1 Day Amboseli Joining Budget Trip| Game Drive Package in Kenya by Local Agent Guide

A fantastic 1 day fun trip to Kenya’s second most popular game drive national park. This 1-day trip to Amboseli national park includes road transport, park fees, guide services, 5 hour game drive and lunch in the park.

Visit Amboseli Kenya with this 1-day amboseli safari tour package. The Amboseli day-trip is a full day excursion from Nairobi to Amboseli national park from Nairobi to see the wild elephants and the views of Mt Kilimanjaro. Amboseli 1-day trip packages include a full day game drive, lunch, transport in a safari minivan with roof hatch and services of a professional driver guide. Amboseli day tour-packages from Nairobi can also be a 1,2 or 3 day safari to see more of the wildlife and the mountain.

Start 1 day amboseli safari at 5.00am and drive south eastwards along Mombasa highway. Branch off right at Emali town into Oloitokitok road and drive for a further 1 hour to get to amboseli national park. Amboseli day tours from Nairobi takes about 3.5 hours one way.

Here are 6 Amboseli Day Trip Prices for different categories

Amboseli Day Trip Group Cost per person  excel park fees $
1 person Amboseli private Day trip 350
2-3 persons Amboseli private Day trip 220
4-5 persons Amboseli private Day trip 210
Above 6 persons masai mara private tour 200
Children under 18yrs 75% of adult rate
Children Below 3 yrs Free of charge

Explore the Amboseli day trip from Nairobi to see the most scenic views of Kilimanjaro and the wild elephants. The 1 day amboseli safari captures the authentic African adventure by featuring the highest peak in Africa amidst the savannah game and the Masai people. Some of the highlights of an amboseli day tours from Nairobi include the below.

  • View exciting scenery enroute to Amboseli day trip
  • Watch the Mount Kilimanjaro on your Amboseli 1 day trip
  • Drive among the elephants of Amboseli national park
  • Climb the Amboseli observation hill
  • See the mirage of Lake Amboseli in your day trip
  • Enjoy a buffet a mid-day lunch in one of Amboseli lodges
  • Stumble upon a pride of Amboseli lions in your day trip

1.    View Exciting Scenery Enroute to Amboseli Day Trip

Your day starts early with a predawn drive down the A109 towards Mombasa. Scenes along your 1 day amboseli safari are equally exciting. At dawn, giraffes and zebras will great you from behind the fences of the many private game ranches enroute. The sun’s rays beating upon your forehead with its golden yellow colour. Smell the freshness of the rural areas away from Nairobi’s smog and settle in for an eventful Amboseli day trip.

1. Scenery enroute to Amboseli Day Trip

1. Scenery enroute to Amboseli Day Trip

Masai homesteads dot the plains with their cattle and red clad males going about their business in this early morning drive. At Emali town, branch off right into oloitoktok road and driving for an hour in such scenic Kapiti plains, you will loose yourself to the sights. Kilimanjaro will be visible at a certain point where you start to see the ice covered peak Kibo from miles away.

Ask the driver to stop so that you can take some amazing pictures of the roof of Africa. You dont want to miss the biggest attraction of your amboseli day tours from Nairobi.

2.    Watch the Mount Kilimanjaro on Your Amboseli Day Trip

2. Mt. Kilimanjaro - Amboseli Day Trip

2. Mt. Kilimanjaro – Amboseli Day Trip

Kilimanjaro is the highlight of your 1 day amboseli safari. On arrival at the Kimana gate, your views of the Kilimanjaro are now ten times bigger and better. Sniff in the fresh air and acute sights of the mountain. You have now here for your amboseli day tours from Nairobi. You are afew miles away from the highest point in all of Africa. Kilimanjaro has over decades mesmerized even the early explorers like Hemmingway. Its bald top is covered in ice, which was a huge surprise for explorers who couldn’t figure out how ice be found near the equator.

The Kilimanjaro views emphasize the fact that this mountain gives life to the whole ecosystem in Amboseli. All the waters in this park emanates from the Kilimanjaro as melted ice waters that filters through millions of underground lavatubes to emerge here as crystal clear cool waters. The elephants love the cool waters from the Amboseli. Mt Kilimanjaro is simply the biggest highlight in your one day Amboseli safari from Nairobi.

3.    Drive Among the Wild Elephants of Amboseli National Park

3. Elephants in Amboseli National Park

3. Elephants in Amboseli National Park

Nothing prepares you for the hundreds of elephants in this park and their sheer size next to your car. The elephants of amboseli are the second highlight in your 1 day amboseli safari. Driving along the evergreen swamps, soothing catches your eye half covered by water among the water grass. A fully grown bull is feeding on the floating grass inside the swamp. You can tell its enjoying the cool waters of the swamp in the midday sun and heat. It doesn’t even give you a second look and continues to feed nonchalantly as if you didn’t exist. These elephants are the second most popular highlight of a private Amboseli day trip from nairobi by Local guides.

