour Overview

Discover Masai Mara day trip to see big five animals, wildebeest migration and the Masai people culture. Visiting Masai Mara in a day trip is a very rewarding experience despite the long drive to the Mara. Find out the 7 best Masai Mara sites to see in a Masai Mara game reserve day trip.

1-Day Masai Mara Safari Cost

1 Day Masai Mara Trip
Safari; (Nairobi tours)

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                        Masai Mara Day Trip

Here are the best Masai Mara day trip attractions to see in your 1 day game drive from Nairobi

  • Enjoy views of the Kenyan rural countryside
  • View the scenic Great Rift Valley enroute to Masai Mara
  • Drive in a 5 hr game drive in the park
  • View the Big five animals in Mara in a day trip
  • Go to the Mara river to see the Crocodiles and Hippos
  • Enjoy a buffet lunch in one of the lodges
  • Visit a Masai village in the afternoon

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1. Enjoy Views of Kenyan Countryside En route To Masai Mara

Enjoy seeing the people and homes and lives of the Kenyan country side as you drive North West towards the Masai Mara. You will drive past the kikuyu highlands of central Kenya before descending into the Great Rift Valley through some of the most scenic views. Kenyan people lifestyles are exciting to watch children rushing to school at 6.00am, an old cow being ferried on a motorbike, a Masai grazing his hundreds of cattle. It’s exciting to see people going about their business in rural Kenya en route to your Masai Mara 1 day Tour from Nairobi.

                       1. Masai Mara Day Trip Road from Nairobi

2. View the Scenic Great Rift Valley Floor on Your Way to Mara

View the most captivating scene only 45 minutes from Nairobi. The Great Rift Valley sits right on your way to the Mara and you have to cross the rift valley floor down through the eastern escarpment. There is a scheduled stop over at the rift valley view point to take in these great views of the valley below. You can see the Mt Longonot and Mt Suswa from here. It’s a great sight to see on your route to the Masai Mara one day trip from Nairobi.

                        2. View of Great Rift Valley Floor

3. Drive for a 5hr Game Drive in the Masai Mara

Drive inside the park after arriving at 9.00am for a 5hr game drive to see all the animals here. The Masai Mara game drives are very comprehensive since we ensure you leave early from Nairobi. Masai Mara one day game drive can extend to 6 hrs or less if you also want to go for a Masai village visit in the afternoon. Usually, we reserve an hour for the Masai village experience. Nothing beats your Masai Mara 1 day game drive in terms of abundance of wildlife and naturally flat plains for perfect game drives.

                           3. Drive on 5hr Masai Mara Game Drive

4. View the Big 5 Animals in Masai Mara

View the big five animals including lions, buffalos, elephants, rhinos, and leopards in Masai Mara in a single day. Masai Mara game drive guarantees you sighting of these 5 animals and hundreds of many more. The Masai Mara game reserve is home to over 3 million wild animals and this is a very high density of animals. Everywhere you look you will see animals strewn all across the expansive plains. A Masai Mara one day game drive trip is one of the most rewarding day trips from Nairobi. Despite the fact that you will spend over 6 hours on the road both ways, your game drive will make up for the long drive. Luckily the roads have been all tarmacked up to the park gate and its now faster and more comfortable to drive to the Masai Mara.

                           4. View the Big Five Animals in Mara

5. Go To Mara River To See Crocodiles and Hippos

You can go to the Mara River to watch the crocodiles and hippos if time allows you. The Mara River is a further 100 kilometers and in most cases, you may prefer to maximize your time doing a game drive as opposed to rushing to the river. However, you may request your driver to drive straight up to the Mara River and you start your game drive to the north of the park with the river. You can then drive slowly southwards as you do the game drive and exit in the evening for Nairobi. If you make it to the river you will be rewarded with viewing 15ft nile crocodiles and very huge hippos in the water.

                              5. Go to Mara River

6. Enjoy A Buffet Lunch In A Lodge

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch in any of the many hotels in Masai Mara. The buffet lunch is an experience by itself as you will enjoy a wide variety of fresh and tasty local and continental delicacies. The buffet caters for all types of diets including vegan, and gluten free diets. You are simply spoilt for choice of food in a hotel buffet. Many people however to carry some light packed sandwich lunch from Nairobi to maximize their time on the game drive since they can have their lunch in the car as they watch the wildlife.

