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Daily Tour 1 Day Trip to Masai Ostrich Farm
Maasai Ostrich Resort, Olooloitikosh, Kenya Kenya

Masai Ostrich Farm Day Trip in Nairobi

The Ostrich day trip is a full day excursion from Nairobi to Masai Ostrich farm departing Nairobi at 8:00am and enjoying a ride on an ostrich and some ostrich meat barbecue.

Top 7 Tips on Masai Ostrich Farm Day Tour

  • Drive through some scenic kapiti plains enroute to masai ostrich farm tour
  • Ostrich farm day trip offers you a riding experience of the birds
  • Feed an ostrich on your 1 day trip to the masai ostrich farm
  • You will have a chance to eat barbeque ostrich meat in your masai ostrich farm tour
  • Go to the ostrich farm shop and buy feather dusters, jackets, shoes, and painted ostrich eggs
  • You can even buy a kilo of ostrich meat at the masai ostrich farm butchery
  • The masai ostrich farm offers accommodation and conference facilities out of Nairobi

If you want to go on a day trip to the Masai ostrich farm, it is located some 48km South of Nairobi off the Namanga highway. The farm is the largest ostrich farm in Kenya and was established in 1991. The farm is one of the most popular 1 day trip out of Nairobi located on enkasiti road.

The farm offers day trippers, various activities including a farm tour, riding an ostrich feeding an ostrich, as well as having an ostrich meat meal at the restaurant. They have a large swimming pool where you can wash off the dust after lunch.

The farm has large picnic ground where you can also book to have a 1 day team building trip close to Nairobi on the grounds. The farm includes accommodation facilities and an open restaurant and is a great option for a day tour or a weekend getaway. Farm hands will be on standby to help you ride an ostrich or feed an ostrich at the Kenya ostrich farm.

They also have a shop that features products made from ostrich by products including shoes from ostrich skin, beautifully decorated ostrich eggs, ostrich feather dusters, nice ostrich skin handbags and wallets, ostrich leather seats, leather jackets, portfolio holders and many others.

Masai ostrich farm is close proximity to Nairobi and attracts alot of visitors who want to spend a day trip feeding ostriches, eating ostrich meat or just out on a date. They have a butchery that offers ostrich meat for sale to cook at home according your own preferences.

Masai Ostrich Farm Day Trip Itinerary

8:00am: Your Ostrich farm day trip starts with a pick up from your hotel and drive to the masai ostrich farm.

9:30am: Arrive at the Nairobi ostrich farm and start with feeding and riding the ostriches.

11:30am: Go on a tour of the ostrich farm to see how they rear the birds, collect the eggs and also harvest the birds for their feathers, skin and meat.

1:00pm: Enjoy a sumptuous lunch at the masai ostrich farm to include the special delicacy of ostrich barbecue.

2:00pm: Optional swimming in their pool

3:30pm: Drive back to Nairobi via Kitengela

6:30pm: Drop off at your Nairobi hotel after your ostrich farm tour.

End of tour

Masai Ostrich Farm Day Trip Cost

Here are 6 Masai Ostrich Farm Day Trip price categories

Masai Ostrich Farm Day Hike Trip

Cost Per Person excl park fees $

1 person Masai ostrich farm private day trip


2-3 persons Masai ostrich farm day private trip


4-5 persons Masai ostrich farm day trip


Above 6 persons Masai ostrich farm day tour


Children above under 18yrs

of adult rate

Children below 3 yrs

of charge

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Maasai Ostrich Farm

The Maasai Ostrich Farm, which is East African’s largest commercial hub for ostrich farming, was established in 1991. Named after the semi-nomadic ethnic group living in the area, the farm ships feathers, meat, skins, and live ostrich throughout Kenya and abroad.

Maasai Ostrich Resort is located 45 kilometers from Nairobi on Athi River/Kitengela plains. Set in 200 acres of rolling grasslands, the Ostrich farm supplies Kenya and Overseas countries with Meat, Feathers, Skins and Livestock since 1991. Great haven for team building activities

Around 1000 birds of two breeds are maintained: the blue-neck or Somali ostrich and the Maasai ostrich, which has a pink neck and legs.

Ostrich is one of the largest living species of bird in the world. Ostriches are known for their amazingly long necks, lofty heights, two toes and large eye ball. Male ostriches also known as cocks, are identified by their rigorous display dances swinging their passionate pink necks sideways. Come and dance to the tune of a Maasai Ostrich at the farm.

Ostrich feather is used as a court symbol of justice in Egypt due to the uniform arrangement of barbs. We present to our guest an opportunity to own the feather and even buy feather articles. Maasai ostrich farm provides the guest with a unique and memorable experience. One gets to experience nature teaming with ostriches and various products attached to such sub species of bird.

Ostrich meat is rich in valuable vitamins, minerals and proteins, extremely low in fats.

The farm provides customers the rare opportunity of acquiring ostrich meat at an affordable price.

Ostrich skin makes the most beautiful leather rich in unique quill patterns and striations. The farm is a producer of such natural beauty in the leather industry. In addition to the skin, leather articles are also available in the curio shop at an affordable price.

A mature ostrich can weigh up to 160kgs and can sustain weight halve of its body weight, come and experience a life time opportunity of ridding on an ostrich. Our trained personnel will take you through the exercise in a more secure and professional manner.


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