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Masai Mara National Reserve, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Kenya

The Masai village day trip is a full day excursion to Maasai Mara game reserve to visit the Maasai villages that surround this park.

Top 7 Tips on Masai Village 1 Day Trip from Nairobi

Going to a Masai Village 1 day trip from Nairobi, you will enjoy the following highlights of the day-trip.

  1. 1-day Masai village trip from Nairobi opens the exciting views of the Great Rift Valley.
  2. Masai village Day Trip introduces you to big five animals can be seen in a single day tour including lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalo and elephants.
  3. Masai village includes a 5-hour game drive to see the millions of wildlife in migration.
  4. The iconic Masai people who live side by side with wildlife all in a Nairobi day trip
  5. See the huge abundance of animals in a Nairobi day trip, in the Masai Mara game reserve
  6. Amazing Views of huge Great rift valley on your way to Masai Mara village 1 day trip
  7. Most stunning wildlife photography in Masai Mara in a day from Nairobi

The village 1-day tour departs from Nairobi at 5:00am and has an option of doing a game drive in the Mara reserve.

A 1-day trip to Masai village can be combined with a 5-6 hour game drive to make the experience wholesome.

Masai people are arguably the only people in East Africa that have stuck to their culture and traditions over the years.

The people have lived side by side with wildlife and next to some of the most popular wilderness areas. Your 1 day trip to a Masai village will take you amongst the big five wildlife.

Spending a day with the Maasai in their villages is an exciting getaway from Nairobi. They live their lives as basic as they did some hundreds of years ago.

Being nomads, their villages are usually temporary and you will need to get information on where they are at any particular time. This makes a trip to a Maasai village even the more exciting.

Your Masai village day trip starts before dawn and arrives at the Masai Mara by 9:30am. You can opt to go directly to the Masai village but a better option is to start with a game drive in the Masai Mara game reserve and then visit the Masai village for the last 2 hours before departing for Nairobi.

Drive through Sekenani gate and start to watch out for the big five animals including the elephants, rhinos, leopards, buffalos, Lions. There are also hundreds of other animals to see here including wildebeests, Thompson gazelles, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, Topis, jackals, hyenas, cheetahs, pythons, impalas and many others.

Your game drive in Maasai Mara game reserve can last for 5 hours until lunch hour. Your lunch will be a picnic under a lone acacia tree overlooking the vast expanse of the Masai Mara plains. With the wind blowing a cool afternoon breeze and the wildebeests surrounding you. It is easy to be lost in time where a minute seems like an eternity…total peaceful bliss.

Masai Mara Village 1 Day Trip Itinerary

0500hrs: Your Masai village day trip starts with a pick up from your Nairobi hotel to drive to Masai Mara game reserve area.

0600hrs: Pass through the Great Rift Valley escarpment enroute to the Masai village.

0700hrs: Enjoy a warm breakfast at Narok town Seasons hotel.

0900hrs: Arrive at the Sekenani gate of the Masai Mara game reserve. You have an option to start with the Masai village tour or the game drive.

1000hrs: Proceed with the game drive to see the big five animals including the lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants and buffalos among the many other animals. There are more than 5 million animals in Masai Mara. The game drive is a good addition to your Masai village 1 day trip.

Drive to the Mara River and listen to some music from the hippos in the river as they bellow in loud bass monotones and yawn with their mouths wide agape at 180 degrees. You will also see some crocodiles basking in the sun.

1300hrs: Enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade of a lone tree.

1400hrs: Exit the park with an enroute game drive.

1430hrs: Visit a Masai village near the Sekenani gate. They will receive you with song and dance by the women. The men warrior age group will also dance the jumping aduma dance where they seem to have levitational powers. You will be learn how they keep their cattle, go into one of their traditional homes to see how they live in the same house with the young calves and young goat kids.

1500hrs: Depart from Masai village in Maasai Mara for your drive back to Nairobi after a great 1-day trip to Masai village from Nairobi.

1900hrs: Drop off in your Nairobi hotel.

End of Masai village 1 day trip Tour

Masai Village 1 Day Trip Cost /Prices for Joining Group Tours

The cost of a full 1-day Masai village trip depends on the size of the group. The larger the group, the lower the prices for Masai Mara 1 day tour.

Here are 6 Masai Village Day Trip price categories

Masai Village Day Trip Groups

Cost Per Person Excl Park Fees $

1 person Masai Village private day trip


2-3 persons Masai Village day trip


4-5 persons Masai Village day trip


Above 6 persons Masai Village day tour


Children above under 18yrs

75% of adult rate

Children below 3 yrs.

Free of Charge


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