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Half-Day Nairobi Game Drive Trip | Game Viewing Package in Kenya

Half-Day Nairobi Game Drive Trip | Game Viewing Package in Kenya

An exciting Half-day game trip to Nairobi’s nearest game viewing national park. This ½ -day trip to Nairobi national park includes a pick up from hotel air airport, guide services, 4×4 or safari mini van game drive, water and park fees.

The Nairobi national park half day trip Packages: A half-day trip in Nairobi national park package in Kenya is a great way to spend your morning or afternoon watching wildlife. If you fancy nature, it’s only 10 minutes away from your hotel in Nairobi CBD. You can take the Nairobi park half day tour as private, shared, student group tour, bird watching tour, walking safari, photo tour etc. So convenient is Nairobi national park Kenya that you can have a morning game drive and get back to your hotel for an afternoon meeting. Do you have to go to the Nairobi national park gate for a game drive vehicle? No. You can get a pick up from hotel, home, university, hospital or hostel within Nairobi.

Here are the 6 Nairobi national park half day trip packageprices as per category of group sizes.

Group Size Nairobi Half Day Trip Packages Cost Of Day Trip Per Person
1 Person private ½ day trip $ 90
2-3 persons private ½ day trip $ 70
4-6 persons private ½ day trip $ 60
Above 6 persons private ½day trip $ 70
Children below 18 yrs 75% of Adult rate
Infants below 3 yrs Free of charge

** Prices excludes park entrance fees of usd 43pp

Booking a Nairobi national park half-day trip, you will enjoy the various attractions including:

  1. Enjoy the sunrise from Nairobi national park view point
  2. Visit the ivory burning monument on you Nairobi park day trip
  3. Watch the Wildlife of Nairobi park in a morning or evening trip
  4. See the hippos at the river and the Nairobi park dams
  5. Go on a walking trail near the Mbagathi river in the park
  6. Visit the Mokoyiet view point ending your Nairobi national park trip

It’s the only park that gives you a chance to watch and take shots of the game with the city skyline forming your background. The park is only 7km from the center of Nairobi capital and it’s the only park to be located inside a capital city in the entire world.  You can request for a budget, cheap, guided or private Nairobi national park half day tour in the morning or evenings. You can also do the Nairobi half day park safari in a safari minivan or a 4×4 Landcruiser.

1.  Enjoy the Sunrise from Nairobi National Park View Point

Impala hill observation point is one of the first place to visit on your morning game drive. If you want to see the best sunrise in Africa, you will need to go to the impala hill right near the gate. This observation point is one of the best places to see the sunrays as it rises from the eastern plains of the park.

The sunrise is between 6:10am to 6:30am and you can actually see it rise up within 2 minutes. It’s an amazing way to start your day here as you gaze at the sun in the chilly morning air. Crispy freshness and calm surrounds you on this hill as you look down to the sun and the animals below.

Morning Nairobi national park half day trip is usually the best way to start your day in the wilderness if you have 1- day to spare in between your meetings in the city.

2.  Visit the Ivory Burning Monument on You Nairobi Park Day Trip

Kenya has always stood stoically against the trade in ivory. To show our commitment to the ban in elephant tusks, our governments have occasionally burnt stock piles of ivory recovered from poachers and traffickers. So far 3 such events have taken place and the place that hosts the burning of the ivory is called the ivory burning monument. Here you can see the ash remains of the past burns with some info graphics posted on sign posts.

You are allowed to walk around the monument and enjoy the views from here as you learn about Kenyans struggle to fight poaching and the illegal trade in ivory. It’s not surprising that Kenya is a big proponent of the ban on ivory trade during each of the (Conference of Parties) COP global meetings by IUCN to discuss indexing of endangered species.

Don’t take the ivory ash away as its illegal to carry any part of the parks ecosystem. Take a few pictures and especially the information posters for later reference when writing your travelogues.

3.  Watch the Wildlife of Nairobi Park in a Morning or Evening Trip

Drive along the savannah grasslands and soon enough you will start to see lots of animals especially the grazers. What animals can you see in Nairobi national park half day trip? The park is full of grazers including zebras, buffalos, giraffes, rhinos, impalas, gazelles, elands, hartebeests, wildebeests and many more. These are plentiful especially around the Athi Basin where the grass is plentiful and there is a large dam for the animals.