                             6. Enjoy a Buffet Lunch in Mara

7. Visit A Masai Village In The Afternoon

Visit a Masai village in the afternoon to interact with these interesting tribesmen. The Masai is a warrior tribe that has retained its traditions and culture for all these years. They will teach you how they make fire from sticks. Learn traditional archery, and their jumping dances. You can also use the chance to buy their traditional souvenirs or curios to take home. The Masai village visit wraps up your 1 day Masai Mara day trip but it is an optional detour as not everyone takes it. You can let your tour operator know if you want to include the Masai village visit in your Masai Mara 1 day trip itinerary.

                              7. Visit a Masai Village in Mara

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Amboseli national park day trip

Amboseli National Park Day Trip – Top 7 Amboseli Attractions

Amboseli national park day trip is a full 1-daytour from nairobi. Visit Top Amboseli Sites in the Amboseli national park in a day. Visiting Amboseli Park in a day trip is a popular one day tour from Nairobi city center and a very exciting excursion. Find out what are the 6 attractions in the park to see in your next amboseli national park day trip safari.

Amboseli National Park Day Trip

Here are the best 7 Amboseli day trip attractions not to miss on a one day tour to the park

  • See Amboseli wild elephants
  • Hike up the Amboseli Observation hill
  • Drive though the lake Amboseli lake bed
  • Watch Millions of flamingos in the park
  • Take a  5hr game drive to see lions, buffalos, leopards
  • View the roof of Africa- Mt Kilimanjaro ice covered peak at 5985m asl
  • Eat a buffet lunch at a lodge


1. See Amboseli Wild Elephants.

You will marvel at the hundreds of elephants that you can see in Amboseli especially near the ever green swamps. Some interesting moments may happen during your amboseli national park day trip. You will be taken hostage by groups of wild elephants as they cross the road. You can be at some times 30 elephants deep but these are gentle giants and you will be perfectly safe as they are used to safari vehicles. You are so close to them you can see their amber coloured eyes and the small hairs on their skin. The elephants are the biggest attraction for most people going on an amboseli national park day trip.

1. Amboseli Wild African Elephants


2. Hike up the Amboseli Observation hill.

At some point in your amboseli national park day trip, you will visit the observation hill where you can hike up to see Amboseli from a vantage point. From here you will watch the whole of the park and see the hippos below, the elephants drinking from the water well and many other animals below. This attraction is the climax of your amboseli day trip.

2. Hike up the Amboseli Observation Hill


3. Drive through Lake Amboseli Lake Bed

You can take a drive through the dry lake bed of Lake Amboseli in the dry season. The lake bed is an expansive plain of white caked earth which at times produces mirages of simmering water at the horizons. The lake is however in accessible during the rainy season. Lake amboseli is a big attraction in both the wet season when flamingos are in plenty and the dry season when you can drive for miles on the dry lake bed. Its a must see in your next amboseli national park day trip safari from Nairobi.

3. Drive on Lake Amboseli


4. Watch Millions of Flamingos in Amboseli Park

Flamingos are the latest addition to the bird species in Amboseli. You can see millions of flamingos on the shallow waters of the swamps especially in the dry seasons when the water levels are hot too high. These flamingos are always a beauty to watch in Amboseli. The flamingos are a new addition to the sites during your one day amboseli trip.

4. Watch Millions of Flamingos in Lake Amboseli


5. Take a Game Drive to see Lions, Buffalos, Leopards etc

You will take a 4 or 5 hours game drive in Amboseli to see the rest of the animals including hippos, giraffes, baboons, gazelles, jackals, impalas, elands, zebras, wildebeests, hyenas among others. Among the big five animals, only the rhino is not available in Amboseli national park. January to march is the best time to see hundreds of baby wildebeests as its their breeding months. You also see a lot of big cat predators and hyenas during this time. It’s the best time to go on an Amboseli national park day trip from Nairobi.

5. Take a Game Drive in Amboseli National Park Day Trip


6. View the Roof of Africa- mt Kilimanjaro Peak Kibo with Snow

When you get to Amboseli early enough, you will be able to view the ice capped peak kibo standing at 5985m asl. This is the highest point in Africa and at that point you are watching the roof of Africa. You can take hundreds of pictures of the animals with the back ground of Mt. Kilimanjaro which makes an authentic African safari experience. Most visitors on an amboseli national park day trip are usually attracted to see the highest point in africa.

6. View the Roof of Africa -Mt Kilimanjaro


7. Eat a Buffet Lunch

You will have a chance to enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch from any lodge in Amboseli during your game drive. The buffet lunch is as experience in itself with fresh foods and very tasty African and continental dishes to sample. You will be spoilt for choices in this eat as you can lunch. The buffet lunch in any of the amboseli lodges is a big attraction in your amboseli national park day trip activities.

7. Eat a Buffet Lunch on an Amboseli 1 Day Trip

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