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Bird Watching Day Tour from Nairobi Airport

Bird Watching Day Tour from Nairobi Airport

Go on a Bird watching day tour from NBO Nairobi airport and watch hundreds of birds in several places near Nairobi. You can go for bird watching tours to Nairobi national park, Karura forest, Lake Naivasha, Nairobi arboretum, Nakuru national park.

5 Bird Watching Day Tours from Nairobi NBO Airport

Explore bird watching in Nairobi parks and forests to view Kenyan and east African birds in our savannahs, forests and riverine areas. You can invite a friend to go on a birding trip to all these parks below. Here are 5 bird watching day tours from Nairobi airport:-

  • Nairobi national park bird watching trip from Airport
  • Karura forest bird watching tour from Airport
  • Lake Naivasha bird watching tour from Nairobi airport
  • Nairobi arboretum birding from NBO Nairobi airport
  • Nakuru national park bird watching tour from Nairobi airport

There are many other places to do a bird watching 4 or 5hr tour from Nairobi airport. You will have a professional bird guide to introduce you to all the birds in these parks based on their sighting and sounds they make.

  1. Nairobi National Park Bird Watching Trip from Nairobi Airport. You can enjoy a birding day tour for several hours in Nairobi national park on a layover from the NBO international. Nairobi Park has over 400 species of resident birds and over 22 migratory birds. Birds here include birds of prey like martial eagle, fish eagle, kites; savannah birds like Kori bustard, secretary birds among others like plovers, herons, storks, egrets, among others. There are professional bird guides who will help you see more than 200 species of birds in Nairobi national park.
  • Karura Forest Bird Watching Tour from Airport. Karura forest is an indigenous rain forest located north of Nairobi city along Kiambu road. The forest straddles across the Kiambu road and stretches all the way to the United Nations office and near the American embassy. This forest is home to over 200 species of birds and it makes a great walk around the forest identifying birds in a full day birding trip from NBO Nairobi airport.
  • Lake Naivasha Bird Watching Tour from Nairobi. Naivasha one of the lakes located on the floor of the rift valley some 100km from Nairobi. Lake Naivasha is a beautiful lake that offers great bird watching opportunity both on land and on the boat. There are fish eagles, martial eagle, cormorants, herons, stork among many other birds on Lake Naivasha. You can take a half day or full day bird watching day trip from Nairobi airport.
  • Nairobi Arboretum Birding From Nairobi Airport. The Nairobi arboretum is located only 30 minutes from the airport and close to state house. The Nairobi arboretum is a n urban forest which is host to 200 species of birds that you can identify in a single day with a good guide. Nairobi arboretum bird watching day trip is a fun even as you watch the birds with binoculars with the help of a local bird guide for identification. This tour can take 2-3 hours and is therefore more suitable for people who have less than 5 hrs of layover in Nairobi airport.

  • Nakuru National Park Birdwatching Tour from NBO Nairobi Airport. This lake has more than 400 species of birds and in its highest peak it has more than 2 million flamingos on its shores. Lake Nakuru was actually brought to its current fame due to the millions of flamingos. Nakuru is famous for its huge diverse water birds and savannah and forest birds. You can go to Lake Nakuru if you have a full day lay over to see the more than 200 species in a single day. Lake Nakuru is actually an Important Bird Area.

There are tens of other important bird areas that you can do a full day or multi day birding safari from Nairobi including a 3 day birding safari, 7 days birding safari, 9 days bird watching tour, 10 days up to 14 days bird watching safaris in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. You can request from Robert to book a bird watching day trip from Nairobi airport; Send us a whatsapp message at +254722661827 or email us at

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