A stubborn male giraffe will stand right in the middle of the game track allowing you little space for your game drive vehicle to pass. A great chance to take close up photos of this gentle giant. A pair of white rhinos lazily grazing 3 feet away with no care in the world.

You might be in luck and see a lion pride with a kill. Usually, the circling vultures up in the air are a good indicator of a kill. You can sit for an hour just watching the lions feed or socialize with each other just afew feet from your vehicle. There are about 35 lions in 5 prides in this park.

A lioness on the prowl for prey walks along the game drive track alongside your vehicle for 30 meters, while a satiated cheetah lies next to her kill. Obviously too full to continue eating it all by herself. Over at the dam, you see a juvenile crocodile stalking some Egyptian geese while a pair of lazy hippos lie on a small island on the lake. It’s all happening in Nairobi national park. If you are unlucky enough a naughty baboon will make off with your bagels or the coffee cup at the Mokoyiet picnic site. It’s all happening in your Nairobi national park half day game drive, you blink your eye and miss a moment.

4.  See the Hippos at the River and the Nairobi Park Dams

As you drive on the savannah plains of Nairobi national park, there are loads of hippos in the water. Some of these man made dams have tens of hippos which can easily be seen as they stand on the water. The hippos come out to feed on grass at night and can travel many kilometers from the dam. They will yawn at you and stare with menacing eyes.

In Africa, hippos remain the number 1 animal that causes the most fatalities among people. This is mostly due to the fact that humans use the same rivers and dams to watch clothes and fetch water for their uses. It’s therefore very common to run into aggressive bulls or mother hippos with their calves, who are exceedingly dangerous to humans.

In some evening game drives, you will actually see the hippos coming out of the water and start to graze around the dam or just block your path as you are trying to exit. Hippos can also be found on river Mbagathi which forms the southern boundary of the park.

4.  Go on a Walking Trail near The Mbagathi River in the Park

Nothing beats a walk along the Mbagathi River as you end your group game drive in a Nairobi national park half day safari. There is a short walking trail along this river inside Nairobi national park. Here you can see wildebeests, giraffes, lions, and buffalos among the brush.

In the Mbagathi River, there are crocodiles and hippos and some terrapins. The river is full of fish and the crocodiles here live on them. It is such a refreshing walk but you have to have some armed guides to show you around and provide security in case of dangerous animals.

The river hiking trail in Nairobi Park is made even better as you will be walking below the canopy of the acacia trees lining the sides of the Mbagathi River. This makes great shade and escape from the now scorching sun. There is a community bridge at some point where you can cross and buy some souvenirs from local Masai women staying across the park.

5.  Visit the Mokoyiet View Point Ending Your Nairobi National Park Trip

Viewpoints are the highlights of your Nairobi national park ½ day trip. One of the most dramatic view point is the Mokoyiet picnic site view point. You will drive on a graded section of the road leading to the Mokoyiet picnic site. Look over the metal fence into the ravine below to see the river Mbagathi lined with evergreen acacia trees. It is one of the most scenic site that you yearn to go down there by the trees shade.

Just a few feet below your legs are families of rock hyraxes. A small rodent like animal that lives on rocks and is never shy to approach you for food. It’s amazing to watch them dash in and out of the rock crevices which they call home. Occasionally, you will see them make a hazard call and in a second they are all out of sight. It is then that you see the wide wings of a martial eagle above your heads as it sweeps around for prey. The rock hyrax is one of their delicacies and they make hundreds of runs near these cliff to try their luck for a piece of tender meat. On this occasion, the security sentry man of the hyraxes was all eyes and ears and say the eagle from miles away.

Watch out for the crazy baboons here too which are fond of snatching food and sometimes mugging you of your snacks if you resist. Naughty baboons can even tell the difference between a male from a female human. They are more aggressive towards the women as they demand food. But the driver guides are always armed with a red shawl and a whip which they have a mortal fear for. The whips are mostly used to scare them off and never will they be used to hurt the animals.

You can book your Nairobi national park half day trip now from Robert on whatsapp or call +254 722 661 827 or email Directly. We take on last minute bookings as well and will pick you from your hotel, home, school or hostel.

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