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1. Nairobi airport Layover Tour to Giraffe Centre

Discover Nairobi airport layover tour to Giraffe centre on a 1-day tour from Nairobi NBO JKIA airport. The Jomo Kenyatta airport tour to see giraffes includes transport in a van, services of a guide, entrance fees and water. Airport Tour highlights and all 1 day meals where applicable are included.

6 Tips to Visiting Giraffe Centre on a Layover from NBO Airport

  1. Giraffe Centre Layover Itinerary from Nairobi NBO airport
  2. How to Support the Giraffe Centre in Wildlife conservation
  3. Learn about Giraffe Centre Conservation efforts
  4. Can you feed the Giraffes?
  5. Why visit the Giraffe Centre on your Layover Trip
  6. Location of giraffe Centre from NBO airport

1.      Location of Giraffe Centre from NBO Airport

2. Close up with Giraffes

The giraffe Centre is located near Nairobi national park in Karen estate. Is less than half an hour away from the Nairobi airport at 27km. It is a managed by the giraffe manor next door. The giraffe manor is a boutique hotel on the grounds which cater for one night bed and breakfast visitors enroute to longer safaris inland. It is at the giraffe manor that you can take your breakfast or lunch in the company of giraffes picking from your plate on the dining table.

2.      Why Visit the Giraffe Centre on Your Layover Trip

Giraffe Centre is managed by the African fund for endangered wildlife whose primary mandate is to provide conservation education to schools among other things. Giraffe Centre is uniquely positioned to offer short an quick day tours to meet up close with these gentle giants. The giraffes found here are from a family of the endangered Rothschild giraffes. The only places you can find Rothschild giraffes in Kenya are at the giraffe Centre and at Lake Nakuru national park which is also another sanctuary for these giraffes.

3.      Can You Feed The Giraffes?

3. Feeding the Giraffes

You are allowed to feed the giraffes with pellets by hand from a raised platform as you hug them and take selfies. Note that some of them do not like being hugged and will quickly give you a painful head butt. The guides are able to tell you which giraffes are docile enough for a hug and which ones have anger issues.

4.      Learn About Giraffe Centre Conservation Efforts

4. Giraffe centre conservation fund

There is also an education Centre on site where visitors are given lectures on the conservation status of the Rothschild giraffes and other animals in Kenya. This lecture includes an introduction to the AFEW foundation wildlife conservation projects in Kenya including successes and challenges. It’s a great place to not only meet and cuddle the giraffes but also to learn a thing or two about wildlife conservation in Kenya.

5.      How to Support the Giraffe Centre in Wildlife Conservation

You are encouraged to support the foundation conservation efforts by buying some items from their shop on site. The shop has many items including books, carvings, clothing, head wear, foot wear, book markers, and maps among many other items. Kindly support them by buying a few of these items.

6.      Giraffe Centre Layover Itinerary from Nairobi NBO Airport

5. Giraffe Centre Itinerary on Layover

To go on a layover tour to giraffe Centre, you need to get a transfer from the airport and back. The giraffe Centre is open from 0600hrs to 0500hrs and you can therefore go for a short layover trip at any time. Below is a sample itinerary for a short 2, 3, 4 hours layover trip to the giraffe Centre

Book your giraffe centre layover tour from NBO airport and feed some giraffes. Contact Robert on whatsapp +254722661827 or email us on

Giraffe Centre Layover Tour from Nairobi Airport

0800hrs: Pick up from the NBO airport for the giraffe Centre layover tour

0830hrs: Arrive at the giraffe centre and pay the entrance fee

0845hrs:  Start to feed the giraffes and taking selfies

1000hrs: Attend a 15 minute lecture on wildlife conservation at their education centre

1030hrs: Buy some items from their Shop or grab a bite from their cafeteria

1130hrs: Drop off at the NBO airport for your next flight after the Giraffe centre layover tour

End of the Giraffe centre layover tour.

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