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Daily Tour 1 day zip lining & paint balling
Kimende Township, Kenya Kenya

The forest zip lining and paint balling day trip is a full day excursion to ‘the forest’ in Kimende forest to enjoy amazing hiking, paint ball games, zip lining rides, fishing, horse riding, bicycle riding and much more.

Top 7 Tips for 1 Day the Forest Paint Balling and Zip Lining Tour

  • Watch amazing forest canopy views in this cool 1-day zip-lining trip to the forest.
  • Sweep over the forest and fly over the valley in a zip lining 1-day trip at the forest.
  • Engage in a paint ball fight at the forest in a 1-day active tour in Kimende forest.
  • Have the most refreshing lunch overlooking the forest in your paint balling and zip lining day trip.
  • Enjoy a hike in the forest in a 1-day trip to breathe the fresh air before or after your paint ball game.
  • Ride a horse in the forest in one of the most exciting trail after your paint balling or zip lining.
  • Go for fishing in the clear waters of the river after your paint ball fight or zip line riding.

The forest is located some 68km from Nairobi, which has been developed to offer great fun for day-trippers. The forest as it is called is located in Kimende forest which is managed by the Kenya Forest Service and they have a forest entrance fee.

The environment at the forest is cool, quiet and fresh and it offers such calmness from the noise and pollution of the city. You will not believe such a place exists only 1hr from the city Centre. The views are scenic and magical.

For paint balling challenge, you will be suited up with aprons to avoid messing your clothes. Then you will get your paint ball guns. There are obstacles on the paint ball-fighting field, which provide you with cover against enemy fire.

The paint ball-fighting area is also fully fenced up with a canvas wall to avoid hitting other people walking on the access roads.

The paint ball fighting challenge is very suitable for team building day trip from Nairobi. You can plan a paint balling team-building activity at the forest in Kimende forest and enjoy the most fun including the other activities around the forest.

Zip lining ride is one of the big activities for a 1-day trip to the forest due to the thrill of the zip line riding. Its great place for corporate team building activities close to Nairobi. You will receive instructions on zip lining techniques away from the main zip line.

Here you will be kitted with the zip-line belts helmet and leather gloves and shown how to launch and brake using your gloved hands on the cable. Another place that offers a 1-day zip lining adventure out of Nairobi is Paint balling & zip lining area.

After the short instructions, you will head out to the main zipping line, which stretches some hundreds of meters across a deep valley. It is a lot of fun to do zip lining in a day trip from Nairobi. Some of you will move with speed due to their weight.

Others will be stuck a few meters from the end of the zip line due to their low weight. While others will rotate and spin as they, hurtle down the zip line and it makes great fun as the rest of them laugh at them.

Nairobi zip lining day trip to the forest is a great way to spend a full day away from the city with active sports.

1 Day Zip Lining and Paint Balling Trip Itinerary

07:30am: Meet up in Nairobi CBD at the Kencom stage, assemble for the paint ball, and zip line day tour

08:00am: Depart Nairobi for Kimende, the forest paint ball and zip lining games attraction.

09:30am: Arrive at the forest and prepare for your games here

10:00am: Go for paint ball games and fight it out with paint guns while wearing paint ball coveralls/aprons. This is the most fun 1-day paint-balling trip from Nairobi

11:30am: Go for the zip-lining ride after some instructions on how to safely ride a zip line cable. It will be an exhilarating experience hurtling down the valley at high speeds on your 1-day zip lining tour. It is unimaginable that such a fun place for team building and corporate events exists so close to Nairobi.

12:30pm: Have a sumptuous buffet lunch at the restaurant as you look out into the most exiting views of the valley below. The restaurant is able to cater for large corporate team building groups coming to cultivate teamwork and reduce work place conflict and improve communication among the workers.

2:00pm:  You can opt to continue with the other 1-day trip nature activities like horse riding, fly-fishing, forest hiking, and bicycle riding in the forest with the cool afternoon wind blowing down your head. Another option is to just laze around the restaurant and talk as a way to relax all in a 1-day nature tour out of Nairobi.

4:00pm: Drive back to Nairobi after one of the most exciting day trips out of Nairobi.

5:30pm: Drop off at the Kencom stage for your connections home.

End of 1 day zip lining and paint balling day trip out of Nairobi

Zip Lining and Paint Balling Day Trip Prices

These are six categories of prices for different group tours to a 1 day zip lining and paint balling day trips from Nairobi.

Here are six Paint balling & zip lining 1 Day trip price categories

Paint Balling  & Zip Lining 1 Day Trip At The Forest

Cost Per Person in Kshs excl activities

1 person Paint balling  & zip lining private day trip


2 persons Paint balling  & zip lining Day private trip


4-5 persons Paint balling  & zip lining


Above 6 persons Paint ball  & zip lining day tour


Children above under 18yrs

75% of adult rate

Children below 3 yrs.

Free of Charge


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