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Places to Go Near Nairobi Airport on Layover

Places to go near Nairobi airport on layover transit

Which layover places to go near Nairobi airport lay-over through the JKIA airport. Book places-to-go and hike, day hikes, birdwatching, game drive from Nairobi airport. Best places to go are less than 3 hours from Nairobi city.

Find out places to go near Nairobi airport on transit layover that you can join and enjoy your stopover at NBO international. You can join a group and go on a biking, game drive, climbing, bird watching, sightseeing among other things. Here is a list of things to do near Nairobi international airport.

5 Places to go Near Nairobi Airport on Layover during Transit through Nairobi NBO

You can enjoy these 5 places to go near Nairobi airport if you have a layover of at least 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 hours or more. You can invite friends to go on a hiking, game drive, climbing, fishing, biking, sightseeing, nature walks, walking safari, bird watching among more things. Here are 5 places to go near Nairobi airport on layover during transit through Nairobi.

  • Nairobi national park day tour on layover from Nairobi airport
  • Nairobi city walking and driving day tour
  • Nairobi Elephant orphanage and Giraffe Centre day trip
  • Nairobi museum from Nairobi Airport day tour
  • Lake Naivasha, Hellsgate Hiking and Boating day trip

You can do any of these tours from Nairobi airport and spend your layover time having fun and adventure in the city or around the city. You can invite your friends to enjoy a full day trip from Nairobi airport layover.

Nairobi National Park on Layover Day Tour on Layover from Nairobi Airport. You can take a few hours day trip from NBO Nairobi airport layover and do a full game drive in the park. Nairobi national park is only 3km from the airport terminal and you can be watching lots of animals in a few minutes from arrival at the jkia NBO airport. This park is known for easy sightings of lions, buffalos, rhinos and giraffes among many other animals like leopards, cheetahs, gazelles, impalas, hippos and crocodiles. A game drive in Nairobi national park takes about 4 hrs since the park itself is small by Kenyan standards. Nairobi national park is only 117 square kilometers in size. You can do this game drive at any time from the Nairobi airport.

Nairobi City Walking and Driving Tour. Nairobi cbd is only 15 minutes away from the airport. You  will have a Nairobi walking and driving day tour to see the landmarks and monuments of Nairobi city. Your driver will pick you up from the airport and drive to the city center to see the railway yards, the American embassy memorial, the KICC helipad viewpoint, the city hall, parliament buildings, the first president mausoleum, the catholic church cathedral and the general post office. There are also tens of Victorian colonial buildings dotting the city which have a rich history. Some parts of this tour are on foot while the rest is on a car.

Nairobi Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center. The Nairobi elephant orphanage is a baby elephant sanctuary which takes care of abandoned baby elephants and hand rears them until they are 7 years old when they are returned to the wilderness. The Nairobi elephant rescue center has a daily public viewing and lecture at 1100hrs to 1200hrs. Here you can watch the baby elephants being fed milk by hand and you can also hear about each of their life history. You can also adopt a baby elephant and you will be getting monthly newsletter with their progress. The giraffe centre is also a sanctuary for the endangered Rothschild giraffe. The giraffe centre is also part of the giraffe manor. The giraffe Centre is managed by the AFEW or the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. This organization is a conservation body that funds conservation efforts and offers education to schools. You can visit the giraffe centre at any time between 0800hrs to 0500hrs every day.

Nairobi Museum and Snake Park From Nairobi Airport. Go to Nairobi museum from NBO airport and enjoy a full 3hrs of discovery of Kenya’s culture, history, animals, birds, and archeological finds. The Nairobi museum is some 30 minutes from the airport and you will be able to see all the birds of Kenya, animals found in Kenya and also a snake park in the grounds. The Nairobi museum is also home to one of the oldest evidence that Africa was cradle for mankind. The Turkana boy fossil remains are dated 1.5million years back and were recovered by Dr. Richard Leakey. The museum is a great place to go and have a guided tour among the exhibits in the halls.

Lake Naivasha, Hells Gate Boating and Hiking Day Trip. Lake Naivasha is some 90km north west of Nairobi and located right inside the Great Rift Valley floor. The lake Naivasha is known for the great boating tours to the hippo pool and the walking safaris on Crescent Island. You can drive from the airport to Crescent Island and spend a day watching the hippos or even doing fishing on the lake. Lake Naivasha fishing day trips from Nairobi are fun and you can catch the common carp, cat fish or tilapia which are in abundance. Hells gate national park is famous for the walking safaris to see wildlife on foot. There are many animals that you can see as you walk here including buffalos, giraffes, zebras, leopards, hyenas, impalas, gazelles and many more. The gorge walk is one of the most exciting walks in Hells gate. You will be able to walk through some of the scenes featured in Angelina Jolie’s movie, tomb raiders- cradle of humankind. This park also influenced the landscapes of the movie lion king. Hells gate is a highly volcanic area with lots of geysers and hotsprings. Walls are streaming with hot vapours and steam from everywhere. The rivers inside the gorge are actually steaming hot. The park also hosts the largest geothermal power station in Kenya with more than 7 wells.

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