Further on, a pair of sub adult bulls are sparring right in front of you and blocking the road. You have no option but to wait it out until they are done with their fight play. The dust that flies when they flap their large ears reminds you of their might and size. You are so close to them that you can actually see the hair on their skin and the amber color of their eyes. There are over 1800 elephants in Amboseli national park in an area of 392 sq km. The park is only 232 km from the city and is a great treat to go on an amboseli day tours from Nairobi. That’s a lot of elephants and especially when they are located near the swamps all day long. You can literally count more than 300 elephants in your budget Amboseli day trip from Nairobi.

4.    Climb the Amboseli Observation Hill

4. Amboseli Observation Hill

4. Amboseli Observation Hill

The tranquility of your amboseli day tour from Nairobi becomes evident when you drive close to the swamps. As you watch the large pool with hundreds of hippos in the middle of Amboseli national park. A small hill appears that looks like an island in the water. There are some built up sheds and you can see their green roofs. It’s an enticing view of the hill even from afar as you imagine the panoramic view you can have from up the hill. Eventually your driver drops you at the foot of the observation hill and you can hike the stairs up to the top. My guests on the last day trip here, saw a 10 foot long rock python around this area. Such surprises are common in your 6hr game drive in a 1 day amboseli safari.

From the top of the hill, you can now see the pool below with its clear waters and hundreds of hippos. A little further to the left the water is choked with grass and afew elephants are tummy deep in it feeding. An African fish eagle is perched on a tree by the swamp and with sharp eyesight is trying to catch a meal for the day. All of a sudden she swoops down towards the water at a target and in a minute she has a fish in her hands. Flying back to her original perch, she starts feeding on her meal as we settle for our own picnic lunch at one of the built up sheds at the hill top. The view from here is worth the long drive for a last minute Amboseli day trip.

5.    See the Mirage of Lake Amboseli in your Day Trip

5. Mirage on Lake Amboseli in a Day Trip

5. Mirage on Lake Amboseli in a Day Trip

A new addition to see in your 1 day amboseli safari is Lake Amboseli flamingos. Amboseli day tour from Nairobi just got more interesting. Lake Amboseli occupies most of the North western fringes of the park. It’s easier to see the lake when you approach the park from the Mashinani gate that leads to Namanga border town. In the dry season Lake Amboseli is a dry parched lake bed which is turned into a short cut road through the park. In the wet season, the lake is very colourful with the recent arrival of millions of flamingos. The flamingos on the lake brings a lot of visitors here for a group Amboseli day trip by Local agents.

Lake Amboseli is known to play games to the wildlife during the dry season when it forms mirages of simmering water. Giraffes have been known to cross the dry lake bed in pursuit of the distant water mirage only to turn back once they reach the other end to find no water. They may at times, keep on doing this in the dry heat of the day to exhaustion.

The view of the lake Amboseli in your day trip is one of the highlights and especially when the flamingos are in the park. It’s a good idea to book Amboseli national park 1 day trip to see the flamingos when they are around.

6.    Enjoy A Buffet Lunch In One Of Amboseli Lodges

6. Buffet Lunch in Amboseli Serena Lodge

6. Buffet Lunch in Amboseli Serena Lodge

The last highlight in your 1 day amboseli safari is the buffet lunch at a lodge. During lunch, you will go to one of the lodges inside the park including Amboseli Serena lodge, Ol tukai Amboseli lodge and have a great buffet lunch. The lunch is in itself an experience as you get treated to the widest array of African foods served on a long self-service table. There menu caters for all diets including vegetarian treats. You can take a 1,2,3 day amboseli day tour from Nairobi to have more rest and relaxation in these lodges.

Have your lunch overlooking one of the most abundant swamps filled with elephants and antelopes right outside the dinning terrace. The views into the plain make a for a good accompaniment to your hot meal. The Amboseli day trip lodges provide great scenery when taking your lunch due to their location right inside the Amboseli elephant swamps.

7.    Stumble Upon A Pride Of Amboseli Lions In Your Day Trip

7. See Amboseli Day Trip Lions

7. See Amboseli Day Trip Lions

If you are lucky and the vhf radio in your car is working, you will track and find the prides of lions in the park. The lions of Amboseli national park are known to be very difficult to find. They are at times near the Mashinani gate, or lying around the tall grass near the swamps. The Amboseli lion prides number anywhere from 4 lions to 10 lions although they are not very easy to see in an amboseli day tour from Nairobi.

At times you will get a mating couple and you can stay near them for along time observing their behaviours. Taking a picture of the lions with the Mount Kilimanjaro ice capped peak in the background is the ultimate and elusive moment you should be looking for in your Amboseli 1 day trip. Big five game drive in Amboseli is only spoilt by the fact that there are no rhinos in the park. If you have time in Nairobi, make sure to go on a 1 day amboseli safari using a local agent or guide.

You can organize a full day Amboseli national park trip or a longer amboseli day tours from Nairobi by sending a whatsapp message to Robert on +254722661827 or email info@sojournsafaris.co.ke

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